Giving Thanks

Paying It Forward

Steve Hochstadt: The less we take for granted, the more we will say “thanks”, the more appreciation is spread to another person, the more joy in giving is shared. Good givers don’t need thanks, but always appreciate them.

Reaching Across the Aisle?

Will Congress Work

Dan Farber: The safest prediction is that our Democratic President and Republican Congress will not in fact be able to work together. But hope springs eternal. Are there areas where common ground exists?

Will Obama Ignore Congress and Go It Alone?

Obama Ignores Congress

Ted Vaill: Perhaps Obama could be impeached, but rather than lying about a tawdry affair with a White House intern, the President would be brought to trial in the Senate for doing his job of running the country and trying to solve its problems, a job that Congress has refused to do themselves.

Think Over ‘Under God’

Atheists Pledge of Allegiance

Tina Dupuy: The Pledge is a jingoistic chant created by a children’s publication to celebrate an explorer turned brutal torture-happy tyrant with a Hitler salute. It’s not the best tradition we have in this country.

A Nation of Fear

What Americans Fear

Walter Brasch: We are so afraid that someone else will get something more than we have, so instead of fighting to get better wages and working conditions, we attack unions and public school teachers.

“Exceptional” — Really?

Fighting American Exceptionalism

Frank Fear: Exceptionalism has no place in Progressive vocabulary or practice. Leadership, Progressive-style, can’t tolerate it. Progress starts by taking an honest look in the mirror, seeing warts and all, and then working to get better—for the public good.

Edward Snowden: 21st Century Frank Church?

Intrusive Government Surveillance

Kristie Macrakis: Edward Snowden is the new Frank Church. And reporters Glenn Greenwald and Barton Gellman are the investigative staffers. In the absence of real congressional oversight, whistleblowers and the media have had to step in.

The Governors Who Cried Quarantine

Cuomo Christie Quarantine

Tina Dupuy: The failure of leadership during Hurricane Katrina was vast and widespread, but it started way before the storm. It started with leaders erring on the side of hysteria coupled with the disaster-porn fetish of 24-hour cable news.

Break-ups, Rejections and School Shootings

Preventing School Shootings

Laura Finley: Although sadly it is too late in these school shootings, it is not too late for educators, counselors and parents to help young men through the emotionally difficult middle and high school years, when relationships will inevitably end in breakups.