How Congressional Hawks Plan to Kill Obama’s Iran Deal


Trita Parsi: It’s very simple: If you prefer war with Iran over a deal with Iran – even one that would prevent it from building a bomb — your best and possibly last opportunity to kill the deal is immediately after the nuclear talks have concluded.

Resolving Key Nuclear Issue Turns on Iran-Russia Deal

Resolving Iran Nuclear Deal

Gareth Porter: The key to the new approach is Iran’s willingness to send both its existing stockpile of low enriched uranium (LEU) as well as newly enriched uranium to Russia for conversion into fuel for power plants for an agreed period of years.

Where the Dangers Lie

Failed America Wars

W.D. Ehrhart: We seem to remain, as a people, as gullible as ever, once again stampeded into winless war by leaders so besotted by the hammer of American military might that they persist in seeing every problem in the world as a nail.

My Father Was Killed by a Computer

Drone War Casualties

Teck Young Wee: As Imal grew up, he kept asking his mother where his father was. His mother finally told Imal that his father had been killed by a drone when he was still a baby.

Understanding Moslems

How to Understand Moslems

Munir Moon: Our leaders do not seem to learn from history or maybe this is how the Beltway wants it; a perpetual war to profit a few at an enormous cost to our children and young soldiers

Should Congress Vote No to Obama’s New War?

Congress Votes on ISIS War

Ivan Eland: U.S. authorities should demand that reluctant regional allies, who should be more threatened by ISIS’s ascendancy than is the United States, accept the responsibility for the long-term degradation of ISIS

Nothing Personal, Folks. Ready, Aim, Fire!


Lila Garrett: And we’ve got us, the United States, king of exceptionalism, determined to keep getting new bases, take over the world’s oil fields, be the top provider of the world’s arms, continue above all to fuel our war economy with endless war.

Obama’s Playing “Small Ball” in Iraq and Syria

Obama Bombs Terrorists

Mark Byrnes: The cumulative effect of the crises in Ukraine, Iraq, and Syria has been to erode the public’s support for Obama conduct of foreign policy. The temptation to “look tough” by launching airstrikes is tremendous. That does not make it good policy.

Beheading Reality


Tom Hall: If we look at the larger picture, what’s really happening here is that U.S. taxpayers are funding both (or all) sides of these civil wars, our war materiel suppliers are making out like bandits, and now we are being asked to, once again, ship our young men and women to be cannon fodder to feed the war industrial machine.

Has President Obama Sold Us Down The River?


Michael T. Hertz: Although supposedly Americans are in favor of taking military action against ISIL, President Obama’s decision to go forward without congressional approval and a vote makes little sense, either politically or strategically.

Lessons Learned in the Bucca Camp

Bucca Camp

Kathy Kelly: When U.S. politicians want to sell a war, their marketing is top notch: they can count on the U.S. public to buy that war at least long enough to become irretrievably committed to it, as long as the advertising for that war leaves them feeling threatened.