Violence Against Children: UN Gets It Wrong

Violence Against Children

Robert J. Burrowes: Human beings have a simple choice. We can acknowledge the painful truth that we inflict enormous violence on our children and respond powerfully to that truth. Or we can keep deluding ourselves and, very soon now, walk powerlessly off the cliff edge to extinction.

Understanding and Defeating Resurgent Fascism

US fascism takes three forms: global with bombing, droning and sniping all over; domestic with military weapons used across race and class faultlines; and then National Security Agency spying on everybody.

Robert Burrowes: We like to think that modern leaders oppose fascism but today many political and corporate leaders are fascists and support other fascists when elite interests require it. They just don’t use the word ‘fascist’ to identify themselves.

Yes Means Yes Sexual Assault

Yes Means Yes

Mike Males: But, if “yes means yes” is the right parameter for the revolution (a debate for another forum), why focus only on campuses? Both the 2009 paper and the CDC summaryon sexual violence find much more rape and sexual assault occur outside college than in.

America Is No. 1 — But in What?

America Number One

Lawrence Wittner: When most U.S. government discretionary spending goes for war and preparations for war, it should come as no surprise that the United States emerges No. 1 among nations in its capacity for violence and falls far behind other nations in providing for the well-being of its people.

Last FBI Burglar Comes Clean

Last FBI Burglar

Betty Medsger: After the seven other burglars went public, Judi Feingold decided to come forward with the secret she thought she’d take to her grave.

The White House Open Door Policy

The White House Open Door Policy -- Tom Hall

Tom Hall: For all the blather about Moslem terrorist threats, the reality is that fundagelical “christians” are the ones who keep murdering women’s health care providers and blowing up buildings and mailing letters full of anthrax and ricin.

Speaking the Unthinkable

Secret Service Failures

Tom Degan: The very sight of the most extremely right-wing of politicians (Darrell Issa, for example) expressing profound outrage over the fact that a mentally ill veteran was able to walk right in to the Executive Mansion and come too close for comfort to entering the family living quarters was something to behold.

Eric Cantor Chases Big Wall Street Bucks

Cantor Goes to Wall Street

Rev. Jim Conn: Cantor went from carrying water for the big financial institutions in Congress to carrying that same water to Congress. Only now he can make a lot more money for the service.

No Surprise: Ayn Rand-Themed Libertarian Utopia a Fraud

Ayn Rand Utopia

Richard Eskow: It’s greed, not government, which subjugates us today. Nobody wants to be an insect, but Rand and her followers want to turn society into a hive filled with sociopathic bees. When that happens, as the investors in Chile learned, somebody’s bound to get stung.

Tweeting Versus Teaching

Denying Academic Freedom

Steve Hochstadt: Salaita is not actually writing about Israel, a complex society with deep internal fissures. Nor does he appear to know much about Zionists.

iPhone 6, American Values, Beauty, and Our Environmental Crisis

American Consumerism

Walter Moss: The overvaluing of material goods like iPhones and the undervaluing of beauty have important repercussions for our lives today and in the future.

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