Where Is the Outrage?

racist orange county republicans

Racist Photo of President Obama as a Chimp

Ok I get racism. It is the learning of people to hate somebody so they can feel good about themselves and the fact that they are losers and will always be losers.

An old white Republicant woman from Orange County — Marilyn Davenport — sends out a picture of our president as a baby chimp with the adage, “Now we know why he has no birth certificate.”

She claims that she didn’t mean it to be hateful or racist or to demean the president as a black man — it was only as a joke. This is the same white women who when black men were hanged and or set afire and or castrated said it wasn’t done because they were colored.

This woman is a fine example of white womanhood. She is exactly what the State of California needs to hold up as an example of why we have to admit that we haven’t come that far from the Civil War days of the Ku Klux Klan.

So far, the usual suspects the NAACP and other African American organizations have openly condemned the Republicant for this women being an official of their party. My question of the day: Why is the rest of the colored community so quiet?

Marilyn Davenport

Marilyn Davenport

Where is the JACL , where is the Democratic Party, where is LULAC, the GI Forum etc. etc. etc.?

There are 7,554,663 registered Democrats in this state, compared to 5, 299,538 Republicants. I expect the GOPers to not say anything. I expect Ruben and the rest of the HI Spanic Republicants to be quiet so as to not draw attention to their hypocrisy. But why is it that all the organizations with minority civil rights at the core of their ideals are so quiet. Why is it that this woman’s house is not being picketed day and night until she resigns? Why is it that the OC Republicant HQ is not being picketed day and night until she resigns along with all the rest of the county central committee members who do not openly condemn her and her racism.

Enough is enough. I am sick and tired of the Speaker Boehners of the world who refuse to stand up for our president and the OC Republicant who call him a monkey.

This is the situation: America, boycott all things OC California until this women and her colleagues quit the Republican Party. All of you HI Spanic Republicant, quit the party until the party of racism and hate-mongering makes a clear statement that they condemn this type of racism.

Steve YbarraLet’s get with it, California; we don’t need this garbage in our yard.

Tell the Republicants that the 1.775, 389 registered Spanish-surnamed Democratic voters condemn this petty, cowardly attack on our President.

Tell the loser Republicants to take a hike.

Steve Ybarra

Steven J. Ybarra JD is a retired civil rights attorney who operates a consultant company in California. He is a member of the California Democratic State Party and is Chair of the Chicano Latino Caucus Voting Rights Committee and a longtime political activist. Contact Steven at: sjybarra@aol.com, This article is copyright by Steven J. Ybarra JD, originally published in www.Hispanicvista.com but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media if this entire credit paragraph is attached.

Published by the LA Progressive on April 22, 2011
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