Mainstream Media Acrostic

Mainstream Media Acrostic Mealy-mouthed
state half-truths/non-truths,
swearing they are all-true.

Meanwhile, IRS, Benghazi, AP phone records
extirpate the Social Contract,
demonstrate a lack of trust—
in whom, exactly, no one knows;
all are suspect, all condemned!

Biggest issues wallow
uninspected: wars, pollution,
loss of dignity;
loss of coherence, basic values.
Slime in the Arts, and in the perverse
hearts of our
Inquisitors, confuses, stampedes,
terrorizes, silences the herd.

Gary Corseri

Monday, 20 May 2013

Published by the LA Progressive on May 20, 2013
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About Gary Corseri

Gary Corseri has published novels, collections of poetry, and his dramas have appeared on Atlanta-PBS and elsewhere. His work has appeared at periodicals and websites worldwide, and he has performed his work at the Carter Presidential Library.