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Where Is Councilmember Huizar on Dump Expansion?

Eagle Rock Dump Expansion

Lazaro Cuevas: Deliveries of trash to the dump, now at about 800 tons per day, could double or triple under the proposed expansion. A larger dump and more trash will worsen air quality, noise levels, and traffic congestion in Eagle Rock.

The General and the War to Save LA’s Soul (Part III)

Los Angeles Skid Row

Dan Bluemel: Sometimes the cops get a kink in their colon and enforce the code en masse, other times they lay low, but to focus on one homeless woman as though she were a “problem child,” as they so named her, is difficult to understand.

Will Distrust of Police Ground LAPD Drones?

Ground Police Drones

Dan Bluemel: The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition announced their new campaign last week to ban police from using the same unmanned aerial drones that were previously barred from use in the skies above Seattle.

The General and the War to Save LA’s Soul (Part II)

Homeless in Los Angeles

Dan Bluemel: Unlike the colonists who work tirelessly to build a “community” in downtown, it’s the homeless who are much more willing to be involved in a conversation with strangers.

The LAPD vs. The Homeless of Venice

Homeless of Venice

Brian Connolly: We’re all economic prey if the 99% don’t stick together and fight back against the un-American injustice of it all and see the world for what it’s truly become. A jungle controlled by the few for their own selfish ends.

Bicyclist Dies in Macabre Accident, Run Down on the Sidewalk by a Car

Bicyclist Dies in Los Angeles

Linda Milazzo: Whether it be Gaza, the sky, or a peaceful sidewalk in Los Angeles, all we have is our life. Those who take the lives of others, take away the universe. No one has that right.

L.A. Urban League “Helping” Blacks Since 1921

Urban League

Teka-Lark Fleming: Damien Goodmon of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition is doing a better job advocating for the entire community than the almost 100-year-old L.A. Urban League.

The General and the War to Save LA’s Soul (Part I)

Gentrify Los Angeles

Dan Bluemel: “Downtown to me, when I was a kid, it was like Las Vegas, man,” said General Dogon. “It was that part of the city that never slept.”

LAPD’s Lygagate Draws Investigation Calls


Jasmyne Cannick: Law enforcement agencies including the LAPD are always encouraging us to say something if we see something. Someone saw something and they said something and sadly the LAPD did nothing–that is until it was breaking news.

Lygagate: Why Detective Frank Lyga Has Got to Go

Detective Frank Lyga

Jasmyne Cannick: What can we really expect from the Beck when it comes to Lyga’s investigation and discipline? After all, Lyga is a veteran detective known for making high-profile drug busts and he’s white.

Funding School Police for Educational Equity Just Doesn’t Add Up

funding school police

Manuel Crillo: The idea that police presence provides a comforting sense of security in schools is deeply connected to our over-investment in the criminal justice system and under-investment in public education.

LAPD Detective Wishes He Could Have Killed More of ‘Them’

Detective Frank Lyga

Jasmyne Cannick: Lyga is proof that the LAPD still employs, harbors, and aids and abets many of the same racist officers it had 20 years ago. They’ve just moved up in the ranks and aren’t necessarily today’s beat cops. But they’re still there.

The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still a Jerk

Malibu Beach

Jon Zerolnick: If you want to find a satisfying way to stick it to the Malibu millionaires that doesn’t involve renting a mansion for $2,000 a night, may I suggest invading their neighborhood beaches?

Will the Trickle Become the L.A. River? And for Whom?

Los Angeles River Restoration

Tom Hayden: The backstory on how Mayor Eric Garcetti succeeded in winning $1 billion for the LA River Restoration is a fascinating lesson in politics. Simply put, President Barack Obama owed the mayor, and the president came through.

LAUSD Wants Rigor? Well, Maybe…

LAUSD Retaliates

Karen Wolfe: If LAUSD wants the public’s support for billion-dollar expenditures, it needs the trust that is earned through the kind of scrutiny that Magruder was providing. His ouster will be yet another blow to public accountability in a school district that demands it from everyone but itself.

