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Rosemary Joyce is a professor of anthropology at UC Berkeley and an archeologist who has conducted fieldwork in Honduras since 1977. Her research interests include ceramic analysis, household archaeology, and sex, gender and the body, interests unified under the heading of social archaeology, not coincidentally the title of a journal of which she is a founding editor. She would like to be known for changing fixed ideas about sex and gender, but is resigned to being known for her work on the early history of chocolate. Her publications include ""Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives" (2008). Embodied Lives: Figuring Ancient Egypt and the Classic Maya” (2003); "The Languages of Archaeology: Dialogue, Narrative, and Writing" (Blackwell, 2002), "Gender and Power in Prehispanic Mesoamerica" (University of Texas, 2001). She received her PhD in anthropology from the University of Illinois-Urbana in 1985.

Do Central American Children on the US Border Deserve More?

Central American Children

Rosemary Joyce: The violence these children are fleeing is worse than in war zones– one reporter makes a comparison of the situation in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in 2012 to Iraq.

A 165-Year-Long Struggle for Women’s Rights Continues

drop the tampon girlie

Rosemary Joyce: So we see the state legislatures of Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Virginia all voting for laws opposed by the majority of their own citizens – not women alone, but men and women – laws that endanger women’s healthcare and move us backward.

Maya Presence


Rosemary Joyce: Now that the world hasn’t ended, it’s fine to return to ignoring the conditions of millions of Maya people living in Mexico and Central America.

Let’s Party Like It’s Baktun 13

mayan calendar

Rosemary Joyce: What we can’t do, apparently, is ignore the hype that claims that the Maya who lived in city states in Mexico and Central America a little more than a thousand years ago predicted that the end of the world will come this month: December 21, to be precise.

Two Hurricanes, Two Networks

sandy flooding

Rosemary Joyce: The novelty of living with a disaster, via the reach of new media, was underscored for me by an echo, a memory of another hurricane: Katrina.

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