The Populist Moment


Populist Revolt — The signs indicate that, however much the folkways of Washington may resist, this nation has entered a Populist Moment.

The State of the Union Is Stuck


State of the Union 2014 — There is never a time for capitulation; I cannot help but feel that the lack of a boldness evinces resignation.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolff?


Richard Wolff in Hollywood — If workers ran democratically-operated enterprises they wouldn’t have wildly unequal distribution of profits.

The Myth of Political Correctness


Political Correctness — Shouting about political correctness has become ingrained in conservative criticism of America.

A New New Deal


Equality and Democracy — Progressives should be prepared for the long game, building critical mass to seize the national agenda.

Sex Tourism: A Third World Reality


Sex Tourism — Predators openly flaunt their indiscretions, using their “first world” privileges to commit egregious crimes.

Revisiting the FBI’s War on the American Left


Jeremy Kuzmanov: The FBI was highly effective at using saboteurs to infiltrate and foment dissension within the New Left and encouraged counterproductive forms of protest, contributing to its eventual implosion.

Jobless Pain and the Big Lie of Limousine Libertarians


Brent Budowsky: America awaits a fighting progressive leader who will lead the battle for a major employment programs.

Maybe It’s Time to Find a New Word for “Reform”


What Reform Means — “Reform” used to mean government actions designed to give working people a leg up or expand democratic participation.

Creating New Year’s Resolutions That Stick


New Years Resolutions — The key is asking yourself some of the questions that focus on supporting your intrinsic motivation to change.

A Socialist Wrote The Pledge of Allegiance


Pledge of Allegiance — Christian Socialists said that unfettered capitalism was based squarely on greed, a sin Jesus roundly denounced.



Oklahoma City Bombing — In carefully planned rows facing the pool, sit 168 empty chairs with the names of everyone killed that day.

6 Essential Steps to Building a Movement


People-Powered Movement — The target of our protests is not the government or a corporation, the target is the people: to mobilize them. 

Jahi McMath Pushes Envelope on End of Life Issues


Jahi McMath has resurrected the debate over end of life issues, the circumstances under which patients should be removed from life support.

Capitalism Versus Democracy


Capitalism Versus Democracy — Democratic socialists have often claimed that democracy fits better with socialism than with capitalism.

How Obama Blew It


How Obama Blew It — Obama has largely been a bystander on the most important philosophical debates when he should have been leading it.

25 Best Progressive Victories for 2013


Progressive Victories 2013 — The strategic question is whether compromises are dead ends or stepping stones to further progress.

Is Washington Feeling Stirrings of a Mainstream Populist Movement?


Mainstream Populist Movement — There is space for fiercely independent citizen movements to take on very powerful interests.

Daddy’s Philosophy


Spirit of Giving – We’re a people who believe that we can make our individual lives better by contributing to the common good.

The Meaning of a Decent Society


Equal Opportunity — America is now more unequal that it’s been for eighty or more years. Equal opportunity has become a pipe dream.

5 Progressive Holiday Wishes


Progressive Holidays — What would this season be like if saying “happy holidays” instead of merry Christmas was no longer controversial?

California: Arriving, Leaving, Moving, and Staying


California Dreaming — Berry has consistently criticized those seekers always ready to take off in search of better economic opportunities.

What Kind of Post Office?


Steve Hochstadt: We need a better national conversation about what public services we need and want. Cost is one of the issues, but not the only one.

Rugged Individualism Myth


Rugged Individualism — When aself-indulgence overrides self-restraint, the goodwill that made this country a place of envy disintegrates.

Remember When SDS Tried to Build an Interracial Movement of the Poor in the North?

SDS in a classroom in the 1960s.

Students for a Democratic Society — Calls for change are all still heard today, echoing lessons learned from SDS’s organizing 50 years ago.

What Is Progress and Are We Progressing?


Are We Better Off — We need to ask ourselves whether on a global scale at the end of the twentieth century people were better off than at the beginning of it.

Nanny State or Granny State?


Rosemary Jenkins: Grandma would be horrified to think that there are those who choose to justify gun ownership so they can “stand their ground” and then shoot an innocent young person in the face.

Thanksgiving in the Kitchen


Steve Hochstadt: Cooking and talking, bumping into one another constantly, checking each other’s dishes, cleaning up and making a mess again – it brings us all together with a common purpose and a shared understanding of who our family is, what we believe in, and what we want to eat.

The Fight For More Worker Rghts & Wages Gaining Critical Mass


Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: The struggle for wages that do not leave families impoverished is one that affects us all and highlights the unfair economy created by a class war waged by the wealthy for decades.

An MVP in the World Series of Consumerism?


Larry Wines: Don’t even think about stopping to think, or you might miss an online bargain today, or fail to do your part in setting new profit statistics for some multinational megagiant corporation who gets their stuff for 9% of what you pay for it.