FCC Official Says Million People Commenting Won’t Matter

Net Neutrality FCC

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: Our protests forced the FCC to listen and include our proposal for the Internet being reclassified as a public utility in their rulemaking. But, to win we need to build a mass movement that cannot be ignored, that balances the influence of big corporations like Comcast and Verizon.

Octogenarian Who Killed Pregnant Burglar No Hero

Pregnant Burglar Shot

Jasmyne Cannick: This is not a case of self-defense or standing your ground. It’s a case of a man who was upset about being attacked and robbed in his own home and decided to dole out some vigilante justice–the lethal kind.

Pasadena Needs Independent Police Commission: Forum Tonight

Policing Law Enforcement in Pasadena

Randy Jurado Ertll: Just as Pasadena prides itself on hosting Caltech, the Rose Bowl, the Rose Parade and many other outstanding institutions, the mayor and City Council should look into adding a Pasadena Police Commission to its list of community treasures.

Renisha McBride: Unarmed, Black, Shot in “Self-Defense” by a Frightened White Shooter. Again.

Renisha McBride Shooting

Lisa Bloom: Do we want to save the next Trayvon, the next Renisha, or do we want to blame them, as their shooters always try to do, for walking while black?

Five Grumpy Old Catholic Men Want to Control American Women

Catholic Supreme Court Justices

Ted Vaill: These five humans with penises have also shown less sympathy for the rights of workers, voters, minorities, the elderly, the environment, the poor, and most criminal defendants.

Does Uncle Sam Have a God Complex?

national security state

Norman Solomon: When a drone or cruise missile implements an assumed right to snuff out a life, without a semblance of due process, the presidential emulation of divine intervention is implicit.

Will Oscar Pistorius Get Off?

Oscar Pistorius Verdict Prediction

Lisa Bloom: Circumstantial evidence is sufficient and, in fact, is normally the only evidence the state has in a murder trial. Even if the panel tends toward leniency…

Defending Our Right to Take Pictures in Public

Take Pictures in Public

Julia Harumi Mass: If “acting suspiciously” or being somewhere someone thinks you don’t “belong” is enough to put people into federal counter-terrorism databases, it’s no wonder the databases are full of irrelevant information

Clinton and Kerry Urge Snowden to Submit to Sham Security State Trial

Snowden Prosecution

Kevin Zeese: Under current US law Snowden would face a criminal process with virtually no defense, a pre-ordained outcome and he would be silenced during the process.

Hobby Lobby’s Silver Linings

Hobby Lobby Ruling

Tom Hall: For all the fears that Hobby Lobby will open the door to new claims by people who want to use religious excuses to discriminate, it appears equally clear that the decision writes finality to arguments about marriage equality.

Federal Schizophrenia about Marijuana

Marijuana Legalization

Wendy McElroy: Is the Obama administration sincere in its stated intention to ease draconian drug sentences? Or is the rhetoric just that?

Fantasy Or Forecast? A Progressive Supreme Court Agenda

Progressive Supreme Court

Peter Dreier: Best-case scenario: A Democrat becomes president in 2016, the Democrats keep control of the Senate, and Scalia and/or Kennedy are so enfeebled by then that they have to quit. At that point, a Democratic president can replace one or both with a liberal justice.

Playing Church in the Corporate Boardroom

hobby lobby supreme court decision

Peter Laarman: In this Hobby Lobby ruling, the fundamental distinction and separation between a commercial enterprise and a specifically religious or “ecclesiastical” corporation has been fatally breached.

“Guns Everywhere” Law Takes Effect Today in Georgia

Guns Everywhere Law

Larry Wine: ‘Member how nekkid evvahbuddy wuz feelin’ in church, wearing jez them slacks an’ shooz an’ a buttonup shart an’ TAAH?

