Election Reform

Election Reform

Egads! Sarah Palin in 2016

Sarah Palin Running For President

Tom Degan: For those of us who thrive on the gales of laughter provided to us by Sarah Palin and unintentional comedians like her, these are indeed sweet times to be alive.

South Now in Play

Southern Democrats

Brent Budowsky: In the battle of Democrats to keep control of the Senate in 2014 and win a substantial victory in the presidential election 2016, the new rise of Southern Democrats is a very big deal.

John Perez: Time to Step Aside

john perez state controller

Ron Andrade and Lori Vandermeir: As progressives who like to see the public interest put first, we are disappointed John Perez has put his own interest paramount in launching a divisive recount.

Maria Shriver’s –  and Bobby Shriver’s – Inconvenient Truth

Maria Shriver Endorses Bobby

Peter Dreier: It is possible that Maria Shriver simply didn’t know that Kuehl had sponsored the Paid Family Leave law. Possible, but hard to believe.

California Activists Protesting Money in Politics Declare Victory

Protesting Money in Politics

Dan Bacher: After five more people were arrested in the State Capitol Rotunda in Sacramento at a sit in Thursday night, activists from the group 99Rise on July 3 announced the end of their twelve-day occupation and civil disobedience campaign to get the corporate money out politics.

Why Ashley Swearengin Will Not Be California’s Next Controller

Ashley Swearengin

Carla Marinucci: She finished first in the primary, she’s mayor of a major city, she’s a moderate, she’s an attractive, media-savvy candidate, blah, blah, blah, but compare it with the actual metrics and history of the race for Controller going back 40 years. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but this ain’t happenin’ for Swearengin.

What Makes a Perfect Politician?

Elizabeth Warren 2016

Steve Hochstadt: Warren has been fighting for American families for decades, lately as the most public advocate for protecting us from the clever tactics of money lenders trying to squeeze a few more dollars from average families.

Hillary’s Hardest Choice (and the Democrat’s Dilemma)

hillary clinton wealth

Robert Reich: The story behind story is that America is in an era of sharply rising inequality, with a few at the top doing fabulously well but most Americans on a downward economic escalator.

Could Elizabeth Warren Become the Go-To Democrat?

Elizabeth Warren Campaign

Nia-Malika Henderson: Warren has become the darling of progressives who are looking for an alternative to Hillary Clinton, and see her as a champion of the working class.

Hillary Repeats ’08 Mistake

Hillary Repeats Mistake

Brent Budowsky: The most memorable aspect of Clinton’s carefully orchestrated book tour for Hard Choices could be the discussion about whether she is fully in tune with the temper of our times on matters of wealth and opportunity in America.

March for Democracy Members Arrested

Sharon Kyle: The rally and sit-in was held outside the capital in Sacramento with hundreds of supporters including Dolores Huerta of United Farmworkers, former candidate for CA Secretary of State Derek Cressman and Democratic Assembly Representative Roger Dickinson.

Sharon Kyle: The rally and sit-in was held outside the capital in Sacramento with hundreds of supporters including Dolores Huerta of United Farmworkers, former candidate for CA Secretary of State Derek Cressman and Democratic Assembly Representative Roger Dickinson.

Hillary’s $600,000 Problem

Chelsea Clinton NBC News

Nia-Malika Henderson: Chelsea Clinton’s salary embodies the kind of passed-down privilege available to a select few, often based on birth rather than merit. Which gets back to Warren, and why her potential candidacy makes some Democrats swoon.

Brat Worst: Libertarian and Tool of Wall Street

david brat

Peter Dreier: Brat is also a libertarian, a follower of Ayn Rand, whose major idea is to celebrate selfishness. Brat opposes the minimum wage on principle. (Not raising the minimum wage; any minimum wage).

Eric’s Bad Night

Eric Cantor Loses

Tom Degan: The extremist conservative, house majority leader, Eric Cantor, just wasn’t right wing enough for the knuckleheads in the state of Virginia who tend to vote in Republican primaries; defeated by an underfunded, unknown Teapartier with the curious name, “David Brat”. Aren’t politics a gas?

