Friday Feedback: They Take Our Money and P__s on Our Boots

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgFridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Hollis Stewart commenting on “Massachusetts Debacle,” by John Peeler.

Here’s Hollis’s comment:

Rahm Emmanuel said a few months ago that the administration wasn’t concerned about Progressives because “they have no (other) place to go” or some such. Well, yes they and I do have other places to go. The money that I donated to Obama and other Democrats can stay in my pocket, go to MoveOn, and/or go to progressive candidates who will stay with the program that got them elected when they win.

Two nights ago some right wing acquaintances accosted me at a meeting and were chortling because they were pulling for Brown and thought he would win. I fought back saying that we need national healthcare, (medicare for all), the EFCA, and other really progressive policies to be enacted and implemented and that the rich should be taxed to pay for the changes. They then said that I was for “class warfare” because that is what taxing the wealthy means. I responded that when the rich, Dems and GOPers, attack medical care, SSI, unions, and other progressive agendas that are to benefit the poor and the working class middle income population it is “class war” and bring it on.

I honestly must say that I don’t care if the rich live or die just so their money is seized and used for the commonweal. When the rich and their minions such as Rahm Emanuel prevent medicare for all, cut social programs and work to benefit the wealthy then they are killing people like me, my friends and social class, and my parents who died quite poor after a long life of very hard work. If the Demos won’t work for the people then we have to work to create a party that will. They take our money and then p__s on our boots. Enough.

Published by the LA Progressive on January 22, 2010
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