About Teka-Lark Fleming

Teka-Lark Fleming is the publisher of the Inglewood newspaper the Morningside Park Chronicle and the founder of the environmental group Morningside Park Sustainable City. She resides in the historic Inglewood neighborhood of Morningside Park.

L.A. Urban League “Helping” Blacks Since 1921

Urban League

Teka-Lark Fleming: Damien Goodmon of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition is doing a better job advocating for the entire community than the almost 100-year-old L.A. Urban League.

Who Is Basil Kimbrew?

Basil Kimbrew

Teka-Lark Fleming: Kimbrew seems to also have a history of targeting women with backbone who aren’t stupid enough to give California Friends of the African-American Caucus or his other organization California Women 4 Women money.

People-Centric Ideas Consistently on the Right Side of Justice

Simona Farrise Runs for Assembly

Teka-Lark Fleming: “We need STEM, we need development, we need clean energy, but we also need community partnering companies that are going to commit and stay long-term,” said Simona Farrise.

State Assembly District 62nd Candidate Autumn Burke Is No Liberal

Autumn Burke

Teka-Lark Fleming: Burke is taking money from these groups because, while they may not be her values, they most definitely are her parents’ values. Autumn Burke is not running for the 62nd Assembly; her father’s business associates are.

How Trayvon Plays in Inglewoodland


Teka-Lark Fleming: In Inglewood you rarely see any political action. You don’t see even really calm ones where people invite their mother to follow them along and honk.

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