Politics and the Water’s Edge


Lance Simmens: With the blunt force obstructionism of ultra-right conservative politics and a nearly total breakdown in comity and civility comes a disturbing brand of hubris from the right that sounds more like sour grapes than sober analysis.

Ukraine: A Feast of Fallacies


John Peeler: The world is messy and complicated. It’s easy to miscalculate, and when multiple actors pile one miscalculation on another, the consequences are always un intended, and usually unpleasant.

Crimea and the Dark Side of Self-Determination

Crimean Self-Determination

Walter Moss: If we are to avoid in our present century much of the bloodshed characteristic of the previous one, any such slogans, including self-determination, have to be constrained by a hierarchy of other values. Among them peace, empathy, and tolerance are not the least important.

Ukraine Without Crimea?


Ukraine Without Crimea: If the loss of Crimea is the price for Ukrainian independence from Russia, that would be well worth paying.

America and France Rekindle Their Foreign Affair


America and France Allied: Although Americans’ favorability toward France has finally recovered to the norm established throughout the 90s.

Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement: Not So Fast


Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement would produce income inequality at the bottom of the business pyramid with an ever-greater concentration of wealth at the top.

Is People Pressure Making Fast Tracking the TPP Politically Toxic?


Stopping TPP Fast Track — The social movement against corporate trade is coming across loud and clear.

Taking America Back(wards)


TPP Negotiations — We are staring at a repeat of a failed and flawed economic experiment that will result in further loss of jobs,.

TPP Nightmare Looming


TPP Nightmare. Millions of jobs have already been lost through WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA and trade agreements with China and Korea.

Democracy’s Global Dilemmas in 2014


Global Dilemmas — It was a great gift when Karzai refused to allow American troops to remain. We should take that gift.

Another Missed TPP Deadline Calls Pact’s Agenda into Question


TPP Deadline: Activists and Congressional leaders called the U.S. Trade Representative’s agenda for the pact into question.

Stop Reckless Air Defense Zones!


East China Sea Dispute — The UN General Assembly should immediately bring up the matter, which demands international attention now.

Turkey Purchases Arms from China


Ivan Eland: The U.S. quest to be “Big Man on Campus” and retain “influence” in Europe after the Cold War has allowed its NATO allies to get away with even more than they did back then.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: We Won’t Be Fooled by Rigged Corporate Trade Agreements


Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: It is time to end the era of rigged corporate trade and begin fair trade that respects all people and the planet; and that is developed in an open and transparent manner.

Terrorist Attack on Kenyan Shopping Mall Should Cause Americans to Pause


Ivan Eland: Americans have been especially oblivious to their government’s rampant and needless intervention into the affairs of other countries and the fact that it causes heinous blowback terrorism—not only against American facilities, businesses, and people overseas but right here at home.

Protesters Take Over US Trade Rep Building Expose Secret Negotiations

Anti-TPP activists pose after their successful protest drapped the US Trade Representative with four massive banners.

Kevin Zeese: The Obama administration has kept the TPP classified, making it the first-ever classification of a trade agreement.

Obama, Putin, and Assad: It Just Gets Weirder

putin and obama shake hands

John Peeler: Obama faces the likelihood of a defeat in Congress (and in public opinion), after which he would have to choose between acting anyway, in total political isolation, or backing off and looking weak. Either way he would look foolish.

The Repetition Compulsion for War: How It Might Fail This Time

stepping in syria

Norman Solomon: Whether Obama would actually abide by failure to gain congressional “authorization” to attack Syria is by no means clear. But our immediate task is to create such a failure.

Syria and John Kerry’s Fatal Flaw

john kerry

Robert Reich: Kerry is an intelligent man, but he has a fatal flaw. He craves the limelight. He wants to be in the center of the action and attention.

Forget Red Lines: Obama Should Eat His Words on Syria

syria strike

Adil E. Shamoo: Despite his better judgment, Obama is poised to make serious mistakes in Syria–all because he made words like “red line” part of his vocabulary.

“The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost”

stepping in syria

Rodolfo F. Acuña: I am not privy to classified materials. All that I have is my mind, which I am trying to use. For me, American foreign policy is a joke. It has no rhyme or reason.

American Empire: Glass House Built by Stone Throwers

assad 350

JP Sotille: Even though death by conventional weapons versus non-conventional weapons seems more and more like a distinction without a difference, the sad fact is that American hypocrisy runs deep on the issue of non-conventional warfare.

Susan Rice at the UN: Deja Vu All Over Again?

susan rice

Carl Bloice: Is it possible that Rice will end up before the UN waving a vial of something said to be a weapon of mass destruction and swearing to its authenticity?

Turkey Threatens Doctors and First Responders, Violates Medical Neutrality

istanbul attacks

Margaret Flowers: The Turkish Health Ministry issued a threat to take medical licenses to practice away from doctors who have been providing treatment to the protesters in Istanbul.

China Orders Ham?


Vijay Prasad: The US is perfectly content to allow the Chinese to buy its debt, and finance its debt-driven consumption and its debt-driven asset bubbles. American pride does not want to countenance Chinese purchases of actual US assets.

Coming to Terms with Iran

tehran street

John Peeler: Flynt and Hillary Leverett, almost alone among the Washington foreign policy elite, have for a decade been making the case for serious diplomatic engagement with the Islamic Republic.

Tide Turning Against Counterterrorism Secrecy

drones and gitmo

Tom Hayden: Obama’s speech at the National Defense University on counterterrorism revealed a commander-in-chief increasingly worried about political criticism of his Guantanamo detentions, his penchant for secrecy and his drone warfare policies.

Benghazi: Who Cares?

graham mccain

Ivan Eland: Less scrupulous Republicans, such as McCain and Graham, should realize that their line of attack on Benghazi is not strong–Americans don’t usually vote on foreign policy unless a huge catastrophe has occurred.

Republican Warmongers Never Learn

syria calling

Ted Vaill: Republican hotheads are trying to goad President Obama into a foreign policy mistake, which they can use to their advantage in the 2014 and 2016 elections. Ignore them.

GOP Benghazi Hearings a Partisan Disgrace

darrell issa

Brent Budowsky: Issa should cut out the public relations, cancel any further show-horse hearings, prepare an intelligent and bipartisan report, and stop wasting taxpayer money on these one-party spectacles.

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