Black Women Political Powerhouse, Socially Vulnerable

Black Women Voting

Nia Malika-Henderson: African American women are a powerful force at the polls, leading in voter turnout among all women but are more vulnerable to health problems and violence than other group.

Black and White in a Small Midwestern Town


Steve Hochstadt: Many local whites did business at Norvell’s Shoe Repair, but did not challenge the system that kept the Norvells out of local restaurants.

Ida B. Wells, Feminist Public Menace


Sikivu Hutchinson: There is little mainstream feminist discourse linking black women’s historical erasure with their criminalization; no women’s rights outrage over how the disfigurement of black women’s image buttresses mass incarceration.

President Obama Acknowledges Crisis of Men of Color

my brothers keeper

Manuel Criollo: It is our job as a racial and social justice movement to provide the most radical, structural, and concrete answers and policies that will be required if we have any real hope of liberating Black and Latino communities suffering the most systematic forms of economic, social, and racial oppression.

Murdering Black Children


Murdering Black Children: By focusing on the racism of the shootings, we may overlook less overt racism that is more insidious.

MSNBC Does Asian Americans No Favors


Asian American Stereotypes in Media: It’s about time Asian American stories get told, and not just to benefit Asian Americans.

Saving Pecola Breedlove with Lupita Nyong’o


Luptia Nyongo: It isn’t enough to proclaim that “Black is beautiful.” Show Black girls how beautiful they are, how worthy they are.

Paula Deen Is Back, Like It or Not


Paula Deen: I suppose everyone is capable of redemption, and Paula Deen has a new chance to come up with some new recipes.

The Privilege of My Whiteness


White Privilege in America: The privilege of having white skin is that I will be treated as any person should be treated: with respect.

Remember When White Men Killed Black Men to “Defend” White Women? (Hint: We’re Talking About 2013)


Defending White Women: Under the guise of protecting white womanhood, black bodies hung and often burned while white onlookers cheered.

The Origins of the Asian American Model Minority Myth


Color of Success: Ellen Wu’s The Color of Success just might be the best examination of the roots of the model minority stereotype in print.

In Defense of Affirmative Action


Defending Affirmative Action: What California learned was that attempts that don’t explicitly give preference to people of color don’t work.

Asian American Organizing: The Flipside of Conditional Privilege


Asian American Organizing: Maybe Asian Americans who faced the bribe of model minority status can discern the guiles of white supremacy.

Fairy Tales of Reverse Racism Race Baiters


Reverse Racism – The coup de grâce is that some unfortunate souls actually believe that by pointing out racism, that makes someone a racist.

Behold, the All American Girl


All American Girl: “America The Beautiful” only holds true to its name if we recognize the beauty in all of America’s citizens.

White Women and U.S. Slavery: Then and Now


White Women Slavery — I find the American rush to forget, to distance ourselves from the legacy of slavery strikes me as peculiar.

The Rubenfeld-Chua Hoohah


Scot Nakagawa: The controversy generated by Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld’s new book The Triple Package is one of the more annoying non-news events of the year.

Adopted by a White Family: Too Dark for Blacks


Transracial Adoption — Colorism in the adoption process deserves a critical eye to ensure the well being of children hoping to have a home.

On Asian American Privilege


Asian American Privilege — The explosion of online race talk about Asian Americans lately is enough to make your head spin.

Asian American Reflections on Martin Luther King Day


MLK Day and Asian Americans — Most people don’t realize that the United States dropped 600,000 tons of napalm on Korea.

A Lingering Stain


Inman Moore: I grew up in the briar patches and cotton fields of Mississippi. I can tell you there was tremendous mistreatment.

Glamming Up Slavery: Ani DiFranco’s Plantation Paradise


Ani DiFranco has enraged fans by hosting her upcoming “Righteous Retreat” at Nottoway Plantation in Louisiana.

Major Social Transformation Is a Lot Closer Than You May Realize


Social Transformation in 2014 is poised to begin an exciting era of broadening the growing consensus for social and economic justice.

Was This the Social Contract’s Comeback Year?


Social Contract — It’s a sign of change to see the idea of increasing Social Security move into the mainstream debate.

About This Twitter Thingamajig… #NotYourAsianSidekick


Soya Jung: We have an opportunity to center our varied colonial pasts and their profound effects, and connect them to current-day fights. That’s a tall order.

How Mandela Brought Black America and Africa Together


Nelson Mandela America — In many ways, Mandela helped bridge the gap between Africa and African-Americans.

The Disadvantage of Being White


Steve Hochstadt: Until the late 1960s the preferential treatment of whites and men was so normal that questioning it made headlines. That form of white male privilege is gone.

Thanks…Giving: 2013’s Hunger Strike Round-Up


Tina Dupuy: This is the 160th anniversary of Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation. Somehow a day of “humble penitence” has evolved into candying already-too-sweet tubers and mauling your neighbors at the local Walmart for a $30 Furby Boom.

Is the “Yellow Peril” Dead?


Ellen D. Wu: Until Americans break away from the xenophobic notion that the “foreign” is always suspect and menacing, a proposal to “kill everyone in China” — even when tossed out flippantly by a child on a late night talk show — is no joke.

Does Twitter Have a Diversity Problem?


David Love: The wide racial disparity between Twitter executives and Twitter users suggests the corporate leadership is unable to relate to a large segment of its own customers, putting the company itself at a strategic disadvantage.

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