On Wall Street, Sounds of Silence From the President


Wall Street State of the Union — Obama made no mention of the financial industry’s central role in the devastating 2008 financial crisis.

Missing Rungs? Flip the Ladder


Broken Economic System — Disrespect comes as a moral tax; we Americans pay it over time with compound interest that manifests as contempt.

What We Got Here Is a Failure to Imagine: The Economy and Environment, History and Happiness, Peace and Politics


Failure to Imagine: If we dare to imagine boldly and creatively enough, we private citizens can help create a more progressive economy.

Do Poor People Deserve Help?


Do Poor People Deserve Help — Americans who reject public help for our poor embrace those myths which seem to justify their selfishness.

Meet the People Who Gave JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon a $9.5 Million Raise


Peter Dreier: CEO compensation decisions are made by fellow board members who live in a rarified world where multi-million dollar salaries are taken for granted and where they often blame a company’s poor performance on forces outside the CEO’s control.

America’s Biggest Crises Are Rooted in the Fact That the Economy Is Rigged for the Wealthiest


Rigged Economy — We must create a broad national consensus that recognizes the unacceptable injustice of the rigged economy .

Congress: Of Millionaires, By Millionaires, For Millionaires


Millionaire Congress — What does it mean when its representatives are insulated from the real-world economic experiences of its citizens?

Airbrushing Race Out of Income Inequality


Race Income Inequality — Pundits assiduously avoid the role institutional racism and white supremacy play in economic injustice.

The Public-Housing Experiment


Public Housing — When the U.S. does public provisioning of basic needs, it does so halfheartedly, perhaps thereby promoting its failure.

From Austerity to Abundance: Why I Am Running for California Treasurer


Ellen Brown State Treasurer — There is another way to balance a state budget, one that leads to prosperity rather than austerity.

The Wealth and Poverty of Nations


Poverty And America — If the US is the greatest nation on earth, then why do we allow such misery to continue generation after generation?

Richard Wolff: Cooperatives and Workers’ Self Directed Enterprises


Professor Richard Wolff asks isn’t it time that we brought the war home to make the American workplace safe for democracy, too?

Employers Can Take ‘Personal Responsibility’ For Poverty Wages


Poverty Wages –Assume their empathy is real for Americans who have nothing in this land where six people own as much as the bottom 42%.

Is America Ready for a New War on Poverty?


New War on Poverty — We need to combine targeted anti-poverty programs with broader policies to revitalize the economy.

“Jobs or Inequality”? That’s No Choice at All


Jobs or Inequality — Unemployment and long-term wage stagnation are suppressing consumer demand that is the engine of a healthy economy .

A Curse, a Blessing, and a Good Food Movement


Good Food Movement — The Good Food rebellion has since sprouted, spread, and blossomed from coast to coast.

Will Heartless Republicans Screw Themselves By Screwing the Jobless?


Extending Unemployment Insurance – Americans understand that being laid off can happen to hard-working people through no fault of their own.

Food Stamp Demand Soars as Cuts Sink In and Shelves Empty


Food Stamp Demand Soars – Deep cuts to the U.S. food stamps program have forced increasing numbers of families to rely on food banks.

When Billionaires Roamed the Earth


Robber Barons — Today it is too costly for corporations that have their money off-shore and can outsource their technical jobs overseas.

‘Green Shoots’: The Year in Wall Street Reform


Green Shoots — Perhaps the most compelling symbol of political change we saw all year was when Larry Summers reached out to Elizabeth Warren in a bid for the Fed job — and was rebuffed.

100 Years Is Enough: Time to Make the Fed a Public Utility


Federal Reserve Reform — It may be time for a new populist movement, one that returns the power to issue money to the government.

Making War on the Jobless


Jobless Americans — It is wrong for the president and Congress to leave for a long vacation without extending jobless benefits.

Democrats Cede Moral High Ground in Budget Deal


Egberto Willies: Democrats never seem to understand that their policies if articulated without fear will be supported by the poor and the middle class.

American Dream, Twisting


American Dream Fading — Because many Americans have experienced briefly being poor, sympathy for the chronically poor may be that much harder to come by.

Watt Now? (Or, Can Mel Watt Fix the Housing Crisis?)


Mel Watt: Housing and bank reform advocates view his confirmation as a major victory.

Is Austerity Here to Stay?


Austerity Budget — It’s too bad there isn’t some satellite imaging of how far the center has moved to the right in American politics.

Privatization, Marketization, Globalization


Tyranny of Words — The right has adroitly changed the conversation. They have associated corruption with government.

When Charity Begins at Home (Particularly the Homes of the Wealthy)


Charitable Giving — The generosity of the super-rich is proffered as evidence they’re contributing much to the nation’s well-being.

The Budget Deal: A Dirge for the Unemployed

social security meme

This budget deal is needlessly punitive. It’s mean-spirited toward people who are struggling through no fault of their own.



Loafers and Food Stamps — Maybe we care because able-bodied people who choose not to work and take food stamps are ripping off the rest us.

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