The History of All Media in Less Than 400 Words

john boehnerFirst of all, an apology. To Dick and Sharon, to LA Progressive, to all the readers, to Fox Network, to TBS, and to whomever happens to be jonesing for a real fancy heartfelt apology for my error in a previous column, here it is. Enjoy.

I herewith apologize for the lede of my previous snarky piece about Conan O’Brien, which began, “CONAN’S O’BRIEN’S UPCOMING FOX NETWORK talk show…”

Wrong. Oh, so wrong. O’Brien’s new talk show is going to appear on TBS, not the Fox network.

So, Conan-wise, it’s Fox out, TBS in. Apparently the Fox deal fell through when the suits started haggling over money that didn’t belong to them anyway. It’s television. What did you expect?

Here is really what’s germane to the plot. I blundered, realized it, and told you about it as soon as possible, fully realizing that such a bizarre course of action goes against everything we’re accustomed to getting from Haliburton, Haliburton subsidiaries, BP executives, right-wingydings, politicians, radio blabbers, media whores, talk-show “experts,” broadcast prognosticators, blondish corporate spokesmodels, and the entire Fox News menagerie of well-coiffed ignorami.

It seems to be turning into a semi-pro pastime, this It Ain’t Never My Fault Two-step.

Mike PriceHaving said that, what should probably go here next is an all-too familiar, cliché-riddled rant, one that rails against the prevalent lying, sophistry, and blame-gaming infecting our current culture, but you can read that sort of yawn-provoking blather almost anywhere. Finger-pointing blame-dodging in America today is just like John Bo(e)ner’s cartoonish fake suntan, everybody’s hip to it, but nobody does anything about it.

Almost went with Mitch McConnell’s pinched Ebenezer Scrooge visage, but Bo(e)ner’s more fun.

Oh, yeah, the promised, “HISTORY OF ALL MEDIA IN LESS THAN 400 WORDS.” Next column, I promise. Have I ever not delivered?

Mike Price

Mike Price is a long-time newspaper columnist, talk show host, screenwriter, disk jockey, exercize rider, and Vegas pit supervisor.

Published by the LA Progressive on June 4, 2010
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Mike Price is a long-time standup comedian, newspaper columnist, talk show host, screenwriter, disk jockey, racehorse exercise rider, poker dealer, and Vegas pit supervisor. His book, "If You Can't Keep A Job, Become A Writer," should have been written by now.