My Horrible, Hopeful L.A. Commute

Los Angeles Commute

Joe Mathews: The hours I spend stuck in traffic are bad for my health. But along the way, I get a front seat view of Southern California’s transportation transformation.

Donald Sterling and Anderson Cooper: Meet the Wolf of Crenshaw

Donald Sterling Interview

David Zirin: As long as the objects of Sterling’s pathologies were the poor, his fellow owners didn’t blink. But mess with Magic, you are now messing with someone in the club.

People-Centric Ideas Consistently on the Right Side of Justice

Simona Farrise Runs for Assembly

Teka-Lark Fleming: “We need STEM, we need development, we need clean energy, but we also need community partnering companies that are going to commit and stay long-term,” said Simona Farrise.

What Real Black Philanthropy Looks Like

Black Philanthropy

Jasmyne Cannick: The only thing more troubling than Sterling’s comments was the Black leadership’s silence on defending the reputation of Black’s philanthropy — not only to the world, but, sadly, to ourselves.

David Koff: Celebrating a Life Less Ordinary

David Koff

This Saturday those who knew Koff, as well as those who only heard of these and other deeds, will gather to remember the man and his work.

Protest Structural Racism, Not Just Sterling Racism


Serena Zeise: Like most in our city, I want to shake my fist at Sterling and give him a bar of soap to put in his mouth. But it’s not enough.

State Assembly District 62nd Candidate Autumn Burke Is No Liberal

Autumn Burke

Teka-Lark Fleming: Burke is taking money from these groups because, while they may not be her values, they most definitely are her parents’ values. Autumn Burke is not running for the 62nd Assembly; her father’s business associates are.

Could Huizar Harassment Mess Taint McDonnell’s Run for Sheriff?

Huizar Backs McDonnell

Christine Zardeneta and Mary A. Fischer: Why is a candidate for sheriff bragging about his support from someone under a cloud for mistreating women?

No Sympathy for Shelly Sterling

shelly sterling

Dave Zirin: By coddling Ms. Sterling, Doc Rivers sends a message that the hounding of thousands of the poorest residents in Los Angeles is a lesser crime than being caught on audio being a racist jackass.

Say No $2.3 Billion Jail Plan

Billion Dollar Jail Plan

Diana Zuniga: dvocacy groups from across Los Angeles County are saying no to the proposed $2.3 billion dollar jail plan that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor’s will consider on May 6th. Advocacy groups and service providers believe the Board of Supervisors would be making a huge mistake if they move forward on a costly jail plan.

Why Is LA County Locking Up So Many Women?

LA County Womens Jail

Mary Sutton and Diana Zuñiga: None of the options before the Board considers a reduced jail population that would result from the County investing available realignment dollars into community-based programs that truly reduce recidivism.

L.A. Jail Proposal Would Do Little to Help

los angeles jail proposal

Hector Villagra: The proposal would not allow a new sheriff to implement his vision. Instead, the new sheriff would be tied to a plan that ignores the real problems that plague the jails.

Donald Sterling Is Los Angeles


Joe Mathews: The racism heard on the leaked tape may have been news around the country, but Sterling’s discrimination against renters in his apartment buildings, and his anti-black, anti-Mexican, and misogynist views, were well-known facts of Los Angeles life for 30 years.

American Drapetomania – Racism in a Post-Racism World

Post-Racism World

Kathleen Wallace: We had to get the Donald Sterling tapes. I guess he owns some sort of gladiator type group that participates in large competitive events. I’m not sure on the details. But he doesn’t want the gladiators in the seats; that is for certain.

My Mother and Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling Boyle Heights

Danny Feingold: How ironic, then, that Sterling – arguably, with Mickey Cohen, the most infamous product of Boyle Heights — has now become a poster child for the kind of racism that his community fought so hard to eradicate.