treva-brandonTreva Brandon is a Los Angeles based writer and fitness professional. She is currently Managing Editor at, an online resource dedicated to eldercare. She can also be found delivering wit and wisdom on her blog, The Late Blooming Bride

Treva got her start writing advertising copy at BBDO in New York. Her skills brought her to L.A. where she has created on-air promos for networks and studios. Her writing career has spanned all platforms, from screenplays and reality TV programming, to digital marketing and social media.

When Treva isn’t acquiring and creating original content and curating bloggers, she is up at 5am training private clients, teaching group fitness classes at Equinox, or training for her next marathon. She also volunteers as a Fulfillment Fund mentor and a Special Olympics coach. She is passionate about politics, policy, and people of all ages and abilities.

Her 30+ years in the fitness industry includes spinning, sports conditioning, yoga, boot camp, and traditional resistance training. Treva draws from her years as a competitive high school and collegiate athlete to help her clients and classes achieve peak performance. Whether it’s writing or fitness, Treva’s work is always creative and collaborative.

Exercise Your Right To Bare Arms

GReat Arm Exercizes

Treva Brandon Scharf: Everyone should exercise their right to bare arms – just not in the state of Georgia though, where every Second Amendment nut job feels the need to show off their guns everywhere they go.

Happy Trails To You!


Treva Brandon Scharf: I use these parks and trails for exercise, for social time with friends, for activities with out-of-towners, for romantic outings, and for the spiritual benefits I get from communing with nature.

Are You a Worrier or a Warrior?

Warrior Mentality

Treva Brandon Scharf: Engaging in regular intense exercise not only strengthens the body, it strengthens your resiliency. It toughens you up, it builds character, and it can power you through your most pressing concerns.

Exercise Your Demons


Treva Brandon Scharf: Sometimes the best place to exercise (and exorcise) your demons isn’t in a boxing ring or a spinning studio, but through simple meditation.

Don’t Get Fat, Get Mad!

Get Angry Lose Weight

Treva Brandon: Can’t get your engine started? Can’t find the drive to drive to the gym? Is your mojo low and blood pressure high? If your goal is getting healthy, you may want to consider getting pissed off first.

Ready for Some Really Tough Love?

Progressive Wellness

Treva Brandon: Welcome to Progressive Wellness, LA Progressive’s newest foray into health, wellness and fitness. I’m Treva Brandon, your tour guide, personal trainer and coach, and I’ll be kicking your ass toward a more active life – LA style.

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