Liberty One Radio Can Be the Voice of Progressives in Southern California

liberty oneConservative talk radio has taken over our nation’s airwaves. With radical right sophists like Glenn Beck proclaiming that “progressivism is a cancer in America…eating our constitution,” Progressives need to passionately voice progressive values to the public more than ever.
We must counter the lies with the truth.
San Diego County is home to over 3 million, but has been without a Progressive radio station for a long time. Yet there are five conservative talk radio formats that broadcast over 840 hours per week with their brash commentary and heated rhetoric. When people don’t hear the other side, the message repeatedly sinks in.
Progressives and our allies must find a way to host a progressive radio station in Southern California.
Liberty One Radio appears to be one solution if Progressives invest in the progressive radio station. Liberty One’s radio frequency is broadcast from Mexico and is considered a “Border Blaster.” The station’s signal is 25,000 watts and it is so powerful that it can be heard north of Los Angeles. It provides complete coverage to San Diego and Orange Counties and can also reach into Riverside County.
Liberty One is asking for investors so it can start airing progressive talk format while commuters are driving in these counties.  The Liberty One folks believe that with a popular line-up, they will be able to reach many listeners.
To start with, nationally syndicated hosts attract listeners to a radio station without the extra expense of actually producing a local show.  Liberty One’s prospective weekday lineup will feature popular national hosts such as Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, and Thom Hartman. Locally, Liberty One plans to air local favorite Stacy Taylor and newcomer Mike Copass to offer some community-based programming.
tracy emblemProgressives need communication to get our message out on the issues and open up civil debate. In 2009, Liberty One broke the news that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department had a Long Range Audio Devices (LRAD) at Congresswoman Susan Davis’s town hall meeting.  This news earned them an award. Liberty One needs investor funding to go live on the airways and take news like this to the public.
For more information about Liberty One Radio, Inc. you can visit the website.
Tracy Emblem
Published by the LA Progressive on January 26, 2011
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