California’s Top-Two Primary Eliminates Third-Party Rivals

Top-Two Primary

Ellen Brown: Primary elections originated in the American progressive movement and were intended to take the power of candidate nomination away from party leaders and deliver it to the people.  California’s Top Two Primary takes power away from third parties representing the 99% and delivers it to the 1%.

Election Results June 2014

Election Results

Election Results June 2014: Semi-Official election results for the June 3, 2014 Open Primary Election for the State of California are posted on the website of the California Secretary of State and can be accessed here.

The United States Oligarchy

United States Oligarchy

Sharon Kyle: The bottom line is that the American people don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of having their interests represented when their interests collide with big business or a small cadre of elites.

Obama’s Sin, Clinton’s Choice

Madame President Hillary Clinton

Brent Budowsky: The tide today is enlightened populism. If Clinton makes the hard choice to seize this tide, the fortune could be a lasting political realignment and the first great Madame President to lift the nation and light the world.

Simona Farrise Rebuts Dark-Money Attacks

Simona Farrise Rebuts Dark-Money Attacks

Simona Farrise: Now, the special interests backing my opponent are trying to use the abuse and violence that I and other women have had to face for their own political gains.

Progressive Endorsements California Primary 2014

LAP Endorsements

LA Progressive is weighing in on a small selection of candidates that will be on the June 3rd ballot.

Time for a Disruptive Marianne Williamson in Congress

Marianne Williamson Running for 33 CD

Dick Price: A lifelong Democrat, Williamson is running as an independent, underscoring her status as a fresh and disruptive force, while leveraging her fame as a best-selling author and lecturer, with a large following among people who aren’t typically drawn to politics.

Betty Yee Unanimous Dem Club Pick

Betty Yee for Controller

Adrienne Hatrick and Chris Boutelle: Disagreements are common, including on candidates. So imagine our surprise and delight when one of our votes yielded a unanimous endorsement.

What California Politics Can Teach Washington

Marianne Williamson

Debbie Hines: prominent civil rights attorney Simona Farrise and women’s rights advocate Sandra Fluke, also a lawyer, have already been to Washington to advocate and fight for change.

Who Is Basil Kimbrew?

Basil Kimbrew

Teka-Lark Fleming: Kimbrew seems to also have a history of targeting women with backbone who aren’t stupid enough to give California Friends of the African-American Caucus or his other organization California Women 4 Women money.

Ever Since Eve: Hillary and the War on Women

electing hillary

Robin Lakoff: The War on Women is not being fought by the Republicans alone. Many Democrats, male and female, are their willing – nay, eager – allies.

When Good Candidates Go Bad

Suja Lowenthal Patrick ODonnell Race

Bob Gelfand: If you look at the glossy mailers arriving in our mailboxes every day, you would decide that one is a sellout to the oil companies and the other contemptuously steals from the public purse. It’s mud. Heaping gobs of mud.

Ashley Swearengin’s Economic Agenda

Ashley Swearengin 590

Patty Bellasalma: The failure by the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee to adequately fact check and perform the most rudimentary due diligence in regard to Ashley Swearengin begs the question: why?

The Sounds of Silence—Political Style


Walter Brasch: Thanks to special interests and lobbies, and their generosity in promoting American’s version of democracy, if the past is the future, voters will experience non-stop robocalls and TV ads for the next six months, some of the calls outsourced to New Delhi.

The Six Degrees of Hillary Clinton Game

blame hillary

Tina Dupuy: More than 200 young girls were abducted by militant monsters and somehow it’s not the fault of the kidnappers—but of Hillary Clinton!

Rove, Benghazi Lift Dems

Is Hillary Too Old

Brent Budowsky: Karl Rove suggesting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suffers from brain damage was a Christmas gift to Democrats in May.

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