Confession of a Standardized Test Proctor

standardized tests

Steve Singer: Working in a poor school district like mine, you hear a lot about accountability. If administrators don’t enact this reform, or teachers don’t do that paperwork or students don’t score this high – they’ll close us down.

No Vindication in Penn State Tragedy

Jerry Sandusky Penn State

Frank Fear: The NCAA-Penn State settlement needs to be a wake-up call for change—big, meaningful change. But what are the odds of that happening, especially in the near future? It’s zero.

Testing Games: Hope or Fear?

Student Collaboration

Bonnie C. Margolin: In our dog eat dog society, it may seem necessary to maintain this value system throughout school, but the opposite is true.

Testing Games: I Volunteer, Sir

Testing Games

Bonnie Margolin: Based upon the recent blockbuster, The Hunger Games, I have taken to making comparisons between the battlefield in the movie and the school environment that we have established for our students. The similarities are uncanny.

A Textbook Case of Willful Distortion

Maps Omitting Israel

Walter Brasch: Publishers in America, trying to reap the widest possible financial benefit by not offending anyone, especially school boards, often force authors to overlook significant historical and social trends.

Tuition-Free Community Colleges: Too Good to Be True?

Tuition-Free Community Colleges

Leonard Isenberg: All the money in the world will not improve our junior colleges, colleges, and universities, if students continue to be socially promoted through K-12 education without the fundamental skills necessary to do college work.

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