About Selena Teji

Selena Teji is the Communications Specialist for the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. She has a Juris Doctorate specializing in international law from UC Hastings, and has expertise in juvenile justice community-based services and state youth correctional facilities.

New Laws to Help Californians Clean Up Their Records


Criminal Justice Realignment : Having a criminal history can result in crippling and indefinite barriers.

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions


Selena Teji: Under current immigration laws, even legal permanent residents can face deportation and bars on reentry following a conviction for a low-level drug offense.

Reentry Barriers: Employment and the Technology Divide

Last Mile participants (Forbes Magazine)

Selena Toji: For men and women returning from decades of incarceration, understanding technology can present a significant barrier to success.

War on Drugs: End in Sight?

big joint

Selena Toji: Drug law enforcement should not be predicated on where a person resides. If the U.S. is beginning a process of divestment from the War on Drugs, we must do so consistently and with a critical eye to how policies are implemented locally.

The Unnecessary Detention of Undocumented Youth

undocumented detained

Selena Teji: While California’s juvenile justice system engages in reform, the archaic and punitive traditions of the immigration system hamper its progress and undermine the best practices approach taken by the legislature and local officials.

Why Are More Blacks Busted for Marijuana Use

black man arrested

Selena Teji: Nationally, African Americans are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana use than their white counterparts, despite using the drug at approximately the same rate.

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