Mario Solis-Marich: Hope for Progressive Talk Radio

Mario Solis-Marich

Mario Solis-Marich

“Whatever Happened to Progressive Talk Radio? Did Air America Kiss it Good Bye?”, a recent article published by AlterNet asked.  It then went on to say, “We need a progressive antidote to Limbaugh, Savage, and Beck.”

For the past 10 years, the far right has dominated AM talk radio. According to Talkers Magazine, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Dr. Laura, and Beck attract an average audience in excess of 45 million a week! This may be hard to believe if you are a progressive who associates with like-minded progressives but take a drive across country or through some of California’s “Red” counties and you’ll see that progressives have a lot of work to do.

While progressive talk radio may not attract the numbers Limbaugh attracts, there is hope on the horizon. One ray of hope is radio talk show host Mario Solis Marich. Recently, we were invited to do a spot on his show, the Mario Solis Marich Show on Progressive Talk Radio AM 1150 in Los Angeles. Since then, we’ve become regular listeners and are impressed with Mario’s chutzpah, grasp of the facts, and ability to stay on track with the progressive message.

For the past few weeks, Marich has focused on the healthcare reform debate. He masterfully took Steven Forbes to task on a taped interview that is well worth hearing again. If we can get the MP3 we’ll post it here. Mario also writes a blog. On the issue of a recent poll on healthcare reform conducted by NBC, he wrote:

The hand wringers from both sides will speak of an “evenly divided public” in regards to the public option. However the dead heat exists if you only consider the thoughts of 60% of the US population which NBC apparently decided to do. When you look at the sample it turns out that only about 20% of the polls respondents where people of color. Currently approximately 40% of Americans are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

The Progressive Talk website says, “Mario Solis-Marich leads a passionate, thought-provoking weekly discussion on issues that make a difference to everyone.”

Dick and Sharon agree.  You can listen to Mario on AM 1150 from 4 to-6 p.m. or go to Mario Solis Marich for more details.

Published by the LA Progressive on August 23, 2009
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