yohuru williamsYohuru Williams is an author, Professor of History and Black Studies, and education activist.

Black Bodies and the Thin Blue Line

Broken Thin Blue Line

Yolhuru Williams: Our nation can no longer afford to function as two societies, separate and unequal, deeply divided, and policed by the racially insensitive Thin Blue Line.

Time and Punishment: Why Teacher Voices Matter

Christie Berates Teachers

Yohuru Williams: The image of Governor Christie sternly chastising a polite middle school teacher for asking a question, against the backdrop of a state wide investigation into fiscal mismanagement in education, made national headlines propelling Christie and Tomlinson into the national spotlight.

Teachers Wearing Hate on Their Sleeves

Teachers Support NYPD

Yohuru Williams: Thankfully, many teachers took a very different approach, not only by encouraging dialogue, but organizing communities to meet the humanitarian needs of those affected.

Five Stages of Grief: Another Minority Teenager Gunned Down

Michael Brown Shooting

Yohuru Williams: We should all be angry about the killing of Michael Brown and moved by love to shape a world where we do not merely claim to care about urban youth but actively work to protect them from the most pernicious dangers that haunt them daily – violence and poverty.

Making Whoopi: Missing the Point in the Tenure Debate

Whoopi Goldberg Tenure

Yohuru Williams: Due to the erroneous understanding of tenure at the K-12 level and its conflation with what university professor earn—many persons such as Whoopi Goldberg have accepted the fallacious argument that tenure protects “bad teachers.”

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