The Privilege of My Whiteness


White Privilege in America: The privilege of having white skin is that I will be treated as any person should be treated: with respect.

Attempt to Repeal School Success and Opportunity Act Fails


School Success and Opportunity Act: The effort to repeal the Act failed to qualify for the ballot.

Remember When White Men Killed Black Men to “Defend” White Women? (Hint: We’re Talking About 2013)


Defending White Women: Under the guise of protecting white womanhood, black bodies hung and often burned while white onlookers cheered.

Getting Back to “Follow the Money”


Follow the Money: Might it be time to start asking the public to pay attention to the specific people who steal from workers?

How To Jump-Start Your Union


How To Jump-Start Your Union: Acquiring political power, then, requires that organized labor execute a clean break with the Democratic Party.

What Happened in Chattanooga?


UAW Volkswagen Loss: What stands out is not a scurrilous campaign but rather economic intimidation from high-profile political leaders.

The Origins of the Asian American Model Minority Myth


Color of Success: Ellen Wu’s The Color of Success just might be the best examination of the roots of the model minority stereotype in print.

A Lesson From Chattanooga


UAW Chattanooga Defeat: Labor needs to rebuild collaborations with academics and political activists who understand the past and present.

Unions Turn ‘Misery and Despair into Hope and Progress’


Unions Advocate for All Workers: Unions advocate for more than just men and women who pack union cards.

Walmart’s New Research: A Flattering Self-Portrait


Walmart Public Relations: Walmart’s can be revealed: Walmart is the greatest thing since penicillin.

Que(e)rying Michael Sam’s Timing to Come Out


Michael Sam Coming Out — His coming out will be the true litmus test if the league is indeed open and accepting of its gay players.

In Defense of Affirmative Action


Defending Affirmative Action: What California learned was that attempts that don’t explicitly give preference to people of color don’t work.

Asian American Organizing: The Flipside of Conditional Privilege


Asian American Organizing: Maybe Asian Americans who faced the bribe of model minority status can discern the guiles of white supremacy.

Fairy Tales of Reverse Racism Race Baiters


Reverse Racism – The coup de grâce is that some unfortunate souls actually believe that by pointing out racism, that makes someone a racist.

Separate ‘Marriage’ and State


State Sanctioned Marriage — Let religious people have “marriage.” Let them explain away the slavery overtones in the bible.

Behold, the All American Girl


All American Girl: “America The Beautiful” only holds true to its name if we recognize the beauty in all of America’s citizens.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Kept a LGBTQ Presence in Films


Phillip Seymour Hoffman: Thought not a public advocate for LGBTQ rights, but his many gay-themed roles portraying of us indeed helped our cause.

White Women and U.S. Slavery: Then and Now


White Women Slavery — I find the American rush to forget, to distance ourselves from the legacy of slavery strikes me as peculiar.

The Rubenfeld-Chua Hoohah


Scot Nakagawa: The controversy generated by Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld’s new book The Triple Package is one of the more annoying non-news events of the year.

Why Are NFL Cheerleaders Booing Their Teams?


NFL Cheerleaders — Astonishingly, these glamorous, athletic, and very-hard-working ladies are paid less than the beer hawkers on game day

Where’s ENDA in Obama’s “Year of Action”?


ENDA in 2014 — Even in 2014 ENDA has absolutely no change of passing in an unabashedly anti-Obama GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

Adopted by a White Family: Too Dark for Blacks


Transracial Adoption — Colorism in the adoption process deserves a critical eye to ensure the well being of children hoping to have a home.

What LGBT America Can Learn From Asian American History


Asian American LGBT Community — I’m unconvinced that assimilation for the whole LGBT community is inevitable or even possible.

On Asian American Privilege


Asian American Privilege — The explosion of online race talk about Asian Americans lately is enough to make your head spin.

Careless: How Governor Brown Is Harming California’s Seniors and Disabled — and the People Who Care for Them


California Seniors and Disabled — It wasn’t totally unexpected that the governor’s budget proposal contains the prohibition on overtime.

Asian American Reflections on Martin Luther King Day


MLK Day and Asian Americans — Most people don’t realize that the United States dropped 600,000 tons of napalm on Korea.

Letter from a Birmingham Jail: Reading As a Remedy for Racial Bias


Charles D. Hayes: I grew up with a sheltered worldview much in agreement with the same politics and prejudices of my community. It was a world of black-and-white notions of morality, and it was a literal interpretation of racial superiority that white was right. But reading Martin Luther King’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail changed my reality.

A Lingering Stain


Inman Moore: I grew up in the briar patches and cotton fields of Mississippi. I can tell you there was tremendous mistreatment.

7.6 Billion Reasons to Raise L.A.’s Minimum Wage


Raise LA — Durveys that demonstrate the benefits of raising the minimum wage have as much chance as climate change papers.

Battle in Seattle: Boeing’s Demands Bad for U.S. Economy


Boeing Negotiations — A company scores record profits and demands tough concessions from its workers.

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