Sexism or gender discrimination may stem from the belief that a person of one sex is intrinsically superior to a person of the other. The articles in this category focus primarily on discrimination in employment but may contain pieces on discrimination in lending, housing and other vital areas of life.

Codifying the Worst of American Society

SCOTUS Hobby Lobby

Kathleen Wallace: Hating women is about as much of a red flag as hating any group. It says so much more about the one doing the hating than the groups they target.

Journalism’s New Low: LA Times Uses Facebook Trolls for Protest Coverage


Lauren Steiner: While seven TV stations sent crews and aired stories on their afternoon and evening newscasts,,,the LA Times once again chose not to send a reporter or even a photographer to cover this protest of a major national issue of concern.

Conservatives’ Women Troubles

Conservative War on Women

Tina Dupuy: Some have pointed out (myself included) that if you are truly against abortion, you should be FOR what counters the need for abortion—reliable, cheap and widely available birth control.

Not Just Christian Fascism: Eco Justice & the Hobby Lobby Atrocity

Hobby Lobby Atrocity

Sikivu Hutchinson: Despite telling American women that they are liberated, post-feminist and beyond all that affirmative action shit, it is beholden to a medievalist court blazing a “new” trail of misogynist jurisprudence.

5 Signs the U.S. Is Failing to Protect Women’s Rights in the Workplace

Women in the Workplace

RJ Eskow: “Giving women my Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act without the Paycheck Fairness Act,” said Ledbetter herself, “is like giving them a nail without the hammer.”

Freedom for Hobby Lobby’s Religion

Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Ruling

Tina Dupuy: Hobby Lobby, the store that is to birth control what Citizens United is to campaign finance, also wants to teach your children about the merits of the Protestant Bible.

Supreme Court Rules 5-4 Against Women’s Contraception Coverage

Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision

Larry Wines: Five conservative male justices have given an employer power to determine, based on their own personal religious beliefs, what their women employees’ health care will and will not include.

Supreme Court Backs Anti-Choice Zealots

Anti-Choice Zealots

Larry Wines: How long before someone who is already emotionally distraught feels threatened by some screaming zealot whose tonsils are coming out of his mouth, and she pulls out her .38 and splatters his head all over the sidewalk?

Violence Against Women: We’ll Need More than a Hashtag

Stopping Violence Against Women

Jamala Rogers: We need to expose, challenge and change the heart and minds of people in all sectors of society if we expect to create an environment that respects and protects the aspirations and lives of women wherever they are in the world.

Unrealistic Portrayal Of Women’s Bodies

Truth in Advertising

Tara Culp-Ressler: So are we getting closer to a tipping point where unrealistic images of women’s beauty are going out of style? Are brands starting to recognize that photoshopping hurts their bottom lines? Will TV viewers start rejecting contestants who are unrealistically thin?

Work Hours and the Pay Gap

Work vs Home Tensions

Claude Fischer: The pay gap remains even though women now get more education than men and have long been covered by anti-discrimination laws.

Why Do We Only Remember Bra-Burning?


Jennifer Lee: Only nine of the 100 statues in National Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol building are of women. Not one of them is a woman from the women’s liberation movement.

The Disturbing Data Behind America’s Street Harassment Epidemic

Street Harassment

Tara Culp-Ressler: Some of the most pervasive forms of street harassment, like telling women to smile or whistling at women, are often perceived as compliments. It’s difficult for some people to understand why women wouldn’t welcome being told that they’re attractive.

Abortion Providers Still at Risk

George Tiller Murdered

Tara Culp-Ressler: Although Tiller’s murder shook the nation in 2009 — and led Attorney General Eric Holder to dispatch U.S. Marshals to protect abortion doctors across the country — his line of work hasn’t actually gotten much safer in the years since his assassination.

Men’s Magazines and Sexual Boundaries

Objectifying Women

Tara Culp-Ressler: There are serious consequences to this pervasive cultural attitude about women as objects of men’s desires. When men believe that they are entitled to sex, they often respond violently when women deny it from them.

Do Pollsters Ask the Wrong Questions About Abortion?

Questions About Abortion

Tara Culp-Ressler: There’s increasing evidence that the “pro-choice” and “pro-life” dichotomy doesn’t accurately reflect Americans’ complex attitudes about abortion, from both a moral and a legal perspective.

Should Students Chose Their College Based on How It Handles Rape?

campus rape crisis

Tara Culp-Ressler: New ads are now targeting the students who may be considering attending an additional seven institutions grappling with their own rape controversies

Is Sexual Violence the New Normal?

Sexual Violence on College Campuses

Tara Culp-Ressler: Taught that men can’t control their aggressive sex drives, young women believe that they will inevitably become the subject of that aggression. That’s a central aspect of rape culture,

Should Campus Rapes Affect College Rankings?

campus rape protests

Tara Culp-Ressler: A group of lawmakers is pressuring U.S. News & World Report to update its influential college ranking system to indicate which universities have come under fire for failing to adequately handle sexual assault cases on campus.

April 11 & 12th: Abortion on Demand & Without Apology


Abortion rights are in a state of emergency, and headed for disaster. Already, women in this country who cannot access safe abortions are attempting to self-abort by inserting sharp objects in their vaginas, taking pills, asking their boyfriends to beat them up, and more.

Making Girls Into Women


Steve Hochstadt: To those who want to mold little girls into their narrow vision of what women should be, who anxiously search for any signs of “immorality”, it’s never too early to wield the sword of discipline on deviators.

Abstinence-Only Lessons: Making Sex Dirty


Tara Culp-Ressler: 5 common analogies abstinence-only curricula use to teach youth that becoming sexually active makes them worthless

The Shanesha Taylor Case


Muna Adem: Shanesha Taylor did what she felt she needed to do to survive. She did what many would have done if they were in her shoes. This is what inadequate social support produces.

Thank God for Abortion: What’s At Stake For Black Women

Anti-Abortion Man

Sikivu Hutchinson: Then, as now, mainstream pro-choice activists ceded the moral high ground to the anti-abortion regime, wavering between whether to frame abortion as a matter of personal choice or as an inalienable right.

White House Report Focuses on Women and Tipped Wage Jobs


Nia-Malika Henderson: Expect to hear more about hiking the tipped minimum wage as Democrats debate the issue and look for areas of compromise with red state Democrats up for reelection and also with Republicans.

Keep Bossy, Ban Pink Ribboning


Tina Dupuy: The problem with Pink Ribboning is it alleviates alarm by giving people something easy yet empty to do. It softens the concerned, warding off a real response. Done. Next issue.

Economic Independence: Bedrock of Freedom

virginia woolf

Wendy McElroy: Even laws intended to protect women, like the civil service restriction, ended up privileging one class of women at the expense of another.

International Empty Platitude Day: Where’s Emma Goldman When You Need Her?


International Womens Day: Can I get a piñata? Is mail delivered? Are bras optional? Do women in South Africa get a no rapin’ pass that day?

Sandra Fluke: Not Only Women


Sandra Fluke: It is patently wrong that huge employers pay their employees so little that they must rely on public assistance programs.

Why Does the US Still Have So Few Women in Office?


Women in Office: At the current rate of progress, it will take nearly 500 years for women to reach fair representation in government.

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