The Military Industrial Complex

President Eisenhower warned against the dangers of developing a military industrial complex. It appears that when all you have in your toolbox is hammers, everything looks like a nail. The articles below give a sense of the many ways we use all of the hammers we've invested in.

Will Right-Wing Warmongerers Gin Up Another Foolhardy War?

ukraine war with russia

Steve Hochstadt: The genuine ignorance of the American public about world affairs is troubling. The willful ignorance of our political leaders about the consequences of their political posturing is deadly.

The Folly of War: Europe 1914, Ukraine 2014

war in ukraine

Walter Moss: This year marks the centennial of the beginning of World War I. Some observers believe we humans are close to beginning another war—in Ukraine.

Greatest Immediate Threat to Mankind

nuclear warfare

Lawrence Wittner: Today, some 17,300 nuclear weapons remain in the arsenals of nine nations, and their use would not only dramatically exacerbate climate disruption, but would create almost unbelievable horrors caused by their enormous blast, immense firestorms, and radioactive contamination.

America’s Peace Ship


Lawrence Wittner: Veterans for Peace hope to take the ship back to sea in 2014 on its new mission: “educating future generations on the importance of the ocean environment, the risks of nuclear technology, and the need for world peace.”

U.S. Security Agencies Are Out of Control

US Security Agencies

Ivan Eland: Many recent indicators point to a U.S. national security bureaucracy running roughshod over the sad remnants of the founder’s republican vision. As in the Roman world, empire is gradually snuffing out the republic.

The Next Edward Snowden: ACLU President Susan Herman Explains the Perils of National Insecurity


ACLU President Susan Herman: It is far from clear that the mega-surveillance programs are actually contributing to our safety.

Why Did the Edward Snowden Incident Happen?


People like Edward Snowden are not particularly unusual. Others have worked in the national security arenaonly to discover wrongdoing.

Senator Lindsey Graham: Put a Sock in It


Senator Lindsey Graham, put a cork in the mouth of your loudmouthed friend, Senator John McCain, who has never seen a war he does not like.

Another Cold War?


Cold War: The new Cold War is upon us, and the American elites have no suggestions except to fight it again.

Heard the One About Obama Denouncing a Breach of International Law?


International Law: Obama has embedded drone killings into the executive branch in such that future presidents will inherit it.

Obama: Don’t Just Walk It, Talk It!


John Peeler: Obama’s policy is to avoid getting into new conflicts and to get us out of the ones we’re in — not about policing the world.

Can America Afford to Bring Home the Employee Army?


Employee Army: Will the Pentagon’s planned reduction of the Army to “pre-World War II levels” be met with post-Vietnam-like problems?

North Korea Abuses Human Rights: Tell Us Something We Don’t Already Know


North Korea Abuses Human Rights: The almost 65-year U.S.-led effort to isolate this regime has failed. Let’s try alternatives.

Why Amazon’s Collaboration with the CIA Is So Ominous — and Vulnerable


Amazon CIA Collaboration: The people who run Amazon figured they could rake in big profits from the CIA without serious public blowback.

If Obama Orders the CIA to Kill a U.S. Citizen, Amazon Will Be a Partner in Assassination


CIA and Amazon — Amazon is responsible for keeping the CIA’s secrets and aggregating data to help the agency do its work.

The Al-Qaeda Menace: A Tale of Two Headlines


Al-Qaeda Menace: An ill-defined al-Qaeda is the crucial element sustaining the War On Terror.

America’s Endless Arms Race


Arms Race — The failure of the nuclear nations to fulfill their own NPT obligations is appalling.

For America, Denial Is a River in Iraq


American Accountability for Iraq — Iraq disappeared from the map as soon as America walked away from the furies it had unleashed.

Gates Conceals Real Story of “Gaming” Obama on Afghan War


Robert Gates Memoir — The self-serving Gates account conceals the dishonest tactics used to get Obama’s agreement to Afghan War escalation.

The American People and Support for War: When Will They Ever Learn?


Americans and War –The shifting force in U.S. public opinion is the large number of people who gradually become fed up with the conflict.

What Really Goes On With US Drone Program?


US Drone Program — Video provided by a drone is a far cry from clear enough to detect someone carrying a weapon.

Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?


Still in Afghanistan — Here we are more than five years after Obama declared Afghanistan a proper place to assert American power, stuck.

Leo Tolstoy and Wendell Berry: Pacifists and Critics of Modern Life

berry plowing

Leo Tolstoy and Wendell Berry — Both their fiction and non-fiction is full of criticism of modern industrial life and ideas of progress.

Bipartisan Budget Agreement Doesn’t Make Partisan Bickering Look So Bad


Bipartisan Budget Agreement — The intrinsically secure U.S. currently accounts for almost 40 percent of worldwide defense spending.

What Peace Looks Like


Obama Peace Prize — If Americans wanted their president to hobble around singing “Bomb Iran” we had that choice.

December 7th, Then and Now…


Pearl Harbor Day : The Greatest Generation quite literally saved the world from continued genocide and brutal repression that knew no bounds.

Wendell Berry’s Pacifism: Part II, 1970-2013


Walter Moss: In his 1968 anti-Vietnam-War speech Berry mentioned the claim that we are a Christian and a democratic country, but that he found “nothing in the Gospels or in the Declaration of Independence or in the Constitution to justify . . . our slaughter of women and children.”

We Gather Together to Ask . . .


Rosemary and Walter Brasch: May we all remember that when the basic needs are filled for all Americans, only then can we be truly thankful for the day.

Who Killed JFK, and Why


Brent Budowsky: My best guess is that Kennedy was assassinated by some combination of players from a rogue element of the military industrial complex, a rogue element that included a small group of hard-liners within the CIA and the military who operated outside the regular channels.

What Drone Technology Has Unleashed


Munir Moon: Al-Qaeda could not have imagined that Washington would be doing its work for them by keeping America in a never-ending state of war and fear while losing our privacy and civil liberties.

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