About Rosemary Jenkins

Rosemary Jenkins is Chair, Northeast Valley Green Alliance; Secretary, Pro-Active Democrats; Chair, AD 39, LA County Democratic Party, and a freelance writer.

LAPD Needs to Rethink Job Stress


Police Officers and Stress: Police officers suffer the highest level of depression and self-doubt and highest divorce and suicide rates.

Black Angelinos: From Brick Block to City Hall


Black Angelinos — LA can truly be described as not only a melting pot of cultures and their influences but also as a mixed salad of people.

Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement: Not So Fast


Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement would produce income inequality at the bottom of the business pyramid with an ever-greater concentration of wealth at the top.

What If Barack Obama Were a Muslim?!


Rosemary Jenkins: Can you imagine if Barack Obama were really born in Kenya, how many contributions to this nation he would not have been able to make? Now that is food for thought!

Nanny State or Granny State?


Rosemary Jenkins: Grandma would be horrified to think that there are those who choose to justify gun ownership so they can “stand their ground” and then shoot an innocent young person in the face.

The New Jim Crow: California Prison Style


Rosemary Jenkins: Over the last 30 years, our country has become number one in the world at having more people incarcerated at any one time (second only to what transpired during the reign of terror during Stalin’s regime).

Who Are the Real Angelinos?


Rosemary Jenkins: We are going to continue to lose more generations to strife and poverty unless we understand our true history.

Transgender Equality: Get Used to It


Rosemary Jenkins: I always love it when people quote the Bible to me about how sinful such behavior is. It is obvious to me that such people have probably never read the Holy Scriptures nor understood them if they did.

‘Moo Cluck Moo’ Business Model: Healthier Food, Fair Pay … Now, That’s Good Moos


Rosemary Jenkins: There are countless examples of altruistic practices in the business world, but sometimes more recalcitrant and ostensibly inflexible corporate leaders need a bit more of a prod to move forward, to get with the program.

Getting Rid of the Dirt … Without Killing Anyone!

Pacoima Reservoir

Rosemary Jenkins: To many, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LACDPW) may seem like an obscure entity. The reality is that its decisions impact all of us, usually in very constructive but sometimes in destructive ways.

A Wedding Is Not Always Just a Wedding


Rosemary Jenkins: I remember during my early days of teaching when gay teachers had to hide who they really were (and this was right after it was legally possible for my husband and me to marry—only since 1967). Black and white, gay and straight, Jew and gentile.

Union Training New DWP Workers

ibew training

Rosemary Jenkins: Upon completing the program, they can become linesmen, working high above us on tall poles; or in the generating plants, often working underground with “hot” wires.