Anti-Fracking Fractivist Can Now Go to the Hospital


Walter Brasch: Vera Scroggins never planned to be among the leaders of a social movement, but her persistence in explaining and documenting what is happening to the people and their environment has put her there.

Ready for the Big One Yet?


Larry Wines: Solid ground isn’t solid. Things move. And we’ve come to understand the “how” and a lot of the “why,” and where it’s going.

A Nurse’s Guide to the Apocalypse


Nurses Guide Apocalypse: Whether it’s zombies, climate change, nuclear winter,or an asteroid — here’s what a nurse needs to know about the apocalypse.

The Fat Takers’ Pipeline


Winona LaDuke: The Lakota, like many other Native people, see a big infrastructure project like the Keystone XL pipeline, which moves profits from one corporation to another, across their land, as more than a black snake of the fat taker. It is a threat, and there is no new water.

Climate Change Juggernaut: What Will Our World Be Like in 25 Years


Wayne Williams: Arctic seas will continue to lose ice and become less able to maintain colder temperatures at the poles, creating weaker jet streams in the atmosphere, making the planet hotter and hotter every year.

An Injunction Against the First Amendment

fracking in pennsylvania

Walter Brasch: Where the oil and gas lobby has been able to mount a multi-million dollar media campaign, the people who proudly call themselves “fractivists” have countered by effective use of the social media and low-budget but highly effective rallies.

Hundreds of Tribal Representatives Join Huge Rally to Oppose Fracking

Tribes Oppose Fracking

Dan Bacher: Hundreds of indigenous people from California and across the country gathered with a crowd of over 4,000 people at the State Capitol in Sacramento on March 15 to send a clear message to Governor Brown: ban fracking, an environmentally destructive oil extraction practice that pollutes groundwater, rivers and the oceans.

Disposable Assets in the Fracking Industry


Fracking Industry: The gas drilling industry is dependent on independent contractors who often provide little or no benefits to their workers.

Fracking Activists Gain Traction in Los Angeles


Fracking Activists: The unanimous adoption of the LA ordinance comes of the eve of the state Democratic Party convention in LA.

No Merit Badge for This Scout

Exxon Mobile CEO and Chairman Rex Tiller

Texas Fracking: Destroying God’s world to maximize your profits is not Rex Tillerson’s right.

California Farmers Band Together to Fight Fracking

Food & Water Watch San Francisco Local Coordinator Susan Kuehn, California State Grange Legislative Coordinator Mike Greene, California State Grange President Bob McFarland, Shafter almond farmer Tom Frantz, Chez Panisse Head Chef Jerome Waag, Paula Getzelman of Tre Gatti Vineyards, Food & Water Watch California Director Adam Scow (Credit: Food & Water Watch)

Farmers Against Fracking: With drought jeopardizing California agriculture, farmers urge Gov. Brown to place a moratorium on fracking.

Coast-to-Coast Climate March: Why Launch from LA Harbor?


Coast-to-Coast Climate March: We need to go directly to those communities most directly affected by our short-sighted energy policies .

God’s Plan for Climate Change


God and Climate Change: The Holy Trinity of big oil, natural gas and “clean” coal grease the palms of political roundheels.

Crow & Lummi, Dirty Coal & Clean Fishing


Dirty Coal: Coal interests hope to construct North America’s largest coal export terminal on this “home of the Ancient Ones.”

How Will California’s Agriculture and Urban Centers Survive Ever-Worsening 500-Year Drought?


500-Year Drought: Governor Brown’s approach to ignore moral hazards of an oil-based economy socializing its losses has hit the fan.

Ban Fracking California

ocean fracking

Ban Fracking in California — If all Californians remind Jerry that he works for us, not oil and gas, he won’t be able to ignore us.

Activists To Hold Vigils in Los Angeles on Monday Urging President Obama to Reject Keystone XL


Urging President Obama to Reject Keystone — Today, activists will participate in protest vigils in seven cities across Southern California.

Train Derailments Another of Fracking’s Problems


Train Derailments — Mile-long trains of tanker cars that are not designed to carry crude oil put the entire nation at risk.

BIG Ag’S GMO Gambit: Defeat Labeling & Label Opponents as Terrorists


Defeating GMO Labeling — People are outraged once they see what happens to their dinner before it gets to their plates.

Troubled Bridges and Troubled Waters


West Virginia Oil Spill — The Brothers Koch have put out $30 million to convince us that their coal and petroleum processing doesn’t really hurt the environment.

Constituents Opposing TPP Fast Track Locked Out of Congressman Becerra’s Office


Opposing TPP Fast Track — The Congressman can develop personal relationships with Chamber employees, but constituents have no such access.

EPA Permit Will Allow Frackers to Continue Dumping Chemicals into Pacific


Frackers Dump Chemicals — A recent Center analysis found that at least one-third of chemicals used are suspected ecological hazards.

Obama and Climate Change: Reflection, Redirection, and Restoration


Obama Climate Change — Use your considerable oratory skills to outline a bold, ambitious, and radical redirection.

Bay Delta Conservation Plan Could Top $67 Billion


Bay Delta Conservation – The latest estimate underscores the absurdity of Jerry Brown pursuing the twin tunnels as a monument to his legacy.

Water Ratepayers Protest ‘Twin Tunnel Tax’ at L.A. City Hall


Twin Tunnel Tax – One big myths about the twin tunnels under the Delta is that it is a conflict between northern and southern California.

How Big Oil Threatens Drinking Water


Oil Drilling Threatens Drinking Water — Do communities in North Dakota know that there are pipelines UNDER the Missouri River?

Climate Change: Bulldozer or Bullet Train?

polar bear meme

Dan Farber: We may be facing a powerful but relatively slow-moving bulldozer — but we should be prepared to jump fast if it turns out to be a bullet train instead.

Squirrely History


Claude Fischer: Today’s environmentalists see the squirrel’s move to the bright lights as a big mistake. We can see it as another case of Americans’ repeated reshaping of the natural environment — here not for the usual economic reasons, but for moral uplift.

As Europe Bans Bee-Harmful Pesticides, US Should Take Lead


Claire Kremen: The US should help protect pollinators by banning pesticides that kill them, but should also become a world leader in championing sustainable alternatives to harmful pesticides.

Will California “Green Light” Fracking?


Dan Bacher: You know that this legislation won’t protect the land, water, fish, wildlife and people of California from the expansion of fracking in California when a big oil lobbyist praises the draft regulations.

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