Africa is the second largest and second most populated continent in the world. Africa has been labled the cradle of humankind and the richest continent in terms of natural resources.

276 Missing Nigerian Girls Ignored by American Mainstream Media

Missing Nigerian Girls

Jasmyne Cannick: Los Angeles to hold Bring Back Our Girls Rally on Monday, May 5, 6 p.m., at the intersection of Crenshaw and King Boulevards. Organizers ask that you wear the color red, and wear your gele if you have one.

200 Girls Still Missing, Victims of Nigeria’s Religious War

Nigerian School Girls Kidnapped

Anthea Butler: The pentecostal prosperity gospel that pervades Christian Nigeria is tested by a terrorist attack on a school, and the kidnapping of its students.

Virunga National Park Warden Shot


Georgianne Nienaber: Virunga National Park’s Chief Warden, Emmanuel de Merode, was shot in a roadside ambush as he was driving from Goma to Rumangabo in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rwanda Massacre Anniversary: Useful Tragedy Tales


Kathleen Wallace: The Rwandan tales will be used to justify all sorts of intervention amongst factions who happen to be taking up space on top of resources that are coveted.

Obama’s Under the Radar Assistance to Africa


David Love: As the world preoccupies itself with the lost Malaysian Airlines flight 370 and Russia’s annexation of Crimea in the Ukraine, President Obama is helping another part of the world—Africa.

How White American Evangelicals Exploit African Homophobia

Masked Kenyan supporters of the LGBT community stage a protest against Uganda's anti-gay bill in Nairobi. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has been warned by President Obama that signing an anti-gay law would "complicate" the U.S. relationship with the east African country. (Dai Kurokawa / EPA )

African Homophobia: Denouncing homosexuality is one of the ways these African countries decry perceived neo-colonialism.

Sexual Violence in War: ‘Not a Second-Class Crime’

Zainab Hawa Bangura

Sexual Violence in War: We believe that 95% of the victims are women—but evidence is coming out that we have men who are sexually abused.

Nigeria’s LGBTQ-Cleansing Law


Nigeria Anti-Gay Law: Nigerian lawmakers say their stance ois true evidence of a proud and participatory “democracy in action.”

Dian Fossey’s Murder Remains a Cold Case Despite New Book


Dian Fossey Murder — The tragedy of De Wetter’s memoir is that the author describes Fossey’s murder as “an accident looking like a murder.

Media and the End of Apartheid in South Africa


Mandela Ending Apartheid — Mass media can also be a weapon that eradicates democracy and promotes ignorance, along with other dire ends.


nelson meme

Mandela Legacy — He got the ‘moral victory’; we took the spoils: gold and diamonds; cheap labor; land to die for, to kill for.

Madiba Is Dead: Condolences to Heroic Mother Winnie


Winnie Mandela — Apartheid/white minority rule and neocolonialism is a global system and did not end with the release of Nelson Mandela.

Needed: More Mandelas

need nelson meme

Honoring Nelson Mandela — What the life of Mandela taught is about offering great sacrifice for the greater good of others.

Mandela: Africa Without Him

mandela meme

John Peeler: He might have died in prison, tortured, broken, disappeared. And yet we can scarcely conceive how his country, his continent, the world would have been different without him. That is the measure of his greatness.

6.6 Million Children Under the Age of Five Died Last Year, Mostly from Easily Treatable Diseases


Brian McAfee: Nigeria accounts for more than 30% of early childhood deaths for malaria and 20% for HIV/AIDS. According to the UN Nigeria accounts for one in every eight child death, a trend that must be combated.

Will UN’s Samantha Power Cleanse Congo with Her Tears?


Georgianne Nienaber: Hopefully, Power’s tears will motivate her to use her new “power” to influence the Obama administration to react to the truths behind this conflict.

Civilians Killed, Congo Government Feeds on Carnage

m23 woman officer

Georgianne Nienaber: Why is the international community is providing military aid to the Congo Army? Why are we sending drones to support the army’s monstrous corpse desecrations of casualties and numerous rapes.

Face on Blanket Tells Congo’s Woeful Tale

congo burial

Georgianne Nienaber: The face is the remnant of a person alive before Congo Army gunships blew up her village by mistake in their relentless pursuit of rebel forces. The woman’s soul is elsewhere, but her face offers silent testimony to atrocity.

Libya Report Card: Blood and Oil

tripoli protests

Vijay Prashad: The new violence in Libya runs parallel to the new crowds in Tahrir Square. They are not happy with the first flush of what their rebellion produced. They are at it again. Not in five-star hotels but in their hovels.

Watch The Value of Women In Congo with a Critical Eye

women in congo

Georgianne Nienaber: The true value of this film is in the heartbreaking testimony of the women. Their tears wash over the film at 24 frames per second, while blood pours from ruptured vaginas and hymens at twice that rate — bodies violently penetrated every 48 seconds.

Obama at Robben Island

obama robben island

Vijay Prashad: Obama, who had been there before, wanted his daughters to see the prison and to be as “humbled” as himself by Mandela’s vigil for freedom.

UN Continues to Sacrifice African Lives for Political Expediency

rwanda victims

Georgianne Nienaber: How is it ethically possible to negotiate with a group and then promote war against it?

It’s Always Passover: Freedom Is an Idea, a Process, Not an Event


Eric A. Gordon: The exodus from Egypt was followed by forty years of wandering in the desert. Freedom doesn’t just happen. It’s a mindset, an attitude, a culture. Passover marks a passage, but not the end of the story. A luta continua. The struggle continues.

Surrender of Warlord Ntaganda Will Not Change Life for Millions of Congolese

congo map

Georgianne Nienaber: The international community is making a grievous mistake if they buy into this false narrative and believe that the indictment and removal of the renegade Ntaganda will solve the crisis of eastern Congo.

M23: Today’s Doomed Rebels or Tomorrow’s Revered Revolutionaries?


Georgianne Nienaber: In the Congo, corruption and ethnic hatred find sustenance in the lies told by the powerful. It is surprising that the progressive press, which prides itself on “speaking truth to power,” has completely bought into the distortions.

A Moment of Truth from Leon Panetta

CIA Director Leon Panetta

JP Sotille: Team Obama’s often-overlooked expansion of the War on Terrorism—in Yemen and Somalia, into Uganda, Kenya, Libya and various points around Africa—is actually inciting a response. Apparently, some people don’t like US troops, drones, advisers and weapons popping up in their backyard.

UPDATED: How Obama Administration Silences Congo’s M23 Rebel Movement

Photo: Al Zazeera

Georgianne Nienaber: It seemed that while M23 was winning on the battlefield against both the FDLR and the regular Congo Army (FARDC), and had gained recognition by the African Union as a partner in peace negotiations, they had lost the social media and Internet public relations battle.

Let Congo Sort Itself Out


eorgianne Nienaber: The worst thing the international community can do is to “help them” by propping up Congo’s dysfunctional and incompetent government.

The Long War Reaches Mali

mali warfare

Tom Hayden: Every US and Western intervention in the Long War has resulted in pushing Al Qaeda “affiliates” like AQIM into new territory with angry, restless and anti-Western Muslim populations.

Is Rwanda the Victim in a Modern Day Salem Witch Trial?


Georgianne Nienaber: Let’s offer the thesis that public opinion has been railroaded with respect to Rwanda amid accusations that it is supplying aid to a newly minted and highly successful rebel army in eastern Congo.

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