Testing Games: I Volunteer, Sir

Testing Games

Bonnie Margolin: Based upon the recent blockbuster, The Hunger Games, I have taken to making comparisons between the battlefield in the movie and the school environment that we have established for our students. The similarities are uncanny.

A Textbook Case of Willful Distortion

Maps Omitting Israel

Walter Brasch: Publishers in America, trying to reap the widest possible financial benefit by not offending anyone, especially school boards, often force authors to overlook significant historical and social trends.

The Hopes of Teachers in 2015!

Hopes of Teachers

Marla Kilfoyle and Melissa Tomlinson: Teachers will demand the respect their profession deserves and will fight for the autonomy to run their classroom based on the needs of the children in the room, NOT on the corporate created Common Core.

Tortured Logic in York Schools Takeover

taking over public schools

Steve Singer: And what a plan it is! Let’s try these few targeted reforms, tighten our belts and if that doesn’t work, give the entire district over to a charter school operator.

Merry Christmas, We’re Stealing Your Schools

Charter School Takeover

Steve Singer: So apparently it is perfectly legal in Pennsylvania to beat someone up and demand a week’s worth of their lunch money – and if they don’t pay, you can sue them in court for welching on a contract!