Christian Debt

Last month, I found a high school friend on Facebook. He urged me, several times, to write an article in his new site. I navigated through his interactive e- magazine and found it to only have Christian articles. So, I chose an article about the homeless I wrote, and submitted it. The article was submitted in the LA Progressive, a month earlier. I figured that the blight of the homeless could be a good topic for such caring people. I also gave a reference to the LA Progressive.

Within a hour after I submitted the article, he e-mailed me to inform me that he removed my homeless article as it wasn’t appropriate for his Christian site. There was no further explanation on the subject from him. I was puzzled.

I logged onto the LA Progressive’s home page. I, then, saw what he must have seen, when he logged onto LA Progressive: The gay and lesbian articles.

So, how does a religious people cut off involvement with a large group of individuals. such as gays and lesbians? How much better are straight religious individuals from gay religious individuals? I have been around a while. I have seen many straight relationships, and gay relationships. The struggles on both sides are great, indeed. In fact, the learned curriculum from our society on both sides leaves a lot to be desired. The guide book from God about men and women, so as it has been transcribed, has left many questions. It is as if we were left to solve the puzzle, the riddle of men and women, on our own.

The power struggles and battles between the sexes seem to evolve and grow ever more intense. Sometimes, it seems overwhelming, as we choose, or find that our bodies already chose, alternate lifestyles. It is not the dark path that we choose, just a path of greater integrity and wholeness to absolve ourselves from the darkness lurking in our society.

So, when a Christian denies friendship, and acceptance within their church, they may be slapping down many honorable people. It is only wise men and women with great understanding that give and accept help from all others along the spiritual path. The question isn’t whether Leviticus 18:22 is the word of God for Christians, but who the heck are we having sexual relationships with and why. This, of course, goes for heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

As progressives, as far as relationships go, we can pursue responsibility and compassion for others. As men and women struggle with compatibility, religion should be a shelter of warmth and kindness.

S. Blair Fox

Published by the LA Progressive on January 18, 2010
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