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Marian Wang is ProPublica's first reporter-blogger. She previously worked for Mother Jones, where she spearheaded the magazine's social media strategy. Since graduating with honors from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in 2007, she worked in Chicago as a freelance investigative reporter and blogger for The Chicago Reporter, Chi-Town Daily News, and ChicagoNow. She now lives in New York. She likes it a lot.

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  1. The Internet is part of the “commons.” As such, it belongs to the American people, not the wealthy, who have already greedily gobbled up way more than their share. The rich protest that they worked hard and are entitled to make and keep as much as they can. I would ask, if they had been born in Somolia, would they have been able to accomplish as much. They had the “commons” firmly under their feet upon which to build. They need to give back instead of continuing to take more than their share.

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