The Budget Deal: A Dirge for the Unemployed

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This budget deal is needlessly punitive. It’s mean-spirited toward people who are struggling through no fault of their own.



Loafers and Food Stamps — Maybe we care because able-bodied people who choose not to work and take food stamps are ripping off the rest us.

Geithner’s Magical Trip Through the Revolving Door


Tim Geithner — Yes, the guy who was responsible for rescuing and regulating Wall Street’s financial casinos is now president of one.

The Democrats’ ‘Third Way’ Quarrel Could Change Your Future


Third Way — Why are Democrats affiliated with a group which works so strenuously to gut Democratic programs?

Slapping the Poor Just for the Hell of It

Taxes (16)

Food Stamp Program Cuts — The GOP slashed $4 billion-a-year, complaining that more people are getting food assistance.

Amend the Fed: We Need a Central Bank That Serves Main Street

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Ellen Brown: For the central bank to satisfy its mandate to promote full employment and to become an institution that serves all the people, not just the 1%, the Fed needs fundamental reform.

Let’s Drug Test Lawmakers Who Force the Poor to Take Drug Tests

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Jim Hightower: Pandering at all costs to the tea party fringe that dominates Republican elections, state lawmakers won’t let go of this demonstrably-bad idea of trying to humiliate people in need of a helping hand.

The True Price of Great Holiday Deals


Robert Reich: Americans are getting great deals online, and they like the convenience. But there’s a hidden price. With the growth of online retailing, fewer Americans will have jobs in bricks-and-mortar retail stores.

Pope Francis, Liberal Populist


Brent Budowsky: Francis calls systematic economic inequities a form of super-death-panel, quoting the commandment “thou shalt not kill” and reminding us that these inequities do in fact “kill” people.

Walmart Workers: TGI Black Friday

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Peter Dreier: The Black Friday rallies and demonstrations represent a dramatic escalation of the growing protest movement among employees of America’s largest private employer.

Sustainability and Public Policy: It’s Personal


Larry Wines: Please explain why so many people with money make ostentatious demonstrations of decadence and don’t give a rat’s ass what is sustainable for the rest of us.

Preventing Dependency in the 2013 Farm Bill


Antonina Entler: Unfortunately, our representatives are still so busy arguing about the possibility of dependency on food stamps that they don’t see real dependency right in front of their faces.

Voices Raised Against Secret Trade Deal


Lance Simmens: Mr. President this is not the way to conduct the people’s business. You ran saying that you opposed fast track authority and yet here it is. You ran on the platform of transparency in policy making and yet here it isn’t.

Want to Increase Homelessness? GOP Plans New Affordable Housing Cuts


Randy Shaw: House Republicans are planning to again play Scrooge. In this case, it means turning their backs on the housing needs of millions of ill-housed and homeless

What Walmart Could Learn from Henry Ford


Robert Reich: Walmart is so huge that a wage boost at Walmart would ripple through the entire economy, putting more money in the pockets of low-wage workers. This would help boost the entire economy — including Walmart’s own sales.

Wikileaks Leaks Secret Trade Deal Details


Arnie Saiki: California, at the frontlines of the Trans Pacific Partnership, need to call for a more consumer-friendly, worker and environmentally friendly trade agreement.

Raise the Minimum Wage


Lawrence Wittner: The richest nation on earth has millions of full-time employees earning poverty-level wages while giant corporations and the wealthy amass trillions of dollars at these workers’ expense.

Costa Rica’s Long Public Banking Experience


Ellen Brown: In Costa Rica, publicly-owned banks have been available for so long and work so well that people take for granted that any country that knows how to run an economy has a public banking option.

Ireland: Ground Zero for the Austerity-Driven Asset Grab


Ellen Brown: After five years of belt-tightening in which unemployment and living conditions have not improved, the Irish people are slowly waking up. They are realizing that their assets are being grabbed simply to pay for the mistakes of the financial sector.

‘Moo Cluck Moo’ Business Model: Healthier Food, Fair Pay … Now, That’s Good Moos


Rosemary Jenkins: There are countless examples of altruistic practices in the business world, but sometimes more recalcitrant and ostensibly inflexible corporate leaders need a bit more of a prod to move forward, to get with the program.

The Latest Trend: Ignoring the Federal Govt’s Anti-Poverty Role


Randy Shaw: The longer homelessness and family poverty continues, the more their true causes are forgotten or ignored. Such is clearly true with the nation’s homelessness and affordable housing crisis.

7 Reasons to Take 7 Seconds to Save Medicare and Social Security


Richard Eskow: A broad coalition of organizations, including the Campaign for America’s Future and Social Security Works, is joining Sen. Bernie Sanders in a petition drive to resist cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

Affordable Housing Rules Produce Opposite Result


Mary Theroux: The simplest way to improve access to affordable housing is to let builders add to the supply of housing, regardless of the price they hope to charge.

How the Right Won Another Round


onservative Republicans have lost their fight over the shutdown and debt ceiling, and they probably won’t get major spending cuts in upcoming negotiations over the budget. But they’re winning the big one: How the nation understands our biggest domestic problem. They say the biggest problem is the size of government and the budget deficit. In [...]

Want Affordable Housing? Let Builders Build


Mary Theroux: In the California communities that have adopted inclusionary zoning laws, where prices are held artificially low, supply decreases, driving prices of all homes higher.

GE Too Big To Jail

General Electric

Lawrence Wittner: Can the world’s biggest corporations act with impunity? When it comes to General Electric (GE) — the eighth-largest U.S. corporation, with $146.9 billion in sales and $13.6 billion in profits in 2012 — the answer appears to be “yes.”

Will the Great Recession Create the Newer Deal?


Claude Fischer: If the Great Depression brought support for the New Deal, should not the Great Recession bring support for a Newer Deal?

Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?


Ellen Brown: The exploitative financial scheme responsible for turning millions out of their jobs and their homes has reached the end of the line. Crisis in the current scheme means opportunity for those more sustainable solutions waiting in the wings.

Activists Confront Financial Titans Larry Fink and William Gross

Larry Fink and Bill Gross

Peter Dreier: Although the two plutocrats live in the economic and social stratosphere, Peggy Mears and Jono Shaffer tried to educate Fink and Gross about the everyday lives of people who live month-to-month on working class incomes.

Public Banks Key to Capitalism


Ellen Brown: Banking, money and credit are not market goods but are economic infrastructure, just as roads and bridges are physical infrastructure.

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