Surviving the Holocaust: ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’

Surviving the Holocaust

Berry Craig: Death also was ever-present at the slave labor camps. Out of Oberaltstadt’s 3,000 prisoners, only 800 survived the war, Katz said. The Nazis took 60 Jewish females from Sosnowiec, Katz said. She was the only survivor.

Studying Whiteness

studying whiteness

Mark Naison: What makes “whiteness” a legitimate field of study is that throughout American history, huge advantages were given to people who were defined as “white”- but the definitions of who was “white” changed over time

When It Comes to Dr. King’s Dream, America Still Disappoints

martin luther king dream

David Love: As the nation participates in the MLK Day of Service, which is important, we should also resist the temptation to dilute his message or believe that our job is done once we have volunteered a few hours of our time.

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