Will California “Green Light” Fracking?


Dan Bacher: You know that this legislation won’t protect the land, water, fish, wildlife and people of California from the expansion of fracking in California when a big oil lobbyist praises the draft regulations.

TPP Protesters Greet President Obama in Beverly Hills — in Pictures


Lauren Steiner: 250 protesters greeted President Obama in Beverly Hills to tell him to flush the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Here’s how the day and night went in pictures.

The Filibuster and the Environment


Dan Farber: In the short run, limiting the filibuster will strengthen the hands of environmental regulators. What about the long run effects?

Monsanto, the TPP, and Global Food Dominance


Ellen Brown: If the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) passes, control over not just our food but our health, our environment and our financial system will be in the hands of transnational corporations.

Congresswoman Lois Capps Calls for Offshore Fracking Moratorium


Dan Bacher: As the oil industry amps up its campaign to expand fracking (hydraulic fracturing) in California, a prominent California Congresswoman is calling for a moratorium on offshore fracking in federal waters off the California coast.

No Escaping Fracking


Walter Brasch: The New Jersey senate voted 30-5, and the assembly voted 56-19, to ban frack waste. The vote appeared strong enough to be veto proof, but, Gov. Christie vetoed it in June.

Rethinking Climate ‘Adaptation’


Don Farber: One of the things I don’t like about the term “adaptation” is that it suggests that we actually can, at some expense, restore ourselves to the same position we would have been in without climate change.

Philippine Loss From Typhoon Haiyan Colossal


Brian McAfee: This tragedy is more evidence of a changing earth, the frequency and intensity of typhoons such as this and perhaps a bit harder to nail down, with any certainty, earthquakes also seem to be occurring with greater frequency.

Fracking Wars: An Injunction Against the Truth

Vera Scroggins

Walt Brasch: Before Vera Scroggins were four lawyers and several employees of Cabot Gas and Oil, who accused her of trespassing and causing irreparable harm to the company that had almost $1 billion in revenue in 2012.

Flaring Oil Wells Making North Dakota a “National Sacrifice Area”


Georgianne Nienaber: Natural gas flares are now visible from space and the light emissions rival those from midwestern metropolitan areas around Chicago and Minneapolis.

Jerry Brown Dodges Environmental Protesters


Dan Bacher: Faced with the protest condemning his anti-environmental policies, Brown apparently decided to back out from receiving the award.

Valero Moves to Ship Tar Sands By Rail into LA Harbor

Valero Energy Corp intends to construct a rail terminal in LA Harbor to import for processing 60,000 barrels of diluted bitumen (dilbit) per day from Canada’s tar sands, without public comment or environmental review. Photo By Christina House in the LA Times.

Jack Eidt: Valero Energy seeks permits for large-scale shipments of low-quality tar sands oil via rail into their Port of Los Angeles refinery, without any public comment or disclosure.

Monsanto Buys Food Prize


Jim Hightower: An Iowa group announces that the “World Food Prize” will go to Monsanto for pushing its patented, pricey, genetically-tampered Frankenseeds on impoverished lands as an “answer” to global hunger.

Oil Lobby Spent $45 Million in California Since 2009

oil wars

Dan Bacher: Through June of 2013, Big Oil has spent over $5 million on lobbying California policy-makers – and that doesn’t include donations to political campaigns

Feds Urged to Halt Fracking Off California Coast


Dan Bacher: The recent relevation that California’s coastal waters are being “fracked” takes place in the larger context of the oil industry’s enormous influence on California environmental processes.

Standing in the Sunshine: The Answer Is Blowin’ in the Wind

"Solar Drop" aquatic complex planned for Abu Dhabi

Walter Brasch: About three-fourths of Americans want to see more development of solar and wind energy, according to a Gallup poll conducted in March. So, who doesn’t want to see renewable energy replace fossil fuel dependence?

Songdo, South Korea: Utopian City of Big Data and Urban “Sustainability”

Greg Lindsay: South Korea has always been a ravenous adopter of technology, but it also a boneyard for big ideas that never quite caught on, including smart cities that look pretty dumb in retrospect [LG's Tomorrow City]. Central Park in Songdo IBD.

Jack Eidt: With the case of Songdo International Business District, South Korea, the move toward smart eco-cities implies either living together in harmony, and/or a new series of technologies marketed under the “eco” banner.

Conservatism: It’s the New Liberalism


Lauren Windsor: Why is it that conservatives, who tout their morality and fiscal responsibility, are so liberal with the stewardship of our planet’s resources; so liberal with their interpretation of empirical evidence; so liberal with scientific facts?

First Nation Riders Protest Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline


Georgianne Nienaber: Anishinaabe horseback riders began a solemn ride along the proposed route of the Enbridge Alberta Clipper Pipeline in northern Minnesota.

Remembering JFK: Let Them Come to Whiskeytown


Joe Mathews: As we approach the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, our country is doomed to endure an orgy of hoary remembrances, conspiracy theories, and sleazy sex tales. But Californians have an alternative commemoration if they want it.

Senator Pavley’s Gutted Fracking Bill Goes to Governor’s Desk

fracking bill

Dan Bacher: Senate Bill 4, a controversial bill sponsored by Senator Fran Pavley that opponents say would clear a path to increased fracking, passed the California Legislature and is now headed to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

Poor Tortured Tomatoes of Agribusiness

hot tomato

Jim Hightower: Warning: Agribusiness is in the lab again, molesting the “molecular machineries” of Mother Nature’s tomatoes.

LA City Council Members Call for Fracking Moratorium

la city council fracking moratorium

Dan Bacher: LA City Council members Paul Koretz and Mike Bonin on Wednesday, September 4 called for a fracking moratorium in Los Angeles at a press conference on the steps of City Hall.

Death of the Lush, Green Lawn


Jim Hightower: A pioneering 2003 turf-removal rebate program in Las Vegas, for example, has now pulled 165 million feet of thirsty lawn grass out of the area, saved more than 9 billion gallons of water, and cut water use by a third, even as the population has mushroomed.

The “Creationist with iPhone” Paradox

religious climate deniers

Tina Dupuy: We have to stop giving credence to the Christian Scientists of climate. If faith-healing is not an acceptable form of medical treatment, why should we accept it as an energy plan?

Ocean Fracking Should Be No Surprise

ocean fracking

Dan Bacher: When the oil industry wields this much power – and an oil industry lobbyist oversaw the process that was supposed to “protect” the ocean – it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that California’s ocean waters are now being “fracked.”

Framing Fracking

ban fracking now

Richard Mathews: The California Democratic Party has called for a moratorium, but many of our Democratic legislators have not been convinced. By framing the debate incorrectly, we are missing an opportunity to convince them.

Latinos Mobilize to Save Rooftop Solar in California

Solar Panels

Refugio Mata: Our leaders in Sacramento need to choose – stand with the big utility lobby or stand with the majority of Californians that want more rooftop solar, not less.

California Legislators Call for Offshore Oil Fracking Investigation

ban fracking now

Dan Bacher: Californians should support the legislators’ call for a federal investigation of hydraulic fracturing beneath the seabed floor off the California Coast.

Royal Dutch Shell: They’ve Really Got a Friend in Pennsylvania

shell oil refinery

Walter Brasch: The Pennsylvania legislature handed over a 15-year exemption from local and state taxes, apparently without consulting local officials.

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