Are We a Great Nation?

CIA Interrogation Report

Steve Hochstadt: The question of effectiveness cannot be answered. I think it’s more important for our national self-respect to ask whether torture ought to be used by the American government whether or not it is effective.

Which Black Lives Matter? Don’t All Lives Matter?

All Lives Matter

Ralph E. Shaffer: The slaughter of young blacks by other civilians, often by fellow blacks, is a greater threat to the safety of black families in Southern California than the loss of life by police misconduct. Why are there no massive demonstrations against that?

Harvard Grad Enters “Contempt of Cop” Zone

Police Traffic Stops Gone Bad

Cheryl Dorsey: Here’s what contempt of cop looks like. A police officer finds you guilty of offending his sensibilities; you get smart; and then you pay. “Pay” can mean a traffic ticket, a trip to the hospital after a use of force incident, three-hots-and-a-cot after being booked for assault on a police officer, or death.

1971 FBI Burglars Visiting Glendale College

1971 Cointelpro Burglars

Agnessa Kasumyan: The burglary led to the discovery of COINTELPRO, a counter-intelligence program that targeted activists such as Martin Luther King Jr. and aimed to disrupt groups that the FBI, particularly Hoover, deemed a threat to national security.

How Rudy Guiliani Gets It All Wrong

Rudy Guiliani Michael Brown

Mark Naison: This smothering, stifling police presence is THEIR REALITY, something they deeply resent not only for the fear it inspires, but for the message it sends about what the rest of the city and the rest of the nation thinks of them

Rogue Cops Go Unpunished: Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough

Cheryl Dorsey: Unfortunately, death and a settlement are required before a police department is willing to step away from over-zealous, “I’m in fear for my safety” or “I was protecting the public,” police officers who kill.

Time for Another Kerner Commission

Kerner Commission

Lance Simmens: The structural racism in American society today preordained that a decision not to indict the officer who killed Michael Brown would inflame the raw passions evident in communities of color.