Was This the Social Contract’s Comeback Year?


Social Contract — It’s a sign of change to see the idea of increasing Social Security move into the mainstream debate.

Supersizing McDonald’s

Labor (33)

Low Paid Fast Food Workers — Taxpayers together contribute day-in and day-out to a very big global cause: Supersizing McDonald’s.

With California’s Minimum Wage Set to Rise, Business Owners Still Peddling Fear


California Minimum Wage Increase — California’s business community pushes a campaign of fear over higher wages across the state.

About This Twitter Thingamajig… #NotYourAsianSidekick


Soya Jung: We have an opportunity to center our varied colonial pasts and their profound effects, and connect them to current-day fights. That’s a tall order.

Five Arguments for American-Made Buses & How ‘The Atlantic Cities’ Got It Wrong


American-Made Buses — Global bus manufacturers profiting from American taxpayer funds need toaddress the American jobs crisis.

Mandela’s LGBTQ Advocacy Fell on Deaf Ears in Africa and African Diasporic Communities

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Mandela LGBTQ Advocacy — Mandela neither tamped down nor stemmed anti-gay rhetoric, murderous acts or homophobic witch-hunting.

Union-Made-in-America Holiday Gift and Stocking Stuffer Guide


Union Made — Going searching for that perfect holiday gift? Check out this Made in America, union-made gift guide. 

The Souls of Black Boys

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African American College Statistics — Black boys are suspended and expelled at higher rates for lesser offenses than are white students.

Keep Your Burgers, Keep Your Fries: We Want Our Wages Supersized!


Supersize My Pay — Fast-food is one of the most profitable industries in our country, and yet the vast majority of fast-food workers earn poverty wages

How Mandela Brought Black America and Africa Together


Nelson Mandela America — In many ways, Mandela helped bridge the gap between Africa and African-Americans.

One Answer to Low-Wage Work: Redistributing the Gains

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Robert Reich: And without some redistribution, America’s growing army of low-wage workers may fall prey to demagogues on the right or left who offer convenient scapegoats for their frustrations.

How Media and Research Institutions Contribute to HIV/AIDs in Black Communities


Rev. Irene Monroe: AIDS is the leading cause of death among African American women between the ages of 25-34 and African American men between the ages of 35-44.

12 Fast Facts About Thursday’s Fast-Food Strike


RJ Eskow: 25 percent of American workers receive some form of public assistance – which is a disturbing figure itself. For fast food workers that figure was 52 percent.

‘Thinking Globally, Acting Locally’ In the Minimum Wage Fight


RJ Eskow: The minimum wage struggle is occurring at the intersection of growing economic inequality, the erosion of working people’s rights, and the globalization of an economic oligarchy whose scope of power is unprecedented in modern times.

Skip the Shopping Line; Spend Black Friday on the Picket Line


Rebecca Band: On Black Friday (November 29th) Walmart workers and supporters are once again holding a massive day of action at the retail giant’s locations around the country, asking the country’s largest employer to pay its workers a living wage.

Walmart’s Idea of Thanksgiving Charity


Jim Hightower: This corporate colossus, with an annual income greater than 140 countries, wants its poorly-paid employees to buy food for fellow employees whose paychecks leave them in deep poverty.

The Disadvantage of Being White


Steve Hochstadt: Until the late 1960s the preferential treatment of whites and men was so normal that questioning it made headlines. That form of white male privilege is gone.

How to Support Walmart Workers This Holiday Season


Aiha Nguyen: Wish a Happy Thanksgiving to your local Walmart workers by standing in solidarity with them for their rights to a better workplace and better wages!

Thanks…Giving: 2013’s Hunger Strike Round-Up


Tina Dupuy: This is the 160th anniversary of Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation. Somehow a day of “humble penitence” has evolved into candying already-too-sweet tubers and mauling your neighbors at the local Walmart for a $30 Furby Boom.

Why Does Alec Baldwin Get So Many Passes?


Irene Monroe: While we have to credit Baldwin for his staunch support of marriage equality, gay civil rights, and of also having a bevy of LGBTQ friends, Alec Baldwin has finally maxed out with mea culpas to the community.

Labor Board Sides With Workers: Walmart Can’t Silence Employees Any Longer


Peter Dreier: A landmark ruling by the National Labor Relations Board says Walmart unlawfully harassed and fired employees for protesting.

Is the “Yellow Peril” Dead?


Ellen D. Wu: Until Americans break away from the xenophobic notion that the “foreign” is always suspect and menacing, a proposal to “kill everyone in China” — even when tossed out flippantly by a child on a late night talk show — is no joke.

Port Drivers Demand to Be Treated as Employees


Jessica Durrum: To make sure that their rights are respected, TTSI drivers require more than just employee status. They need to be able to organize a union, free of employer resistance.

Does Twitter Have a Diversity Problem?


David Love: The wide racial disparity between Twitter executives and Twitter users suggests the corporate leadership is unable to relate to a large segment of its own customers, putting the company itself at a strategic disadvantage.

United Methodist Church Still Wrong-Headed on Same-Sex Marriages


Rev. Irene Monroe: the UMC is not in lockstep with the changing societal tide toward LGBTQ acceptance; it is also not in lockstep with its own more progressive arm of “reconciling and inclusive” congregations.

Can a 1-Percenter Save Troubled Mortgages?


Maureen O’Hagan: Maybe. But the idea of using government power to “seize” mortgages in “underwater” neighborhoods wasn’t getting anywhere until the 99 percent got involved.

Time for a 15 Dollar Minimum Wage

Chris Rock

Mark Vorpahl: Reforms such as the minimum wage benefit workers by forcing businesses to pay them more, but the political system behind such laws is not a neutral arbitrator

LA Protests Walmart’s Poverty Wages


Jamie Way: Walmart has set its sights on expanding in urban areas like Los Angeles, but community opposition to its treatment of workers, effect on local business and negative environmental impact has been great.

What All Progressive Campaigns Can Learn from the Marriage Equality Movement


Randy Shaw: As many despair over U.S. politics moving backward on poverty and inequality, the marriage equality movement’s remarkable success deserves greater attention.

Transgender Equality: Get Used to It


Rosemary Jenkins: I always love it when people quote the Bible to me about how sinful such behavior is. It is obvious to me that such people have probably never read the Holy Scriptures nor understood them if they did.