Education Reform

Is the US system of public education in crisis? Many say the answer to that question is no. But almost all agree that we have two systems of public education in the United States - one based principally, though not entirely, in the suburbs and another that is based principally in poorer urban and rural areas. One is, unarguably in crisis. The other is not. These articles discuss the root causes and possible solutions.

Confession of a Standardized Test Proctor

standardized tests

Steve Singer: Working in a poor school district like mine, you hear a lot about accountability. If administrators don’t enact this reform, or teachers don’t do that paperwork or students don’t score this high – they’ll close us down.

No Vindication in Penn State Tragedy

Jerry Sandusky Penn State

Frank Fear: The NCAA-Penn State settlement needs to be a wake-up call for change—big, meaningful change. But what are the odds of that happening, especially in the near future? It’s zero.

Testing Games: Hope or Fear?

Student Collaboration

Bonnie C. Margolin: In our dog eat dog society, it may seem necessary to maintain this value system throughout school, but the opposite is true.

Testing Games: I Volunteer, Sir

Testing Games

Bonnie Margolin: Based upon the recent blockbuster, The Hunger Games, I have taken to making comparisons between the battlefield in the movie and the school environment that we have established for our students. The similarities are uncanny.

A Textbook Case of Willful Distortion

Maps Omitting Israel

Walter Brasch: Publishers in America, trying to reap the widest possible financial benefit by not offending anyone, especially school boards, often force authors to overlook significant historical and social trends.

Tuition-Free Community Colleges: Too Good to Be True?

Tuition-Free Community Colleges

Leonard Isenberg: All the money in the world will not improve our junior colleges, colleges, and universities, if students continue to be socially promoted through K-12 education without the fundamental skills necessary to do college work.

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