Past Events

Past events in the progressive communities of Southern California

Black Man of Happiness

Black Man of Happiness

Peter Harris: The Black Man of Happiness: In Pursuit of My ‘Unalienable Right’ is a jazzy journal & unprecedented meditation that ranges in scope from Thomas Jefferson’s era to the Digital Age in search of the answer to the simple, startling question, What is a happy Black man?

Equitable California Economy


“All-In Nation: An America That Works for All” describes how strong communities of color are critical to America’s economic future and lays out a comprehensive policy agenda to build an equitable economy where everyone, including fast-growing communities of color, can participate and thrive.

Legacy of Abolitionism — Saturday, 15 February


Legacy of Abolitionism: Join us for a panel session on the lessons that can be drawn from the Abolitionist movement in the United States.

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