Could 2014 Be Huge Turning Point for Reproductive Rights?


Reproductive Rights – After the recent assault on women’s bodily autonomy, it will take time to pull the country back to the other direction.

Next Year’s Attacks on Abortion Rights Already Underway


Attacks on Abortion Rights — Abortion opponents across the country are already laying the groundwork for the next fights in the new year.

How History Has Changed


Gender Balance in Academia — The unquestioned dominance of white men in America is long gone, in the history profession in particular.

Equations of Peace: An Iranian Woman’s View on How to Integrate a Divided Globe (Mathematically Speaking)


Zeinab Bandpey: Researchers who have studied standardized test results country by country have found that the gender gap in mathematics is much smaller─or non-existent─in societies that benefit from more gender equality.

In Cold Blood: The Murder of Renisha McBride


Sikivu Hutchinson: McBride’s murder underscores how gender, race and segregation intersect in the everyday experiences of black women as policed female bodies

Rape Crisis on College Campuses

University of Connecticut wide

Victoria Defrancesco Soto: College is supposed to be a place where young women go to flourish, not be put in harm’s way.  But this past week seven University of Connecticut students reminded us of the underbelly of sexual violence within our colleges.

How Jock Culture Supports Rape Culture, From Maryville to Steubenville


Dave Zirin: Jock culture left to its own devices is rape culture. If you are a coach or parent not trying to intervene in this culture to teach young men to not rape, then you are doing everyone a grave disservice.

I Know Haters Are Gonna Hate Cuz That’s What They Do, But This?


Scot Nakagawa: Given all that anti-elite resentment and anxiety, it might follow that Pelosi is the safe white proxy for Obama. Safe to hate, I mean.

Abortion Can Cross Party Lines, at Least for Women

senator wendy davis

Victoria Defrancesco Soto: The political take-home for Wendy Davis and others like her is that some Republican women may just cross over and vote Democratic.

Targeting Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus twerking

Sheria Reid: Why is it that women are the first ones to turn on other women who are overtly sexual in their actions or appearance?

Why America’s Relentless Assault on Abortion?


Ruth Rosen: Along with changes in technology, politics, and debates over late-term abortions, attitudes towards women’s sexual freedom is one important reason that abortion, and not same-sex marriage, still remains the most divisive social issue in American political culture.

Fighting the Brutal Crackdown on Reproductive Health Care

stop patriarchy

Sikivu Hutchinson: The current climate of Christian fascist anti-abortion terrorism is a mortal threat to communities of color and all working class people nationwide.

A 165-Year-Long Struggle for Women’s Rights Continues

drop the tampon girlie

Rosemary Joyce: So we see the state legislatures of Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Virginia all voting for laws opposed by the majority of their own citizens – not women alone, but men and women – laws that endanger women’s healthcare and move us backward.

Texas GOP Unleashes Political Quackery on Women’s Reproductive Rights

big fat choice

Jim Hightower: How embarrassing for these political bullies, then, to have had their repressive, extremist, and dangerous anti-choice legislation derailed by…well, by women.

The Lone Star State’s War on Latinas

latino voters

Victoria Defrancesco Soto: Texas has become the latest battleground on the larger Republican War on Women. However, because of the state’s demographics Latinas are disproportionately in the cross-hairs of this war.

The Culture Wars are Alive and Kickin’

wendy davis

Joseph Palermo: In Texas, Governor Rick Perry, the Religious Right, and their Republican allies, following Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis’s courageous filibuster last week, are literally working overtime to criminalize women’s reproductive rights.

Heather McGill’s Facebook Rant: Infantilizing Her Man


Julie Driscoll: As a feminist, it burns my ass to see women willingly make fools out of themselves, and it burns my ass to see women go after the “other women” instead of the man who has pledged to love, honor, cherish, dot dot dot.

The Christie Implosion: Why Rutgers Is Trapped in Scandal

julie hermann

Dave Zirin: This is Scandal Management 101, otherwise known as the law of opposites. If your last leader was an amoral cad who resigned in disgrace and also happened to be bald, you hire someone with integrity, ethics and, by all means, hair.

Congressional Dems Battle Anti-Choice Industry’s Chronic Deceptions


Julie Driscoll: The anti-choice industry has learned that deception and lies and astonishingly misleading medical information about abortions (abortions cause breast cancer! you’ll never bear children again! you’ll grow hair on your palms!) works just as well as the truth.

Donald Trump, Rape Apologist

the donald

Tina Dupuy: Trump has basically blamed all servicewomen for being assaulted. They’re culpable in their own rape because a) they’re women and b) they’re serving alongside men.

Illegal Abortion and ‘The Way of the World’

womens medical center

Tina Dupuy: Those who want to see all abortion illegal have charged there’s a media blackout on this case. Those who’ve read the report can see this case is about the horrors of illegal abortions. What Gosnell did was not legal, hence why he’s in jail.

Texas Republicans Oppose Pay Equity for Women

rosa delauro

Brent Budowsky: Pay equity for women could influence the political future of America. This includes turning Texas blue, especially because the entire Texas Republican delegation to the U.S. House and Senate opposes pay equity for women, while Texas Hispanic women are among those treated most unfairly.

The Ascendancy of Women

Margaret chase smith

Carl Matthes: Since 1922, only 44 women have served as Senators. Today, in the United States Senate, the “world’s greatest deliberative body,” there are now twenty female Senators, the most ever serving at one time. While women total over 50% percent of the population, only 20% of Senators are female.

Amnesia: Feminism’s Poison Pill

flight attendants

Feminism Poison Pill – what good is a Women’s History Month if we don’t bother teaching women’s history in the first place? #LibCrib #UniteBlue

‘Lean In’ All You Want — But If You Want a Better Job, Unionize!

office stress

Brigid O’Farrell: “Leaning in” might well help get more women into the top echelons of the corporate world and that is progress for equality. Sheryl Sandberg sets an important precedent by going home for dinner with her family, but can a non-management worker at Facebook do the same?

Do Clothes Demean the Woman?

sexy high heels

Steve Hochstadt: I have to admit that I’m still surprised to see bare breasts on a daily basis. Women’s chests are more on display than any time I can remember. I can’t think of any reason to prefer tight, low cut tops for indoor wear other than for display.

Anti-Choicers Work New Angle: Wider Hallways and Airflow

texas women's health express

Julie Driscoll: It would be a beautiful thing if Republicans actually demonstrated one ounce of care about a living, breathing woman or child – but they don’t. For them, life begins at conception and ends at birth.

Oscar Pistorius and the Global System of Deadly Misogyny

Reeva Steenkamp

Dave Zirin: Short of a billion of us rising, happy and safe homes will not be a reality for the women of the world. It should be. We have to act now unless we want to keep telling the stories of Kasandra Perkins, Anene Booysen and Reeva Steenkamp over and over again, only with different names.

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby (Or Have You?)

virginia slims

Ruth Rosen: These days it may be hard for some to believe, but before the women’s movement burst on the scene in the late 1960s, newspapers published ads for jobs on different pages, segregated by gender. Employers legally paid women less than men for the same work.

There’s No Recess on Violence Against Women

battered woman

Tom Gasparoli: Where are the men across America – of either party or independent-minded guys – rallying to keep their wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, and children safer from the violence perpetrated by abusers?

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