The Rich Don’t Create Jobs; We Do

unemployed graduatesThe rich don’t create jobs. The bottom 80% of Americans have 15% of the net worth, and the top 1% has 35% of the net worth in what is still the richest country on earth. So, when I say “rich” – I mean really really rich. “The rich create jobs” is a well-worn catch phrase from right-leaning political yappers who give this 1% all the credit when it comes to the financial health of the country. But the rich are not, in fact, the venerated “job creators.”

What creates jobs? Demand. You and me and all the other unwashed masses demanding a product or service forces businesses to hire more people. It’s not “the rich” out of the goodness of their hearts hiring poor slobs to help them out. It’s a simple Econ 101 staple: Supply and demand.

Demand is a good old democratic/egalitarian tenet of the power of the consumer.

Supply is the purview of businesses and the acclaimed entrepreneurs .

We want – they deliver. Basic economics. Basis of civilization.

Supply-side economics is…well, one sided. And currently not growing anything but wealth disparity.

So why treat “the rich” as some fragile group of demigod humanitarians who will wither if ever subjected to a tax increase? Republicans act like taxes are the kryptonite/Achilles heel/Samson haircut to their mythical hero job creators. Americans are noted for being resilient, hardy and enduring people. But the rich must have constant coddling, or they won’t survive?

Published by the LA Progressive on June 1, 2011
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