Rabbits, Endangered Rhinos, and the Dallas Safari Club

black_rhino-350Have you ever heard of the rabbit hunter’s nightmare? A guy dreams that he and a few of his buddies have fanned out across some brushland to scare-up and shoot a few hares. They kill a couple, but then, one of the hunting buddies who’d headed down a slope into a thicket on the right suddenly comes bolting up the slope, all wild-eyed and screaming at the others: “Run, run – the rabbits have guns!”

I thought of this recalibration of the hunting equation when I read that an outfit called the “Dallas Safari Club” had come up with a truly-novel idea for saving Namibia’s rare Black Rhinoceros, which is teetering on the edge of extinction. Several hundred thousand of these unique animals existed a century ago, but only 1,800 remain in this African nation today.

So, thinking waaaay out of the box, the safari club says it will contribute to the Black Rhino conservation cause by auctioning off to one of the club’s lucky members the chance to [WARNING: The following could make your head explode] go to Namibia with a really big gun, and shoot one of the magnificent, endangered creatures dead. Yes, to save the black rhino, kill it.

jim hightowerThe safari club’s chieftain says that both the Namibian government and our own Fish & Wildlife agency have okayed the kill. He claims that safari enthusiasts will bid as much as a million bucks to be the one to pull the trigger. And, yes the head of the deceased will be severed, stuffed, mounted, and shipped back to the US as a trophy for the shooter’s den. To the club’s credit, every dime from the auction will go to – oh, the irony! – Namibia’s Black Rhino Conservation Fund.

Back to the rabbit scenario, wouldn’t the club’s big game safari be fairer if high-powered guns were barred, and the winning bidder had to try executing the rhino with a Swiss Army Knife?

Jim Hightower
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  1. I was taught that the reason you hunt is for food, when necessary. So, maybe, requiring the shooter to cook and consume the shootee in situ?

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