Will Obama Deliver on Carbon-Reduction Deal with China?

Chinese Carbon-Reduction Deal

Steven Hill: Americans strongly side with President Obama, but Republican voters do not. Recent exit polls from the midterm elections showed that more than half of voters (57%) considered climate change or global warming a serious problem, but only 29% of Republican voters feel that way.

Commemorate Universal Children’s Day: End Child Labor

End Child Labor

Laura Finley: While ratification of a human rights treaty by no means ensures that all human rights violations will cease, if nothing else it is a powerful symbol that the rights of children are important and it can be a much-needed prompt to address some of our inadequate protections for children.

Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin & More Putin

Vladimir Putin

Murray Polner: Our hawks are at it again, never having absorbed the lessons of defeat in Vietnam, Iraq or in today’s unwinnable obsession with the volatile, alien, unmanageable Middle East.

Hillary Clinton, Reconsidered

Hillary Clinton War Policy

Brent Budowsky: Unlike most leading politicians of democratic nations, Clinton possesses an intelligent and coherent world view, grounded in experience and rooted in history.

Obama’s New ISIS Strategy

New ISIS Strategy

Ted Vaill: George H.W. Bush built a successful coalition before Operation Desert Storm, but Obama may have a more difficult time building a similar coalition to destroy ISIS.

Would Scottish Independence Mean Economic Sovereignty?


Ellen Brown: Perhaps the Scots will blaze a trail for economic sovereignty in Europe, just as North Dakotans did in the U.S. A publicly-owned bank could help Scotland take control of its own economic destiny, by avoiding unnecessary debt to a private banking system that has become a burden to the economy rather than a pillar in its support.

Nationalist Illusions

Obama Taking On Isis

Lawrence Wittner: Ironically, American “leadership” of military operations in the Islamic world has not only done much to spark the creation of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other extremist groups, but has destabilized and inflamed the entire region.

Barack Should Read Ronnie’s Diaries

Ronald Reagan Diaries

Brent Budowsky: Reagan understood how to project strength, purpose and resolve to defeat enemies, deter adversaries, motivate allies and achieve legacy-defining diplomatic success.

Russia Has Lost Ukraine

Russia Lost Ukraine

Steve Hochstadt: It turns out that Republicans anxious to score partisan points against the President, the same Republicans who cheered President Bush on when he invaded Iraq, offer only dangerous foreign policy ideas.

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