The Plight of Child Care Providers


Ashley Thomas: Thousands of women who serve our youngest and most at-risk children struggle to make ends meet; family child care providers earn less than $20,000 per year.

US Postal Service Selling Out workers and…America

Staples Post Office

Jim Hightower: Right-wing government haters in Congress, along with the corporate executives now sitting atop the US Postal Service, claim that in order to “save” this icon of Americana, they must decimate it.

Why LBJ’s Legacy Deserves Another Look


David Love: What we should know is that Johnson’s legacy in Vietnam will always be troubling. However, his record on civil rights and fighting poverty deserves a second look.

Anatomy of Stephen Colbert’s Racist Joke

stephen colbert racist joke

Scot Nakagawa: Given his obvious good intentions (yes, there should be no place in our culture for a football franchise that uses a racist, anti-Indian epithet as their brand name), I would much rather educate Colbert than cancel him.

A Long Path to Anti-Racist Scholarship and Activism


Mark Naison: For me, anti-racism was something I wanted to live in real time and space with real people, not just pursued as an abstract principle, and I wanted my anti-racism to connect me to Black people rather than separate me from them.

Cesar Chavez: A Man Familiar to Me


Diana Rubio: When I first saw a photograph of Cesar Chavez, I couldn’t stop staring. This hero, whose rallying call, “¡Si, se puede!” echoed across the country, looked like my father: dark skin, dark hair, a man with courage and resilience etched on his face.

Black Women Political Powerhouse, Socially Vulnerable

Black Women Voting

Nia Malika-Henderson: African American women are a powerful force at the polls, leading in voter turnout among all women but are more vulnerable to health problems and violence than other group.

Religious Right Boycotts Girl Scout Cookies


Rev. Irene Monroe: The abortion issue is the Religious Right’s ploy to hide their misogyny and homophobia cloaked as a moral imperative to protect the unborn fetus.

Black and White in a Small Midwestern Town


Steve Hochstadt: Many local whites did business at Norvell’s Shoe Repair, but did not challenge the system that kept the Norvells out of local restaurants.

Rick Perry’s Tall Texas Tales of Job Creation

rick perry job creation

Steve Mikulan: If Texas is, as Perry claims, luring so many jobs away from other states, that doesn’t make him a job creator – only a job thief.

White Gay Men Not the Culprits Gentrifying Harlem

Gays Gentrifying Harlem

Rev. Irene Monroe: The prevailing thought today in the area of urban development and city planning is that if you want to revitalize a decaying city and get rid of its urban plight you create gayborhoods.

Us Against Them: The Volkswagen Organizing Campaign


Bill Londrigan: This first effort to organize VW just hit a speed bump. The workers will soon realize they have been lied to and in a year from now the workers will realize they made a big mistake.

Ida B. Wells, Feminist Public Menace


Sikivu Hutchinson: There is little mainstream feminist discourse linking black women’s historical erasure with their criminalization; no women’s rights outrage over how the disfigurement of black women’s image buttresses mass incarceration.

President Obama Acknowledges Crisis of Men of Color

my brothers keeper

Manuel Criollo: It is our job as a racial and social justice movement to provide the most radical, structural, and concrete answers and policies that will be required if we have any real hope of liberating Black and Latino communities suffering the most systematic forms of economic, social, and racial oppression.

Murdering Black Children


Murdering Black Children: By focusing on the racism of the shootings, we may overlook less overt racism that is more insidious.

MSNBC Does Asian Americans No Favors


Asian American Stereotypes in Media: It’s about time Asian American stories get told, and not just to benefit Asian Americans.

Nowhere Near Enough: The State of Women’s Rights

ACLU Womens Rights 24FEB14

Laphonza Butler: Let’s try to figure out where wages would be if we had set a minimum wage with inflation back when we first passed the minimum wage.

Saving Pecola Breedlove with Lupita Nyong’o


Luptia Nyongo: It isn’t enough to proclaim that “Black is beautiful.” Show Black girls how beautiful they are, how worthy they are.

Laphonza Butler, Sandra Fluke Speak at Women’s Forum


Sandra Fluke ACLU Forum: The intersection of race and gender is central to the Women’s Rights Forum.

A Manufacturing Pulse Beat in the Heartland


Minnesota Manufacturing: Seeing the loss of so many quality, unionized American manufacturing jobs made me feel a keen sense of grief.

Paula Deen Is Back, Like It or Not


Paula Deen: I suppose everyone is capable of redemption, and Paula Deen has a new chance to come up with some new recipes.

Anti-Union Politics Unites Volunteer State Republicans and Chinese Communists


Anti-Union Politics: What do China’s communist rulers and some top Tennessee Republican politicians have in common? They don’t want free trade unions.

The Privilege of My Whiteness


White Privilege in America: The privilege of having white skin is that I will be treated as any person should be treated: with respect.

Attempt to Repeal School Success and Opportunity Act Fails


School Success and Opportunity Act: The effort to repeal the Act failed to qualify for the ballot.

Remember When White Men Killed Black Men to “Defend” White Women? (Hint: We’re Talking About 2013)


Defending White Women: Under the guise of protecting white womanhood, black bodies hung and often burned while white onlookers cheered.

Getting Back to “Follow the Money”


Follow the Money: Might it be time to start asking the public to pay attention to the specific people who steal from workers?

How To Jump-Start Your Union


How To Jump-Start Your Union: Acquiring political power, then, requires that organized labor execute a clean break with the Democratic Party.

What Happened in Chattanooga?


UAW Volkswagen Loss: What stands out is not a scurrilous campaign but rather economic intimidation from high-profile political leaders.

The Origins of the Asian American Model Minority Myth


Color of Success: Ellen Wu’s The Color of Success just might be the best examination of the roots of the model minority stereotype in print.

A Lesson From Chattanooga


UAW Chattanooga Defeat: Labor needs to rebuild collaborations with academics and political activists who understand the past and present.

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