Vladimir Putin: History Man?

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Walter Moss: Those in the West who see Putin as essentially the same man he was when he served in the Soviet KGB fail to recognize that, like many other Russians, he has been struggling for almost a quarter of a century to redefine “the Russian Idea,” what Russia is and should be.

Butting In and Screwing Up

gop iran letter

Steve Hochstadt: The only hint we get in Senator Cotton’s letter about what Republicans would do about foreign policy if they had executive power is this: all they care about is temporary domestic political advantage.

47 Traitors Undermine the President

47 Republican Senators

Ted Vaill: If the agreement with Iran fails because of the interference of the 47 Traitors, and the sanctions against Iran evaporate because of this failure to reach agreement, Iran will be free to proceed with its nuclear weapons program without penalty.

The Semiotics of Face Slashing in South Korea

Face Slashing in South Korea

K.J. Noh: Passions run high, gashes run deep on the Korean peninsula, as the friendly, approachable, former-intelligence-officer-turned-ambassador discovered at the breakfast meeting for reunification where he was to be a speaker.

Seven Reasons Why We Should Not Send Weapons to Ukraine

Ukraine Ceasefire

Walter Moss: Increasing U.S.-Russian tensions over Ukraine would hinder cooperation and reduce U.S. abilities to deal with other important matters such as climate change, nuclear arms reductions, terrorism, ISIS, and Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Are You Ready to Fight Putin’s Russia?

Fighting Putin

Murray Polner: There’s a permanent taste for war among the Imperial City’s hawks, now ready to fight with your kids (never theirs) to teach that bastard Vladimir Putin a lesson and show him who’s boss.

Kayla Mueller. And Her Letter.

Kayla Mueller

Larry Wines: This remarkable young woman taught songs and origami to her captor’s guards. She taught them to fold paper cranes, the symbol of peace in Japan, where origami originated. And, in secret, she wrote an incredible letter.

Netanyahu’s Speech and the Politics of Iran Policy

Bibi Netanyahu Speech

Gareth Porter: The current tensions over the Netanyahu speech is just the latest chapter in a long-running drama involving an Israeli strategy to use its political power in the US Congress to tilt US Iran policy in the direction Israel desires.

Did Boehner Pull a Boner?

Boehner Breaks Logan Act

Ted Vaill: Boehner is desperate to hold onto his Speakership, and he is pandering to the Teabaggers and right wing Republicans in the House (25 of whom recently voted against him to be Speaker) any way he can.