Tough Questions to Ask About Charter Schools

Classroom students children school wide

Mark Naison: We have now had six years of strong support for Charters from the Obama Administration, backed up by Race to the Top money. It is time to ask some hard questions.

Los Pochos y Los Vendidos


Latin American Studies — Academe was caught flatfooted in responding to the challenge of ethnic studies.

All We Are Saying…Is Give Students a Chance


LAUSD School Reforms — You weren’t actually going to suggest the solution to bridging the achievement gap is smaller class sizes, were you?

‘Men’s Rights’ Groups Spam Oxy with Fake Rape Reports


Tara Culp-Ressler: Occidental College has been flooded with over 400 false rape reports this week as internet trolls have attempted to prove a point about the school’s anonymous reporting system.

How Teachers Can Save Their Careers


Teaching Careers –School Reformers are making a systematic effort to drive the best veteran teachers out of the profession.

Ending Academic Apartheid: Equity and Dignity for Adjunct Professors

University of Leeds 350

Robert Fuller: No one takes exception to cost-cutting, but forcing one group to subsidize another that’s doing comparable work, while maintaining working conditions that signal second-class status, is what the world now rejects as Apartheid.

“Educating Harry” About the Little Brown Brothers

Provost Harry Hellenbrand

Rudy Acuña: I don’t think Provost Harry Hellenbrand hates Mexicans but as a powerful administrator he must justify his position.

Why a “One Size Fits All” Curriculum Is a Catastrophe


Common Core Standards — If we don’t change course fast, we are going to lose a generation of people of incredible talents.

The Souls of Black Boys

AA boys meme

African American College Statistics — Black boys are suspended and expelled at higher rates for lesser offenses than are white students.

Stepford Students


Rudy Acuña: The goal of the current privatization is total control of society by the superrich. The strategy is to transfer all public property into the hands of the one percent.

The New York Times Gets an ‘F’ on Education Policy


Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer: A recent New York Times editorial took a moment out to lecture mayor-elect of New York City Bill de Blasio on how he should treat teachers and their unions. We hope he doesn’t listen.

Mister President: Change Course on Education


Mark Naison: Your education policies will leave as much a blemish on your Presidency as the Vietnam War did on the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson.

BATS, Diane Ravitch, and Bill DeBlasio’s Victory


Mark Naison: Although education was not the only area where DeBlasio sought to sharply distinguish himself from his predecessor, opposition to excessive testing and school closings , and support for pre-school and after school programs, were pivots of his winning formula

Because English-Speaking-Only Students Have Dreams Too


Jasmyne Cannick: Unless state lawmakers put forth the same effort into teaching public school students Spanish that they’ve put into English as a Second Language (ESL) for Latino students, Black and white students will find themselves locked out of the job market for generations to come.

The Beauty of the Liberal Arts


Steve Hochstadt: So why does the right wing hate institutions of higher education? One reason is that many courses deal with subjects that make extreme conservatives uncomfortable. Biologists teach evolution, not creationism. Scientists believe that global warming is caused by human action. Men and women are treated equally in the content of our courses.

Melissa Tomlinson’s “Rosa Parks” Moment


Mark Naison: Think about what just happened. A public school teacher, Melissa Tomlinson, with no name recognition and no official position has, through courage and force of intellect, made herself a major figure in public discourse about education policy.

Letter to Governor Christie from the New Jersey Teacher He Screamed At


Melissa Tomlinson: What do “we people’ want, Governor Christie? We want our schools back. We want to teach. We want to be allowed to help these children to grow, educationally, socially, and emotionally. We want to be respected as we do this, not bullied.

School Reform, Schools Closings, and Historic Memory: A Tragedy in the Making


Mark Naison: More and more, the schools in poor and working class neighborhoods are filled with young teachers who don’t live in those communities, don’t know anything about their histories, and stay only a few years.

LA Schools Still Waiting for Superman


Anthony Samad: The district is not trying to save black boys and has solidified itself as a primary feeder to the “school-to-prison” pipeline in California. The data supports it and the parents know it.

The Making of an Education Catastrophe


Mark Naison: Here’s how a college professor whose field is African American history discovered that public schools and public school teachers were under attack and decided to step forward in defense of both.

Ready for Less Academics?


Walter Brasch: Fewer people know the names of the recent Nobel laureates than the starting quarterbacks for Division I college teams. To find out why, I went to Green Valley College.

Virtual Schools: Cyber Pie in the Sky?

virtual schools

Gary Cohn: The virtual schools are gaming the system. They get [public] funding based on the number of students they get in the door. Then many of these students struggle and fail and leave.

America’s Adult Learning Crisis


Charles Hayes: Low-information citizens get much of their authoritative sense of virtue from a stream of hearsay and contemptuous innuendo coming from those with whom they already identify.

Teaching Creationism: Big Tex and T-Rex Weren’t Buddies


John MacMurray: Faith is faith and science is science. Fervent belief or a show of hands doesn’t determine whether gravity works or not.

Urban School Closings


Mark Naison: More than 3,000 people will lose their jobs as a result of the latest round of School Closings in Philadelphia, more than 80 percent of them Black

Top Public Universities Push for ‘Autonomy’ From States


Marian Wang: Proponents generally argue that more autonomy allows public universities to operate with less red tape and with greater freedom to raise revenue as state funding has fallen.

Head Start Another Shutdown Casualty


David A. Love: This shutdown could last for weeks; nobody knows. But it is abundantly clear that the most vulnerable among us will truly suffer.

Child Labors


Claude Fischer: Many a parent wonders today whether the weight of schooling, para-schooling, and scheduled enrichments are just too high a burden on children. Perhaps they are.

Why Mexicans Can’t Win: The Attack on Semillas Charter School

Marcos Aguilar, executive director and co-founder of Academia Semillas del Pueblo, talks with his wife, Minnie Ferguson, also a founder, during a fifth-grade class.

Rudy Acuña: The LAUSD dropped Semillas’ Charter largely on the recommendation of Superintendent John Deasy, who has very little professional background when it comes to Latino students.

Stairway to Whiteness: Waiting for Sputnik


Rudy Acuña: My reading of history tells me that American exceptionalism does not respond to reason; it does not respond to facts or appeals to the common good. So I am resigned to wait for the next Sputnik or for an implosion.

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