DA Jackie Lacey Should Investigate Lygagate

Jackie Lacey 375

Jasmyne Cannick: The LAPD had determined that based on Gaines’ wearing expensive designer suits and shirts, his many credit cards, and lavish spending habits that he was engaged in some kind of misconduct and had him under investigation.

The Criminal States of America

Crime in America

While crime may be on a downward trend the last few decades, there are still very large differences between states on which crimes are high and low. In this graphic, we compare states and their crime levels.

My Evergreen Column About the Latest Mass Shooting

Mass Shooting

Tina Dupuy: Weapon manufacturers in spite of the shock and horror at fill-in-the-blank say they believe in the Second Amendment as an absolute god-given right of every American. They ignore/deny/edit out the “well-regulated” part of the Amendment.

Mental Health vs. Gun Control: A Devil’s Bargain

Mental Health and Gun Control

Ira Cherus: The current battles between the tea party and the more “moderate” Republicans as well as between the Clinton and Warren wings of the Democratic Party are both as American as apple pie.

After Snowden Surveillance Remains Shrouded in Secrecy

Local Surveillance

Nicole Ozer: We shouldn’t need a local Edward Snowden in order to ensure that public debate and oversight accompany any proposed use of surveillance technology.

The Great Australian Gun Buyback

Australian Gun Buyback

Andrew Leigh: Sometimes a tragedy is so awful that it changes the national debate. The 1996 Dunblane school shooting in Scotland, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, and the 2011 Norwegian gun massacre all prompted an outpouring of anguish and a demand for changes in law.

Is the Destructive Drug War Being Brought to an End?

Destructive Drug War

Kevin Zeese: Majorities now support the outright legalization of marijuana and oppose the war on drugs. The public has overcome decades of misinformation to justify the drug war.

Ray Rice and the Culture of Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women

Dave Zirin: Just as “rape” is a crime and “rape culture” is when the crime is disregarded and mocked, violence against women excused is ensuring that violence will occur again.

California Supreme Court Rules for Police Transparency

Police Transparency

Peter Bibring: There’s no reason that shootings should be anonymous, and this week’s ruling rightly makes clear that even general evidence that officers might face retaliation isn’t enough to withhold information; there must be a specific threat of violence.

Missouri Executions: Cruel, Unusual, and Secret

Missouri Executions

Jamala Rogers: Missouri has a history of screwed up executions. It once employed a dyslexic doctor with a history of malpractice suits to carry out its executions.

Cecily McMillan ‘Law Of Love’ Suffers US Injustice

Cecily-McMillan-sentenced 590.jpg

Kevin Zeese: The Judge may have intended to send a message to those who dissent, instead may have created a powerful messenger of dissent.

A Civilian Review Board for the LA County Sheriff’s Department

Civilian Review Board

Even with the creation of an Office of the Inspector General, there remains a need for a high-level body of nonpolitical leaders, who are held in high regard by the community and can focus exclusively on the time consuming task of LASD oversight.

Police Shoot Unarmed Black Man, Again

Keivon Young2

Sharon Kyle: So now I’m intrigued and confused. If he was mistaken for the murder suspect, why would he have to cop a plea and why is he behind bars, and why haven’t the bullets been removed and oh yeah – why was he shot in the first place?

The Cooler Bandits – Free Screening

The Cooler Bandits 350

The Cooler Bandits Free Screening – Come to this free screening on the Pitzer College campus Benson Auditorium Thursday • May 15th • 1pm during Graduation week – Free and Open to the public

Supremes Breach Wall Separating Church and State

Separating Church and State

Larry Wines: Excuse me, but aren’t the people who are most demanding of government prayer the very ones who engage in proselytizing, petitioning prayer, intimidatingly aimed like a weapon at non-Christians who must be “saved” by the superior Christians who are the sole impediment to the road to hell?

Warrior Cops

warrior cops

Jamala Rogers: Since police have these super toys, they feel compelled to use them resulting over-reactions and over-kill such as botched raids and deadly encounters with innocent citizens.

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