About Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Eve Martin teaches English in Saudi Arabia. In the last 20 years, she has also taught in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan, among other countries. Her publishing credits include McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Inkwell, The Dos Passos Review, and the Los Angeles Free Press. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College.

Yemen’s Friday of Dignity: Post-Revolution Questions


Rebecca Martin: In Sanaa, you can still see the occasional photo of Saleh, his chin lifted, eyes squinting in focused determination. Over the years, he and his cronies have looted the country of an estimated $60 billion.

Soldier’s Heart Retreat — October 10-14


Rebecca Martin: According to a 2012 VA study, some 8,000 veterans are thought to die by suicide each year, about 22 per day.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa System

free rizana

Rebecca Martin: Under Saudi Arabia’s work visa system, people are kept in a state of permanent dependency on their sponsors. A worker can’t quit or change jobs, can’t invite a spouse or children to join her, or exit the country without her employer-sponsor’s permission.

Muslim Women: No Home Anywhere

islamic woman

Rebecca Martin: In Saudi Arabia, Muslim women struggle with an issue that’s at the heart of their community—living with the rights already given to women in the Koran and by the teachings of Mohammed.

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