ACLU Chapter Integrates Eagle Rock Community


Sarah Corsa: The chapter aims to incorporate community members and organizations from the Eagle Rock area into their events and activities, acting as a hybrid that connects the surrounding area, professors and students.

Who Are the Real Angelinos?


Rosemary Jenkins: We are going to continue to lose more generations to strife and poverty unless we understand our true history.

Battling Absentee Owners in South LA


Dan Bluemel: Anti-Eviction campaigners put a little ‘sweat equity’ into South LA neighborhood.

Chinatown Was a Movie: It’s Time to Stop Thinking of LA as Real-Life Film Noir


Joe Mathews: Even if you think that Los Angeles’ treatment of the communities in the Owens Valley was extraordinarily sinful, it wasn’t our original sin.

Huizar Harassment Case Shows Need for Change


Christine Zardeneta and Mary A. Fischer: The fact that a member of the council conducted a running sexual affair, which he admits, with a female aide who served at his pleasure is a sign of rot at the top of District 14.

Baca Held Liable for L.A. County Jail Violence


Hector Villagra: A federal jury’s decision earlier this month to hold Sheriff Lee Baca personally liable for the savage beating of an inmate provides yet more proof of the deep-seated culture of violence in Los Angeles County’s jails.

Getting Rid of the Dirt … Without Killing Anyone!

Pacoima Reservoir

Rosemary Jenkins: To many, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LACDPW) may seem like an obscure entity. The reality is that its decisions impact all of us, usually in very constructive but sometimes in destructive ways.

Improving LA City Council’s Sexual Harassment Policies

California NOW

Patty Bellasalma, president of the California National Organization for Women (NOW) issues an open letter to Los Angeles City Council regarding sexual harassment policy

LAPD’s Secret Reporting Getting Public Airing


Dan Bluemel: LA’s Human Relations Commission voted Thursday, October 10, to hold public hearings or forums that would address the police department’s secret reporting on non-criminal behavior.

On Being Homeless in Venice

venice homeless

Brian Connolly: Through all this, there are unmistakable acts of kindness. There is this rich blonde woman and a well-dressed brown-haired man in fine clothes who’ll jump out of their limo with cookies, one time with a beef stroganoff dish.

Will Walmart Kill Chinatown?

walmart chinatown

Steven Mikulan: Walmart’s potentially devastating impact on more than 30 mom and pops will have “a ripple effect” in Walmart, leaving many boarded-up stores that will scare off investors and tourists alike.

Anti-War Marchers Rally in Hollywood, Two Arrested

hollywood antiwar protest

Dan Bluemel: Similar to last week’s demonstration, the energy of protesters was high with impromptu marches and vociferous chants.

LAPD Traps Anti-War Marchers, Arrests Two

After rallying in Pershing Square, anti-war demonstrators began marching through downtown. (Dan Bluemel / LA Activist)

Dan Bluemel: “They locked us in like dogs,” he said. “No restrooms, no hygiene facilities, no food, no cold water — it’s probably 93 degrees out here today — and then they make us wait there for an hour.”

No More Baca

sheriff lee baca

Patrisse Cullors: The attitude of indifference and denial that Sheriff Baca exhibits toward the people whose welfare he is in charge is unacceptable.

Los Angeles Without Angelenos


Joe Mathews: Angelenos are, fundamentally and literally, a city of losers. We are people, or descendants of people, who lost at politics, commerce, love, family, or religion someplace else.

How Trayvon Plays in Inglewoodland


Teka-Lark Fleming: In Inglewood you rarely see any political action. You don’t see even really calm ones where people invite their mother to follow them along and honk.

Villaraigosa: The Myth of The Progressive Mayor


Robert Skeels: While Villaraigosa disappointed supporters and failed to deliver any progressive policies whatsoever, he was hardly a failure to those he really serves. Indeed, for developers, real estate tycoons, billionaires, and school privatization profiteers, Villaraigosa’s eight year reign was a smashing success.

No Outrage for Christine Calderon

christine calderon

Anthony Samad: We can’t let Christine Calderon die for a dollar and say nothing about the circumstances that brought about her death. The absence of advocacy will not equate to an absence of outrage.

Los Angeles Diversity Capital of the World

Garcetti Swearing In

Jan B. Tucker: In terms of ethnicity, the L.A. City Council and citywide elected officialdom are catching up with the people of LA.

East LA Agitates for Sheriff’s Department Oversight


Patrisse Marie Cullors: Residents of East LA and Boyle Heights gathered to discuss how civilian oversight of the Sheriff’s Department was necessary to create lasting deterrents to deputy abuse of their loved ones in the jails.

Constituents Tell Waxman: No Cuts to Food Stamps

no to farm bill

Lauren Steiner: So while America is supposedly coming out of the recession, many Americans are not experiencing any relief. 50 million Americans live in food insecure homes, including 17 million children.

Lost in Translation: Is Growing Latino Population Changing South L.A. Job Market?

black woman applicant

Erin Aubrey Kaplan: I’ve heard the consternation for years about how black youth in South Central often can’t get work at fast food or service sector neighborhood jobs because they don’t speak Spanish. But I hadn’t thought a lot about the black professional class

25 Ideas for Mayor Garcetti

garcetti speaks

Peter Dreier: A successful mayor and council cannot be satisfied with merely coping as issues arise, but must be able to anticipate and define the city´s needs for the next four years. As our newly elected leaders prepare for their roles, we´ve asked writers to share their thoughts about what lies ahead for Los Angeles.

The Fight for a Better South Central

metro riders

Erin Aubry Kaplan: Grassroots black activism hasn’t seen this kind of tenacity and effectiveness in a long time, especially activism that takes on a byzantine behemoth like Metro.

South L.A. Looks With Wary Hope to Garcetti’s City Hall

garcetti wins

Erin Aubry Kaplan: Garcetti’s victory, which suggests a new LA. politics that could begin bridging the gap between the poverty associated with race and the progressive action associated with privilege, could ultimately be a win for South L.A. too.

How Eric Garcetti Won

garcetti wins

Randy Shaw: Garcetti kept the progressive base he earned from this City Council record and combined it with conservative San Fernando Valley voters angry at the Valley-based Greuel for her campaign receiving million of dollars from unions representing Department of Water and Power workers.

Eric Garcetti Wins LA Mayoral Race

Eric Garcetti Wins Los Angeles Mayoral Race! See outcome of the Los Angeles city election here.

The Get Money Out Campaign

alarcon blog

Lauren Windsor: Prop C is a fitting rollout for Get Money Out. Voters of Los Angeles, join your city council and put your money where your mouth is. On Tuesday, May 21, vote yes on Proposition C!

Want Money Out of Politics in LA? Vote Garcetti and Prop C This Tuesday!

elect eric garcetti

Wendy Block: Today I still hate L.A., but two phenomes of hope float above this desert: Eric Garcetti for mayor and Prop. C. Los Angeles city voters are privileged to vote for both this coming Tuesday.

LA Feminists Protest Temporary Limit on Morning-After Pill Sales

hands off morning after pill

Dan Bluemel: Women’s rights advocates entered a Walgreens pharmacy this week in downtown Los Angeles to protest the Obama administration’s efforts to restrict access to the emergency contraceptive commonly known as the morning-after pill.

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