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Los Angeles is home to the LA Progressive. Here is what's happening in this, the second most populated city in the United States.

Sheriff Candidates Take It Personally in South LA


Dick Price: Called “Boxing for Sheriff: Business As Usual Vs. New Ideas,” the latest in a series of debates among the seven candidates to replace departed Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca broke out in a rash of finger-pointing, hot glances, and shaking heads.

Top Cop


Justin Chapman: Six candidates looking to replace former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca trade barbs, ideas for reform at Pasadena forum.

Can Oxy Quash Its Campus Rape Scandal?


Caroline Heldman: Occidental College administrators have given conflicting explanations for the 27-case gap in its 2012 sexual assaults report, and some of their explanations are blatant violations of federal reporting requirements.

LA Sheriff Candidates Split Hairs in Pasadena


Dick Price: Six of seven candidates for the recently vacated Los Angeles County Sheriff’s seat struggled mightily this past Sunday afternoon to convince a respectful crowd of perhaps 150 local activists that there is more than a hair’s breadth of difference in their positions.

Say It Ain’t So, Monte!


Rodolfo F. Acuña: Have we learned nothing from the sixties when report after report concluded that these alleged type of tactics disaffected and produced militancy rather than promoting collegiality.

Los Angeles City Council Boldly Approves Zero Waste LA Plan


Jackie Cornejo: The Zero Waste LA franchise plan specifically requires trash-hauling companies to bid for exclusive contracts to operate in the 11 waste service zones.

Replacing Zev


Joe Rihn: The otherwise orderly and subdued event became more animated when the question of election donation caps came up. As Shriver defended his $300,000 personal contribution to his own campaign, Morrison was forced to shush a heckler in the audience.

Sheriff, Supervisors, and LA County’s Most Vulnerable

la county sheriff election

LA County June election: We need to know which candidates are ready to take ethical, rational approaches to homelessness, reentry.

Are Mexicans America’s Most Successful Immigrant Group?

happy latino family

Most Successful Immigrant Group: There’s a more elemental calculation: Whether you achieved more than the generation that came before you.

The Silencing of the Lambs: The Hispanic Generation


Chicano Studies: The more Latino elected officials we have, the more deafening is their silence on police brutality and higher education.

LAPD Needs to Rethink Job Stress


Police Officers and Stress: Police officers suffer the highest level of depression and self-doubt and highest divorce and suicide rates.

Homeless Woman Arrested 87 Times for Resting on Sidewalk


Homeless Woman Arrested: Between the LAPD and city attorney’s office, hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money has been spent.

Documentary Remembers Tom Bradley


Tom Bradley Documentary: This Thursday Goldfarb and Sotomayor will sponsor a free premiere screening of Tom Bradley’s Impossible Dream.

Police Behavior Focus of Demonstration Supporting Justice for Kelly Thomas

Demonstrators march in Hollywood on Feb.8 to demand justice for Kelly Thomas, a mentally-ill homeless man who was brutally beaten by Fullerton police. Thomas died five days later and the officers responsible for the beating were acquitted of second-degree murder and lesser charges

Justice for Kelly Thomas — Homeless and anti-police brutality advocates demanded justice for the police killing of Kelly Thomas.

Keeping Ramon Onboard


Peter Dreier: Questions raised about PUSD contract with former Board member Ramon Miramontes

Black Angelinos: From Brick Block to City Hall


Black Angelinos — LA can truly be described as not only a melting pot of cultures and their influences but also as a mixed salad of people.

New Sheriff in Town—For Now


Sheriff John Scott — The truth is many of the problems that now face the department precede Baca.

Enough Is Enough: Fraud-ridden Banks Are Not L.A.’s Only Option


Los Angeles Public Bank — A city-owned bank can minimize the risks of interest rate manipulation, excessive fees, and dishonest dealings.

Kelly Thomas and the Frail Rights of the Homeless


Kelly Thomas — The gut reaction of many U.S. cities and states is not to come to the aid of their un-housed, but instead to persecute them.

5 Things to Do This Week to Derail the TPP Fast Track

stop tpp

Derail the TPP Fast Track — We can agree that decisions that affect all of us should not be made in secret without input from the public.

LA Fractivists Protest NY Gov. Cuomo at Swanky Hollywood Fundraiser


Fracking Activists Protest Cuomo — A small but mighty group of LA fractivists descended upon Andrew Cuomo’s swanky Hollywood fundraiser .

Would You Like Fries With Your iPad?


David Lyell: Taking tests doesn’t really teach you anything other than how to press a button or how to fill in a bubble.

South LA Snubbed Again: Broken Promise Zone Promises


Garcetti Obama Promise Zone: The award is a demonstration of connected politics being the first at the table. South Los Angeles loses again.

Sleeping Out for Homeless Bill of Rights


Homeless Rights — Organizers demand that we stop criminalizing the poor and homeless.

Bye, Bye, Baca


Baca Resigns — Baca’s failure to acknowledge the problem at its core had become the key impediment to its reform.

10 Lessons Villaraigossa Can Teach De Blasio


Lessons for New York City — Remember, all liberals and progressives have a stake in your success as mayor of America’s largest city.

Starbucks Brings Jim Crow to Venice Beach


Jim Crow Today — The first thing I began noticing after I became homeless was how many people at restaurants like Starbucks were homeless.

Black to School?


Marguerite LaMotte was regarded as the strongest advocate on the board for the educational well-being of black students.

Feds Needed to Clean Up LA Sheriffs Department?

fbi meme 590

Sheriffs Arrested — There is a compelling need for the Department of Justice to intervene against the LA County Sheriffs Department.

Honor the River, Ban the Bag

la river meme

Los Angeles River — Instead of dumping their trash in it, Angelenos are cycling along its banks, and kayakers are riding its current.

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