Moral Monday North Carolina


Jim Hightower: The protestors kept coming and their numbers kept growing, for Moral Monday had struck a chord, and the protest spread across North Carolina. A rally in February drew more than 80,000 people, and public approval ratings for the governor and state assembly have tanked.

The Debate: Independence or Partisanship


Kevin Zeese & Margaret Flowers: With Senator Bernie Sanders considering a presidential run and asking people to share their thoughts on whether he should run as an independent or a Democrat, the debate over partisanship is going to grow.

How Elijah Cummings Helped Democrats Regain Their Fighting Spirit

elijah cummings

David Love: Democrats are striking back at Issa’s bullying tactics and grandstanding, with members of the committee accusing the California Republican of breaking the rules by bringing Lerner to testify.

From Crimea to Clearwater, It’s All Obama’s Fault


Randy Shaw: I’ve been disappointed in the Barack Obama Presidency, but the relentless attacks on him are disconnected from reality.

Talking with Another American


Today’s angry Americans are wrong. Not because of their political principles, but because they won’t listen to those with other ideas.

The GOP Psyche: An Explainer


GOP Psyche — They had always believed if liberals just stepped out of the way conservative alchemy would usher in a new golden age.

Sidepiece Black Tea Party Republicans

Black Republican8-tile

Black Tea Party Members — Not once have you heard a black teapublican sidepiece ever stand up to Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, or Mark Levine.

GOP Benghazi Syndrome


Brent Budowsky: The Republican Party tends to define itself almost exclusively by the political opponents it obsessively despises and government policies it compulsively obstructs.

Where Obama’s Done Well


Obama Victories: Obamacare will change the provision of health care in this country by giving every American adequate health care free.

Lightbulb Wars: The Saga Continues


Federal Lightbulb Standards — Republicans have won a largely symbolic victory for an obsolete technology that makes little policy sense.

“President Chris Christie”: How’s That Sound Now?


President Chris Christie — The George Washington Bridge scandal is just a smaller version of the Washington GOP’s government shutdown.

Brit and Chris: A Couple of ‘Old Fashioned Tough Guys’


Chris Christie Bully — I don’t see how anybody who ducked a war has the chutzpah to pass himself off as a tough guy.

Economic Prosperity and Economic Democracy: The Worker Co-Op Solution


The Worker Co-Op Solution — Workers’ self-directed enterprises are a response to capitalism’s failure to deliver prosperity.

Democrats Must Fight Harder or Lose


Democrats Must Fight Harder — There is something sad and unacceptable about watching Democrats agree to cut food stamps for the hungry.

10 Chris Christie Failed Policies


Chris Christie Scandal — If the media scrutinizes Christie’s track record, they’ll find that Christie is a reckless right-winger.

Do Politicians’ Birthdays on Commemorative Days Explain Everything?


National Days — What if we matched officially declared commemorative days with the birthdays of political figures and political pundits?

Chris Christie: “Pride Goeth Before Destruction, A Haughty Spirit Before a Fall”

Chris Christie

Chris Christie Bridgegate — It is way too early to tell if Bridgegate is another Watergate. Yet parallels between the two scandals are there.

The Garden State’s Phony Moderate


Chris Christie Bully — Christie, a Republican, is more proof that in American politics, style matters more than substance.

Radicals in City Hall: An American Tradition


Socialists in Office — The time appears to be ripe for a new wave of urban reform, who could popularize “left wing of the possible” ideas.

America’s Political Twerks


Celebrity Politicians — Maybe if politicians would stop trying to sound like some celebrities, they could raise their popularity.

An Opening for Progressive Democrats?


Tom Hayden: Progressive Democrats shaming Wall Street-funded “third way” Democrats is a sign of a powerful new opening.

Congressional Victims of Alcoholism…and Hypocrisyitis


Republican Hypocrites — Advisors to right-wing bad boys have invented a new defense: Just claim to have been “in a drunken stupor”.

Undercover at ALEC


American Legislative Exchange Council — What’s wrong is to maintain a nonpartisan ruse to obtain tax-exemption .

For Democrats, a Tax-the-Rich Road to Victory


RJ Eskow: If Democrats make this budget battle a fight over who has the smartest spending cuts, they’re fighting on the Republicans’ turf. But if they make this a fight over taxes and jobs, that’s a fight they can win.

Hating the Government Bandwagon


Charles Hayes: Children who relish autonomy and are drawn to novelty grow up to be politically liberal, and those who are fearful, wary, anxious, and distrustful about change and uncertainty grow up to be conservatives.

Republicans Throw Stones in Glass House


Julie Driscoll: Republicans have more cojones than brains to think that, in the end, they will get away with lies and misinformation over things that will be easily proven wrong in the short run.

JFK Assassination: Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald


Joseph Palermo: It sounds pretty convenient that a loudmouthed “communist” would be responsible for killing President Kennedy given that the city of Dallas was not known for its large Pinko population, but for its right-wing fanatics.

Distrusting Government: Tea Party Doesn’t Walk Its Talk


Steve Hochstadt: Conservatives talk a lot about shrinking government, but when they are in power they do no such thing. Federal spending increased in each year of the Reagan administration and each year of George Bush’s presidency.

Marianne Williamson for Congress: A New Age for American Politics?


Natalia Mehlman Petrzela: It’s a cliché by now that American politics is more polarized than ever. But Williamson is unique in sincerely drawing on ideas from both sides of the aisle.

The Real Significance of the 2013 Elections


Larry Wines: In New Jersey, Democrats will conduct a post-mortem. Everywhere else, it’s not too soon to begin opposition research. While he is the bane of the Teapublicans, what accounts for Christie luring the votes of moderates and the traditional Democratic Party base, when he is way to the right of their views?

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