Cecily McMillan Trial Update: Halfway Through Picking The Jury


Kevin Zeese: Cecily claims that she was aggressively grabbed from behind by someone clenching her right breast and she instinctively reacted swinging her elbow around and hitting the person in the face.

History to Impeach Roberts

Impeach John Roberts

Brent Budowsky: Roberts and his four conservative Republican brethren will ultimately be impeached by historians who will condemn, and future courts that will reverse, politically illegitimate and constitutionally deformed rulings that would turn America into a constitutional oligarchy.

Not Really, But Sort of in Defense of the ‘Pillowcase Rapist’


Jasmyne Cannick: Society needs to come to a definitive conclusion on whether sex crimes are psychological or just plain criminal. Because if we truly believe that people who commit sex crimes are mentally ill and just can’t help themselves—prison isn’t where they belong.

Brad Pitt’s New Movie On The Steubenville Rape Case Has The Wrong Protagonist


Tara Culp-Ressler: It’s disconcerting that the myths about rape victims, as well as the high-profile coverage of false rape allegations, vastly outweigh the space for thoughtful, honest consideration of survivors’ personal stories.

McCutcheon, the Majority, and the Challenge of Our Time


RJ Eskow: The Supreme Court’s McCutcheon ruling will be remembered as a decisive battle in a determined and wealthy minority’s war against the popular will.

How the Media Protected Leland Yee


Randy Shaw: By carefully serving the political agendas of both the left and right, Leland Yee enjoyed a remarkable political run. And having watched him get away with so much for decades, I was only surprised that he was finally caught.

Ban the Box: Voice of the Formerly-Incarcerated and Convicted People


Joshua Kim: What is truly remarkable is that this decade-long Ban the Box campaign has always been rooted in lived experiences of the formerly-incarcerated or convicted people—the very people that our society expects to remain silent as stigmatized outcasts.

The Invisible War Against Rape in the U.S. Military

military rape crisis

Ruth Rosen: The military, with its macho culture and adherence to the chain of command, still tolerates sexual assault and violence. Think about it. How could it be different?

Roots of Surveillance America

j edgar hoover

Wendy McElroy: A supremely political animal, Hoover occupied high office for nearly 50 years, during which he was instrumental in laying the foundation for a national security state.

Unintended Consequences: Abortion and Crime


Chauncey Bowers: The effect of abortion on crime is an example of an unintended consequence. Not all unintended consequences are bad.

Police Misconduct and Public Accountability

police brutality

Wendy McElroy: Why is it difficult to prosecute police officers for criminal misconduct even when the abuse is severe and unequivocal?

Dianne Feinstein: The Fourth Amendment for Me, But Not for Thee


Fourth Amendment: A tidy defender of the NSA’s Orwellian programs, Feinstein went on the attack against Snowden from the outset.

Gavin Newsom for Criminal Justice Reform


Lt Gov Gavin Newsom boldly offered a blistering critique of the criminal justice system and the willingness of too many in California to simply abide by the status quo

Dysfunction, Inc.


It is absurdly ironic that Chairman Darrell Issa’s committee is technically identified as one devoted to government reform.

50 Years On, How Does New York Times vs. Sullivan Apply Today?


New York Times vs Sullivan: Is denying a Bar license to a man because he fabricated magazine articles really what we mean by Justice for All?

President Obama to Youth of Color: You’re on Your Own


Mike Males: When it comes to young people, Obama should remain unforgiven for not even trying to address their critical issues.

Jordan Davis Murder Mistrial: Open Season on Black Males


Jordan Davis Murder Mistrial: “Stand Your Ground” is just the latest iteration of anti-social legislation against black males.

Inflamed Rhetoric, Senseless Killings, Light Verdicts: Grownups, “Stand Your Ground”

Black Man

Senseless Killings: Only tiny fractions of any race or age conform to the worst stereotypes of their demographic group.

ACLU Warns That Latest Push to Restrict Abortion Is an ‘Assault On Women’


Alabama Abortion Bill: Alabama politicians are upfront about their goal of this package of legislation is to end abortion altogether.

I’m Dunn With Florida


Even as we learned that Michael Dunn gunned down an unarmed teenager and jurors were confused about whether this was 1st degree murder.

Is Child Prostitution the Real Epidemic?


Child Prostitution: The silence toward domestic violence victimizing children warps the entire discussion of what we call “youth problems.”

NYPD Shame of New York: Drop Charges Against Cecily McMillan


Cecily McMillan was sexually assaulted, beaten unconscious and into seizures by NY Police now faces 7 years for felony assault.

My So-Called Privacy


So-Called Privacy: The current surveillance state is not okay, and it should not be downplayed.

Is It Unconstitutional for the President to Implement Major New Policies by Regulation?


Presidential Regulatory Powers: Actions by Obama might not hold up in Court, but there’s nothing wrong withusing regulations to make policy.

Cut Off NSA’s Juice


Cut Off NSA — Grassroots activists have begun to realize the potential to put the NSA on the defensive in nearly a dozen states.

White House Should Quit Grandstanding and Confront Serious Realities About Rape


Confronting Rape — The White House report barely mentioned a huge, crucial class of victims—children and teenagers in domestic violence.

Being a Young African American Basketball Player Is Dangerous to Your Health


Stop and Frisk Assaults — If you are a young African American man living in an urban area you are fair game for “stop and frisk”.

American Legacy of Racial Violence

Racism (4)

David A. Love: There continue to be certain inconvenient problems in America one of which is the American legacy of racial violence

Confession of a Drug Dealer


Drug Dealer — My vision for post-prison was to help negotiate the peace. It is not a war on drugs, but a war against people.

California Law Proposed to Prevent Colleges from Sweeping Rape Under the Rug


College Rape Bill — Gatto was inspired after Occidental College made headlines for allegedly failing to accurately report sexual crimes.

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