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Rick Perry’s Tall Texas Tales of Job Creation

rick perry job creation

Steve Mikulan: If Texas is, as Perry claims, luring so many jobs away from other states, that doesn’t make him a job creator – only a job thief.

Don’t Mourn for American Airlines


Steve Mikulan: I just wonder how long it will take American Airlines to figure it can get away with charging grieving travelers extra.

Walmart’s New Research: A Flattering Self-Portrait


Walmart Public Relations: Walmart’s can be revealed: Walmart is the greatest thing since penicillin.

Documentary Remembers Tom Bradley


Tom Bradley Documentary: This Thursday Goldfarb and Sotomayor will sponsor a free premiere screening of Tom Bradley’s Impossible Dream.

Randy Shaw: An Activist’s Story


Randy Shaw tries to vaccinate readers against the chumminess between activists and the politicians they believe share their agenda .

Why Is Ted Mitchell’s Nonprofit Pushing Vergara v. California?


Ted Mitchell — Another part of its agenda may be to gut the seniority rights and other job protections enjoyed by public school teachers.

Pete Seeger Remembered: A Conversation With Lara Bergthold


Steve Mikulan: When Pete Seeger died Monday, he left behind a legacy of tolerance, optimism and an unbreakable faith in the common man.

7.6 Billion Reasons to Raise L.A.’s Minimum Wage


Raise LA — Durveys that demonstrate the benefits of raising the minimum wage have as much chance as climate change papers.

Will Latest Attempt to Gut California Pensions Work?


Cutting California Pensions — AG Harris put teachers, police officers and firefighters in front as public employees who would suffer.

Is Austerity Here to Stay?


Austerity Budget — It’s too bad there isn’t some satellite imaging of how far the center has moved to the right in American politics.

Walmart Civil Disobedience Planned for Today


Steve Mikulan: This Thursday the community coalition that opposed Walmart’s original entry into the historic neighborhood will be demonstrating against the mega-chain’s continued abuse of its low-paid employees.

Dark Money, Honey: How a Koch Ring Got Busted


Steven Mikulan: Last week’s announcement of a settlement between the state of California and two political campaign organizations linked to the Koch brothers fittingly coincided with the centenary of the first scientific explorations of Los Angeles’ La Brea Tar Pits.

Misinterpreting an Urgent Medical Need


Steven Mikulan: AB 1263 that Brown vetoed would have addressed California’s acute shortage of medical translators by permitting the state to spend $200,000 to gain access to $270 million in Affordable Care Act funds to create about 7,000 interpreter jobs within 10 years.

McDonald’s Rally Echoes UC Berkeley Fast-Food Study


Steve Mikulan: McDonald’s and the others need people like me to flip their burgers, to wrap their fries – without us they can’t do a thing. Everything would shut down without us.

Citizens United on Steroids


Steven Mikulan: McCutcheon, like Citizens United and virtually every other right-wing attempt to return the United States to its Gilded Age of conspicuous inequality, stakes its claim on the First Amendment — it’s all about free speech.

A Touch of Class: Knowing Our Place on the Social Ladder


Steven Mikulan: The heady optimism that has traditionally led many Americans to believe we’re doing better than we actually are – a mirage consensus fed by television shows and movies featuring families who never seem to worry about money or employment – is eroding.

Will Walmart Kill Chinatown?

walmart chinatown

Steven Mikulan: Walmart’s potentially devastating impact on more than 30 mom and pops will have “a ripple effect” in Walmart, leaving many boarded-up stores that will scare off investors and tourists alike.

Walmart Workers Fight Poverty: A Cashier’s Story

walmart worse

eptember’s shaping up to be another tough month for Martha Sellers. The Walmart cashier cleared $732 on her last twice-monthly paycheck but hasn’t paid this month’s $700 rent on her place in Bellflower. When she does, she’ll have to decide how much of the remaining $32 will be divided between food and gas to get [...]

From Goldman Sachs to Walmart to Urasawa: A NYT Trifecta

bulldog restaurant

Steven Mikulan: Has the New York Times turned into a latter-day Daily Worker, or are labor conditions in America becoming so bad that even the national paper of record is demanding social justice?

Looking for the Union Label in All the Right Places

labor 411

Steven Mikulan: Labor 411 has expanded into both printed guides and a Web site that caters to socially conscious consumers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Click on an item and information about both the manufacturer and the union that represents the company’s workers pops up.

Vets to Enter Walmart’s Supply Chain of Command

veterans medals

Steven Mikulan: Study after study has shown Walmart to be a cutthroat employer of last resort, most of whose business innovations seem to involve new ways to save the corporation money by slashing employee hours and benefits.

Casino Mogul Doubles Down Against Unions

sheldon adelson

Steven Mijulan: Sheldon Adelson, the gnomish, ginger-haired casino magnate who threw more than $150 million after Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and other candidates in 2012, let it be known to the house organ of the One Percent that he plans to double the amount he spent in 2012 in upcoming elections.

Eastern Docks Headed for a Rumble?


Steve Mikulan: The International Longshoremen’s Association hasn’t waged a full-fledged strike since 1977, but is now threatening to do so if a new collective bargaining agreement is not in place by December 30.

Puppet Government: What the Michigan Vote Means

howdy doody

Steven Mikulan: Take away organized labor and the political playing field suddenly becomes a whole lot more even for a party with a vast treasury but a shrinking demographic base.

A Guide to Black Friday Walmart Strikes

walmart strikers

Steven Mikulan: Walmart is ordering in armies of its underpaid employees to work on a night they have traditionally enjoyed as a holiday. But the only tradition this company respects is that of making money on the backs of its mistreated “associates.”

Walmart Dodges African “Blood Minerals” Rule

blood diamonds

t must have seemed like a good idea at the time, when Senators Chris Dodd and Barney Frank drew up the landmark regulatory bill that bears their names. One of its lesser-known provisions required U.S. companies to list the inclusion of any “conflict minerals,” mined in or near the violence-plagued Democratic Republic of the Congo, [...]

California Gives Struggling Homeowners a “Fighting Shot”


Steve Mikulan: The new law sounds like a textbook example of how government can and should help its citizens, especially during a time of economic upheaval.

“Drowning” Government: Be Careful What You Wish For

jack nicholson

Steven Mikulan: Where do the Norquists and the Pauls go, once they’ve drowned government and sold the bathtub for copper scrap? Probably to very lucrative sinecures on foundation boards.

Unions: Our Last, Best, and Final Hope


Steven Mikulan: Labor’s losing streak means that unions are now locked in a spiral of existential battles for survival in which every election drains them of resources and morale.

Climate-Change Denier Group Feels the Heat

global warming

Steven Mikulan: As much as Heartland may wish to deny certain fundamentals of science, there are signs that its gonzo billboard ads have created a classic cause and effect backlash among some supporters.

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