The Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program That Wasn’t


Gareth Porter: The Obama administration’s brazen suggestion that it was indicting an individual for exporting U.S. products to a company that has been involved in Iran’s “nuclear weapons program” is simply a new version of the same linguistic trick used by the Bush administration.

U.S. Rejected Israeli Demand for Iran Nuclear Confession


Gareth Porter: The Barack Obama administration appears to have rejected a deal-breaking demand by Israel for an Iranian confession to having had a covert nuclear weapons program as a condition for completing the comprehensive nuclear agreement.

Yemen’s Friday of Dignity: Post-Revolution Questions


Rebecca Martin: In Sanaa, you can still see the occasional photo of Saleh, his chin lifted, eyes squinting in focused determination. Over the years, he and his cronies have looted the country of an estimated $60 billion.

Codepink Medea Benjamin Attacked


Codepink Medea Benjamin Attacked while in Egypt. Benjamin was detained by border police in the Cairo airport, held overnight in a cell, and then brutally tackled (her arm badly injured), handcuffed, and deported to Turkey.

U.S. Adopts Israeli Demand to Bring Iran’s Missiles into Nuclear Talks


Israeli Demands on Iran: The Obama administration insists that Iran discuss its ballistic missile program in the negotiations for a comprehensive nuclear agreement.

The Illusion of AIPAC’s Invincibility


AIPAC Invincibility. The real loss AIPAC has suffered is that the illusion of its invincibility has been shattered.

Egypt’s Fateful Choice: Democracy or Authoritarianism?


Egypt Democracy or Authoritarianism: Algeria descended into civil war when its military suppressed Islamists. Could the same happen in Egypt?

Is Syrian “Peace” Conference Laying the Foundation for War?


Syrian Peace Conference — The Geneva II conference which claims to be seeking to end the war in Syria seems designed to fail.

U.S. “Dismantling” Rhetoric Ignores Iran’s Nuclear Proposals


Iranian Nuclear Proposals — Iran pushes back against statements that Tehran must “dismantle” some of its nuclear program.

How the US Used a “Terrorism” Ploy to Attack Islamic Charity to Iran


Attacking Islamic Charity — Federal prosecutors continue to target Islamic charities and their donors.

‘Israel Can Do No Wrong’: Jewish Dissent, Jewish Repression


Jewish Dissent — Israeli policies of the moment can and do betray values held by a large swatch of American Jewry.

Time to End U.S. Obsession with Iran’s Nuclear Program


Iran Nuclear Program — It should be evident that Iran has no reason to attack the U.S. – nor the capability to do so, just like Iraq.

Kerry and the Mideast


Brent Budowksy: To those who oppose the diplomacy of Obama and Kerry, I ask: What is your alternative? What happens if your policies are followed?

WaPo “Fact Checker” Fails on Iran Nuclear Fatwa


Iran Nuclear Fatwa — News media have systematically failed to check the facts about alleged Iranian ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons.

Why Hawks Are Trying to Kill Interim Nuclear Pact with Iran


Ivan Eland: If the real objective is to weaken Iran as power in the Middle East through a military attack by either the US or Israel, using Iran’s nuclear program as an excuse, the interim agreement is a disaster because it removes the imperative for any military strike.

U.S. Officials Hint at Reservations on Final Nuclear Deal


Gareth Porter: But within hours of the agreement, there are already indications from senior U.S. officials that the Barack Obama administration is not fully committed to the conclusion of a final pact, under which economic sanctions would be completely lifted.

Overplaying Its Hand, Israel Still Holds Plenty of U.S. Cards


Norman Solomon and Abba A. Solomon: Netanyahu and many other Israelis — as well as the powerhouse U.S. lobbying group AIPAC and many with similar outlooks in U.S. media and politics — fear that Israel’s capacity to hold sway over Washington policymakers has begun to slip away.

Iran Nukes Deal: Lavrov Reveals Amended Draft Circulated at “Last Moment”


Gareth Porter: The Obama administration will face a decision whether to press Iran to go along with those changes or to go back to the original compromise when political directors of the six powers and Iran reconvene

Egypt’s Dark Tunnel


Adil Shamoo: Events since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi have been ominous for democracy and for Egypt.

Obama’s Case for Syria Didn’t Reflect Intel Consensus

obama spanks assad

Gareth Porter: Contrary to the general impression in Congress and the news media, the Syria chemical warfare intelligence summary released by the Barack Obama administration Aug. 30 did not represent an intelligence community assessment, interviews with former intelligence officials reveals.

Iraq No, Syria Yes

obama syria

Brent Budowsky: Syria is not Iraq. Obama, along with Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, national security adviser Susan Rice and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, is not looking for imperial wars or large-scale or long-term military conflicts.

Can “Obama Derangement Syndrome” Help Stop the U.S. from Waging War in Syria?

john kerry

Joseph Palermo: When it comes to Syria, the old saying that even a broken clock is correct twice a day might apply to the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party.

The Effective Path To Controlling Chemical Weapons Is Not War

obama nobel

Kevin Zeese: President Obama Should Act Within The Rule of Law and Seek Prosecution of Members of the Assad Regime Under the Chemical Weapons Protocol Rather Than Wage an Illegal War

The Syrian Problem — and an International Solution

obama meets congress

Lawrence Wittner: Unilateral U.S. military action seems likely to add to the bloodshed in Syria, worsen U.S. relations with the Syrian regime’s major arms supplier and defender (Russia), and further inflame the volatile Middle East.

Will Obama Attack Syria Even If Vote Fails in Congress?


Norman Solomon: The official appeals for making war on yet another country will be ferocious. Virtually all the stops will be pulled out; all kinds of media will be targeted; every kind of convoluted argument will be employed.

The U.S. Will Regret Intervention in Syria

smart diplomacy

Ivan Eland: With a $17 trillion national debt and war fatigue from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, the American public, as shown by opinion polls, has no stomach for the deep involvement in Syria that the pundits crave.

Syria: Just Say No

assad neck deep

John Peeler: Barack Obama, apparently against his better judgment, is about to feed our nation’s addiction to addressing insoluble problems with bombs, with predictably perverse results. He ought to “just say no.”

Time to Bring “Nation Building” Home

obama troops

Tom Hall: Ain’t it grand that we have a looming new war with Syria to take our minds off of the coup in Egypt and the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March for Jobs and Freedom!

The Case for Restraint in Yemen

avoid yemen attacks

Ivan Eland: Until the United States realizes that its informal overseas empire, and the military interventions needed to maintain it, is the primary cause of anti-U.S. terrorism, the excessively grandiose and counterproductive war on terror is likely to continue endlessly.

Egypt’s Treacherous Road

egypt unrest

Adil E. Shamoo and Bonnie Bricker: Washington should refrain from its interventionist instincts and acknowledge that this is a fight for Egyptians.

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