About Robin Lakoff

Robin Lakoff teaches and writes on language and gender; the politics of language; language and popular culture. More academically her work comes under the rubrics of sociolinguistics and the relationship between language form and language function.

She has written or edited 10 books, among them "Language and Woman's Place"; "Face Value: The Politics of Beauty"; "Talking Power"; and "The Language War."

Ever Since Eve: Hillary and the War on Women

electing hillary

Robin Lakoff: The War on Women is not being fought by the Republicans alone. Many Democrats, male and female, are their willing – nay, eager – allies.

Money Talks, Reason Walks


Robin Lakoff: McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission will do for wealthy individuals what Citizens United did for corporations: allow them to give essentially unlimited amounts of money to political parties and candidates.

How to Never Win Another Election

rain on republicans

Robin Lakoff: Once upon a time, when women, African Americans, and Latinos were unable to vote, it was safe to demean and insult them to beef up the egos of those who could. That time is no more.

Listening to Palin


Robin Lakoff: Palin is a complex mix of preacherly earnestness and twangy cowgirl. She really cares about what she is saying and those she is addressing – but not in some heavy-handed do-gooder way – rather, like a cheery, natural gal. So she’s a mommy – but also a babe.

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