In Plain Sight: The Rise of Corporate Democrats in California

corporate democrats in california

Gary Cohn: At the very moment that California’s Republican Party is melting into electoral irrelevancy, Marc Levine and other hybrid Democrats are appearing in all corners of the state.

Feeding the Hand That Bites Us


John MacMurray: If more of us vote with our wallets, and tell the ALEC companies and the right wing actors and the banks that we’re no longer paying them to ruin our air, our water, our standard of living, and our kids’ futures or to support people who do these things—we may get some actual progress toward a better life for us all.

McCutcheon: Rallying Cry for Ending Rule of Money

Raise Minimum Wage

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: It is up to us to use McCutcheon to energize the movement against money-corruption of the government and economy. Throughout history, bad court decisions have helped energize movements; people power can make that happen again. Already there is a growing movement against the American plutocracy.

Charles Koch Un-American? Let Thomas Jefferson Decide


RJ Eskow: Thomas Jefferson seems like an arbitrator all parties can agree upon. Koch even cites Jefferson in his own defense. Unfortunately, all that citation accomplishes is to make it painfully clear that Koch is no Jefferson scholar.

Future of Capitalism? A Feast for the Far-Sighted


John Peeler: If anything is to destroy capitalism, it will be the global ecological crisis brought on by the modern industrial society that is capitalism’s most characteristic feature.

A Truce on Moral Superiority


Tina Dupuy: If homosexuality ceased to be considered a sin and all Americans were judged by the content of their character instead of whom they love, it’d be hard for Republicans to find people to be morally superior to.

Sex Strike: Don’t Give It To a Russian


Tara Culp-Ressler: The new campaign, “Don’t Give It to a Russian,” is encouraging Ukrainian women to withhold sex from Russian men as a method of fighting the enemy “by whatever means.”

Duke Energy, Cigarettes, Pollution, Profits, and Philanthropy


Walter Moss: By 1907, thanks largely to Duke’s advertising and marketing efforts—in 1889 alone, he spent $800,000 on marketing—U. S. cigarette smoking began to take off, quadrupling in the last 15 years of the nineteenth century.

Vodka: The Real Problem with Putin’s Russia


Oliver Bullough : The Russian love affair with vodka is not all delightful. The national addiction is so strong that few officials have ever dared try to wrest them away from the bottle before it kills them.

The Most Serious Implications of a Missing Airliner

Missing Malaysian Airliner

Larry Wines: The search isn’t about closure for victims’ families. It’s about fear, and they’re revealing secrets the bad guys can use.

Missing Plane: They’re Looking in the Wrong Place

Missing Plane Chagos Archipelago

Ted Vaill: I stand by my original belief that it is currently in the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean 1,200 miles south of India and 2,500 miles from the point where it turned around and headed back over Malaysia with its identifying features turned off.

Are the Kochs Just Preaching to the Choir?


Berry Craig: In Center Right America, politically, religiously and socially, the U.S. is the most conservative Western industrial democracy.


Conservatives Love Vladimir Putin

Lance Simmens: Ultra-conservative orthodoxy and its deep penetration into our political system have weakened the country more than any perceived Obama “weakness.”

More on the Uyghur Terrorists


Ted Vaill: More and more people are signing on to the belief that the Uyghur were somehow involved in the hijacking of this plane.

The Secret Strategy Behind 20-Week Abortion Bans


Tara Culp-Ressler: The political momentum for 20-week abortion bans is really about finding an initial foothold to chip away at Roe v. Wade.

Professors and Politics a la Wendell Berry


Wendell Berry Politics: If liberal professors had half the influence O’Reilly feared, we would be living in a more just world than we are.

I Have Figured Out Where the Lost Plane Is

missing malaysian airliner

Malaysian Airlines Plane: Information I have received supports the theory that the plane is safe on the ground at an airstrip on a remote island .

CIA: Fourth Branch of Government?


CIA Oversight: The oversight institutions charged with protecting the public from CIA abuses have been rendered dysfunctional .

Media Up to Old Tricks in de Blasio Bashing


The media now defines Mayor de Blasio as a well-meaning, idealistic good doer whose lack of acumen has put him at the mercy of Governor Cuomo.

A Rift Among Senate Women: It’s About Time


Senate Women: Now, it’s the Senate as cat fight in the cafeteria — as much a caricature of women lawmakers as hand-holding besties.

Science and Our Brains on Politics


Brain Political Views: People whose natural predisposition has been overwhelmed by their culture are very likely to be the most extreme partisans on the left or right.

Paul Ryan Is a Liar and Charlatan, Not a Serious “Policy Wonk”


Paul Ryan Policy Wonk: Yes, he’s chair of the House Budget Committee, but that just means he’s an ambitious pol, not a smart policy maven.

Who Is the Tea Party, Anyway?


Tea Party Candidates: These older, overwhelmingly white evangelical Christians believe America is in a downward spiral toward socialism.

Protect Our Privacy, Protect Our Metadata


Protect Our Metadata: Government agencies have taken advantage of weak protections for “metadata” to build huge databases about Americans.

Has the Left Surrendered?

reed 800

American Left: While neoliberalism may be ascendant, there are also signs of a nascent but potentially vibrant left.

Bullying Is Not Tough


Chris Christie Bully: Christie makes a mockery of the tough guy branding he has so assiduously cultivated during his political career.

Defining What We Stand For


Economic Democracy. In addition to knowing what we oppose, we are building the world we want to see.

Step Right Up and See Boeing’s Amazing Shrinking Tax Rate!


Boeing Gets Tax Refund: Boeing found ways to whittle down its effective tax rate so much that it became, in effect, a source of revenue.

Smart Capitalists vs. Ayn Rand


Lauren Windsor: Arguing against free-market conventional wisdom, a group of business leaders calling themselves ‘Smart Capitalists for American Prosperity’ is lobbying Congress and the administration to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.

Folktales of the Policy Elites


Urban Legends: And then there are “urban legends” that are passed around even by (gasp!) academics. Folktales of the policy elites.

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