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What's Next Now That Prop 47 Has Passed? Now that Prop 47 passed in California and LA County elected Jim McDonnell as its new Sheriff, it seems that real change is in the wind. But we wonder if people deeply involved in criminal justice reform really believe conditions will change.

Rebecca Martin: As far as the current penalties are concerned, it’s worth noting that earlier the Ministry of Justice had ruled to withdraw the lawyers’ licenses—and fined them of amounts as high as 500 thousand riyals. [Their final penalty is six times that.]

Cover Up: Was There Ever a Genuine War on Drugs?

Real War on Drugs

Rosemary Jenkins: The War on Drugs, as it is presently being waged, has not been fruitful. We must revamp our current laws and commit to working with people from cradle to grave to put and keep every person on a healthy path forward.

Why We Must Support Prop 47

Support Prop 47

Rosemary Jenkins: If we really want to eliminate the root causes of many crimes, we need to recognize how this initiative will mitigate many of the issues that create them.

Marissa Alexander Facing 60 Years If Convicted

George Zimmerman Marissa Alexander1

Sharon Kyle: Marissa Alexander came to the nation’s attention around the time a spotlight was cast on another trial in Florida, that of George Zimmerman. But the outcomes couldn’t have been more different.

Evolution of a Criminal

Video thumbnail for youtube video Evolution of a Criminal

Darius Clark Monroe had discovered through the making this film a way to use media to heal. And so I listed as he delved into the making of a documentary that morphed into a model for restorative justice.

Six Shocking Truths about Prisons


Sharon Kyle: At least 37 states have legalized the contracting of prison labor by private corporations. Companies like Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, and Target are reaping major benefits from this captive labor pool.

What If We Disarmed the Police?

ferguson 400px

Jazz Hayden: If we are going to end the daily slaughter of black youth in this country we are going to have to hold the police civilly and criminally personally liable for all of their actions.

Another Tale of Two Police Departments

Police Racism

Cheryl Dorsey: I can’t guarantee it, but I can sure say with a level of certainty that if Jody Westby looked like me – black; things would have ended differently and not in a good way.

Why Are Cops So Frightened?

Why Cops Are Scared

Cheryl Dorsey: The notion that “hand-hiding” reasonably causes “fear” is ridiculous; that refusing to exit a car justifies the use of a taser, or displaying your driver’s license — for god’s sake — when asked results in your being shot several times.

Challenging Drone Warfare in a U.S. Court

Challenging Drone Warfare

Kathy Kelly: I noted that drone strikes on October 7, 2014 killed seven people, in Pakistan and that this is the third day in a row of drone attacks in Pakistan’s Waziristan area.

Domestic Violence Can Happen to Anyone

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Cheryl Dorsey: As a retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant, I know the devastation domestic violence can bring to a family.

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